Top 7 evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur with blogging

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When I had resigned my high salaried corporate job in Tata Motors Limited,Maximum of my friends and well wishers had felt sorry for my resignation.But I was in my own position and never wanted to turn back,which is against my ideology and this ideology till with me,either my decision right or wrong that is not matter,when it has done then that’s all. 

evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur

After my job had left by me,I was thinking about some thing new,where I would be the worker and the boss too. In that very day,one of my teacher of Madurai Kamraj University had called me about my job and present situation,When I was informed him about my thinking to do some thing new,then he had suggested me to become e-entrepreneur which could bring both name,fame and money too.There are a few things I had managed to become an e- entrepreneur.It is mention able that blogging was not my new thing but previous blogging was fully for fun,nothing more which was started in 2004 as student’s online diary.Here is the  Top 7 evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur with blogging .
1st step:-Mental & physical setup:-
Becoming a businessman/woman is not a big thing but become an e-entrepreneur really hard matter.Before creating a blog,it needs well thinking make a plan.Think of all the blog essentials and carefully craft a blog site that makes up a full package with information and fun.Site Design and Structure must an essential factor,so avoid offensive colors that might cause people to avert their eyes from the screen.Make your blog organized .Keep a good tab of your categories and tags,and make sure all pages and topics are arranged accordingly.Organize categories based on blog topics,content,and other criteria.Make your site easy to use.Use images,videos and other media.How to maintain Stuff on homepage with the essentials internal links.Public email address
2nd step:-Domain Name and a Hosting selection:-
Domain name selection is very simple but needs some criteria when it would be professional one.It is better to choose with business or company name which may carries domain authentication.The domain name refers to the first part of your URL or uniform resource locator.It may be better to select TLD domain,it has to say something about blog or and are good starters.
3rd step:-Desire Keyword & Market Research
Most important thing to plot out is how to penetrate the target market or audience or readers,what keywords to use,and how to use these keywords to get the desired traffic.In the virtual world of the internet, market research is normally conducted through keyword research.In other words, keyword research lets to know the audience’s language.Search engines are keyword oriented which has seen recent days.Google,considered as one of the top search engines worldwide, has tools such as Analytics and Adwords to aid people doing keyword or market research.There are also tools such as Keyword Discovery,Wordze and Wordtracker,which provide estimates on the number of times that internet users make searches on certain keywords or phrases.
4th step:- Write Content
Choose a niche,research it thoroughly,and target this niche by using their language or the keywords that they mostly use.Never try to write blog entries with out research. Write compelling articles with full flag information and keywords.Blogging means using words,but successful blogging entails using the right words effectively.It requires enough and proper knowledge of targeted audience to know the entries and information that they need and want.Study them through keyword research;take note of posts that they read,comment on and share the most;and ask them what they want to know through forums, threads and posts.Powerful headline is the main attraction of a blog post as it draws readers into reading the rest of the article by following through with the headline and further enticing them with promising content. Make the article easy to read and understand. Internet users have limited attention span when it comes to web content,so the key is giving them what they want and need within that limited time that it has their attention.Bold,italicize or highlight important words and phrases.
5th step:-Readers Engagement
Reader engagement is one of the most important factor of blogging. How does it acquires this,it is core question for every blogger.When writing,always keep readers’ interests and needs in mind which shows that it is only for readers not for the author.Giving informative,useful and entertaining or something that combines these three.Regular publishing is main factor to keep blog active and updated.Take care of the readers by making them feel that it is noticed and appreciate them.“Talk to them”in the posts,ask for their opinion,answer their questions and reply to their comments.Keeping on what the readers are most interested in by knowing how to use analytics.This information will give an idea of which topics would be most useful and interesting for the readers. Making partnership with other fellow bloggers is also a useful tool to get engage with readers.
6th step:- Social media strategy
Social media networking website is the top viewing activity on the internet. Social media networks (SMNs) are undoubtedly among the best and most effective venues to get traffic and have more mileage. Create an effective social media strategy to full fill the social media engagement.Research on social media sites and forums which are targeted readers most frequently use. Facebook,Twitter and Google+ are come first in the list.Creating a social media profile is very simple but it is hard to get attention from social media audiences.It is needed to maintain well balanced relationships with fans and followers.Add Facebook like and share buttons,Twitter tweet or share buttons,and other social media share and feedback buttons to every blog post. Repling to people’s comments and answer their questions and join conversations and really be a part of the community.Use social media to build a community and connect with the readers.Immerse in their world and find out what they’re interested in.
7th steps:Success analysis
Analysis of success and failure is one of the most important factor of any business whether it is online or offline.There are a lots of free tools to analysis blog and website activities such as Google analytic,MSN tools,statcounter and many more.Webmaster tools also gives some major quires’reply for bloggers and webmasters for their on coming steps.Traffic,readers,customers,clients and partner proposals are known from analytics and webmaster tools.Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools are widely used by the bloggers and webmasters , now in this days.
Professional bloggers should be over professional and oily nature for own benfits.Successful blogging doesn’t just involve good relationship with the readers. Being part of the blogging community, especially in targeted niche.Some a few activities can highlight a blogger in blogging community such as Comment on others blogs,link to other blogs.Write guest posts for other bloggers,accept guest post,never miss credible source etc.My own experience says that these planning can give exploring success to any one as a professional blogger with successful blog(s) which can give bread & butter with name and fame.

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Key Factors to understand radical blogging in virtual world of the Internet

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One of my blogger friend had asked me about Radical blogging in a few years ago,I had given her a simple description about radical blogging,what the points were told her,it has forgotten those but it is sure that I had a little knowledge about radical blogging at that time.Similar question has asked me recently by one of my blind fan and blogger Ajaero Tony Martins.

Key Factors to understand radical blogging


We have discussed the core points to understand the radical blogging related matters with my a little experience and knowledge.I think that our discussion can be helpful to many professional newbie bloggers as well as experienced bloggers too.So here,the discussion is posted for greater readers and questioners those are interested in radical blogging.Here is the Key Factors to understand radical blogging in virtual world of the Internet.
1.Blogging Perception:-
Perception is the first principle of radical blogging.Perception can rise two queries as who and why! Never think normal way,for which can be a big pillar of success.As it is says in the Holy Bible ’As a man thinks in his heart,so he is.’It is said that an e-entrepreneur simply minding own business where Blogging is not business but writing well furnished post is to provide information in an easy to understand format,in return for a profit.Only the perception carries that staying in the information/education industry.Just try to compete with big businesses such as Forbes,Entrepreneur magazine,Wikipedia and and think like own a business and this is exactly the thin line between the elite blogs and the average blogs that struggle to survive. Now take a critical look at some big names in the industry such as Darren Rowse,Arianna Huffington,Jeremy Shoemaker,Timothy Ferriss,Amit Agarwal etc and try to understand why perception is the first mood of radical blogging.
2.Why blogging:-
There are a lots of people,asking why they are blogging ? Now why did you launch that blog of yours? Are you doing it for the money? Or maybe you are in it for the fame it offers? Or are you blogging to genuinely help people? No matter what your reason is, make sure it provides you with enough fire and drive to pass through the tough times. The reason I ask this is because your motive for doing a task will determine the result you will achieve.Once Donald Trump says in a meeting “I don’t make deals for the money. I’ve got enough much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it.” In that same meeting another legend Steve Jobs says “I was worth about over a million dollars when I was twenty-three and over ten million dollars when I was twenty-four,and over a hundred million dollars when I was twenty-five and it wasn’t that important because I never did it for the money.” So real things are taking the challenge of building blogs,the processes involved,the joys of success and the pains of failure,the excitement of going head to head with the big wigs and the feeling of self actualization.
3.Expert basic conception:-
Normally it is seen that the conventional bloggers are running behind the technical jargons such as Pagerank,SERPs,Linkwheeling, Sandbox,algorithm,Link building,and all the rest.Actually,in my view and a lots of successful bloggers express that it doesn’t need these jargons to succeed.It doesn’t require to become a geek or programmer.Simply become an entrepreneur and all it can be started with the basics.The basics such as WordPress installation,post drafting, publishing and updating,searching for information,creating accounts,copying and pasting scripts and so on.Never waste time in mastering all the technical jargon associated with blogging,just learn the basics and get started. As blogging journey progress, encounter problems and solve those problems, knowledge base will unconsciously increase time to time.
4.Knowledge based niche:-
It is noticed that a large number of bloggers are carrying the blogging journey without any knowledge of their niche,some cases have seen that they have no interest on their on blogging area or post but they are carrying, just to earn a profit.It is not a bad idea But it is helpful to have a personal interest in even they are in the world’s toughest industry but never care.Once Donald Trump says in a press meet “Experience taught me a few things.One is to listen to your gut no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you are generally better off sticking with what you know and the third is that sometimes,your best investments are the ones you don’t make.”So I can say that why bloggers survive in the world most competitive niches,the reason is because visitors to the blog can smell the passion from written words.
5.Readers heartbeat:-
Readers /visitors/traffics are the fuel of any blog or website and they are going to decide if the blog survives or not,so listen to their heartbeat.It is more important that write for the readers, not search engines.It must be passionate about helping the readers, addressing their needs and problems,and they will become not just repeated readers but loyal customers if author’s passion bears the load of readers.It needs write articles strictly to solve a problem or address a recurring issue for loyal or first time visitors.Blog contents are purely answers to real life questions that the readers asked repeatedly personally or in a community or group wise.Blog content should be aimed at making the readers fall in love with the blog.
6.Never choose shortcut:-
Some one says “The height attained by great men is not by sudden flight.For while their companions sleep; they toil.” I am sorry that I can not recall the name of the great man.It is sure that there is no shortcut to success in any sector of life either online or offline or any where.Nothing come as success in a overnight.If you check the most popular internet marketing forums and it can see screams from people who have been ban by Google Adsense or had their website de-indexed for their shortcut ways.There is nothing like an effortless push button system,there is nothing like the lazy man’s guide to overnight success.Success in any endeavor requires discipline,commitment, investment and time.Nothing more,nothing less.
7.Works are tools:-
Works or writing is the main tools to become success online business.One of the great marketing guru,Jason Fried says “The tone is in the fingers……..not the instrument.” In business /blogging, most bloggers are wasting time to test techniques and tools.They live with the illusion that a new technology,business software or tool will make them better bloggers and push their profits to the sky,my notion is never.But improved technology or the latest software/tool will be useless if there are not prepared to put in the required efforts.Similarly we can say that the fastest server and plugins did not make Amit Agarwal a successful blogger,his focus and commitment to his readers did.So wasting time in resources for pursuing technology if it is effortless in business or blogging.
8.Single Concentration:-
As a professional blogger,must choose a few sectors to give concentration such as content writing,blog marketing/promotion ,SEO,comment moderation,email replies,managing staff,etc. Successful entrepreneur,Andrew Carnegie says “The most important recipe for success is concentration.Learn to concentrate your time,resources and effort on just one task; your most important task.”So simply choose core,concentrate on it,eliminate the unnecessary and outsource the rest.It is sure ,Success will knock the door with in short period.
9.Authentication of niche:-
Some times,it is seen that a lots of business or blogging gurus advised to build a lots of small niche blogs but my practical experience says that it will bring only failure in near future.I accept that it can give a temporary short time success but if it wants to run long time then must go with authenticate niche.An authority blog can makes a blogger, an authority on the subject that blog covers. Through the authority blog,can get JV deals, organize seminars on the subject of the blog, start a membership site,create and sell products,grant interviews,get public speaking deals,offer services,become a coach on the subject matter and even build an offline business around your blog.In fact,the list goes on and on.Owning an authority blogs gives the blogger fortune,fame, power and respect.It never small niche blogs can give all these for long time.Some of well known authenticate bloggers are good example such as Arianna Huffington,John Chow,Jeremy Shoemaker,Darren Rowse, Dan Sullivan,Pat Flynn,Brian Clark,Timothy Ferriss,Matthew Torren, Seth Godin,Evan Carmichael,Steve Pavlina,Amit Agarwal etc
10.Read,justify & follow:-
It is another important factor in business or blogging is that,follow and learn from masters and Gurus.Robert Kiyosaki,Japanese born American entrepreneur says “Talk is cheap.Learn to listen with your eyes. Actions do speak louder than words.Watch what a person does more than what he says.”So It needs to follow and learned from those that have succeeded in that quest.It doesn’t mean to read 100 blogs daily,just read,selected a few experts that have proven themselves. It needs understudy them,follow their proven strategies and most of all,stick to them.A few blogs personally recommendation are,,,,,,,,Lifehacker and a few more.
11.Exit point of blogging:-
It is known to all that every thing will have an end so blog has too.As Holy Quran says “Kullu Nafsoon Jaikatul Mout”[all should taste the cup of death].So it needs the well furnished plan for blogs and bloggers to pin out the exit door before start a blog or become a blogger.Every thing has a limit and time frame even blogging too.As for example , we can say about Darren Rowse no longer writes frequently on problogger,he doesn’t even do his long posts anymore.Darren Rowse has exited problogger.Problogger is now driven by his in-house team and outside guest bloggers.We can see that it was all part of his plan,it was his exit strategy.If we check the records then,can find a lots such examples.So directly,we can say that it needs a plan of exit strategy before even start building a blog.Here right thing says “Get in,get it done,Get it done right and get out.” By Donald Trump.
I am sure that a few points of this article have gone against the conventional rules of blogging.It have challenged the views of many and it has stirred the waters of conventional wisdom.So I am ready to stand behind my points.If any one feel,I have contradicted your views or principles or ideologies,then feel free to shoot me through your comments any points with proper manner.I have the full fill preparation to take your bullets and also respond with mine,so check the comment box bellow.
Special thanks:-
Special thanks to Ajaero Tony Martins who is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for teaching people how to start a business.He has inspired me to write this blog post.

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Right Concept Marketing Catalog Tries to Uphold The right people To Reach Success Pillar

Right Concept Marketing  Catalog Tries to Uphold  The right people To Reach Success Pillar

Try not to ever give up

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Try not to ever take a Holy dip in the Indus Basin diver lost sounds.

-Do not go see khali hand comes back sahje as well as beads in deep waters,

Grows in a few empty duna utsar same amazement every time is not.

Try not to ever give up is a challenge these successes, svikarkaro.,

What remained, and improve it, may not be successful until you sleep allow tyagotum,

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Norman Marketing Way Private Limited is the premier firm of e marketing in North East India

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Norman Marketing Way Private Limited is the premier firm of e marketing in North East India.It was established in 2004.The main activities of the firm are given bellow.

Business activity is focused around the achievement of business aims and business objectives.
A business aim is the goal a business wants to achieve. A primary aim for all business organisations is to add value and in the private sector this involves making a profit. More strategic aims include expansion, market leadership and brand building. 
A business objective is a detailed picture of a step you plan to take in order to achieve a stated aim. These need to be SMART in order for the business to know what progress it has made towards achieving the objective:
Specific - clear and easy to understand.
Measurable - i.e. able to be quantified.
Achievable - possible to be attained.
Realistic - not 'pie in the sky'.
Time bound - associated with a specific time period.
Public sector organisations like the Inland Revenue set objectives for service, such as processing customers' tax returns within a given time period.
Private sector organisations like Kelloggs might set objectives for customer satisfaction, and effectiveness in handling customer orders within a given time period.
Objectives within an organisation are established at a number of levels from top level corporate objectives, down to team objectives and individual objectives that create a framework for operational activities. These are often translated into targets which help to motivate staff in reaching short-term goals.
Objectives therefore provide a clear structure for all of the various activities that an organisation carries out. By measuring how well an objective has or has not been achieved, managers can make necessary changes to their activities to ensure progress and achievement of the stated objectives are made within the timescale allocated.

Norman Marketing Way Private Limited is the premier firm of e marketing in North East India

our main projets are:

i)Domain & Hosting selling

ii)Web Designing,optimization,effective Cnstruction

iii)RAW Materials of web analysis supply

iii)Paper , book Binding and printing material supply.

iv) Raw materials supply of computer parts.

v)Seeds ,pesticide and fertilisers supplier of home beauty.

vi. Event management service 

vii)Industrial  project making and implementation .

Others projects will come very shortly.

contact for more :+919954639509
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Simplest and easiest way to successful promotion of website and blog

It is seen that a large number of bloggers and webmasters are running behind the promotion of Blog or website,it is really not that difficult as bloggers and webmasters think.Because my last five years experience says that it just takes a little bit of effort,a little bit of thought,and a fair amount of patience to get success in any business or blogging.It is known to all that blog or website promotion is a long term courses with low-intensity effort of working as it can take weeks or months to get into the search engines,and years to develop a site that gets top rankings.

So never think about overnight success as it doesn't have to do all of this overnight. Rushing behind the success in site promotion is a great mistake for bloggers and webmasters,on the other hand it will come at door step,just follow a few rules and how they apply to website or blog,and then proceed.Here is the Simplest and easiest way to successful promotion of website and blog.
1.Purely Special:-
It is the way of successful promotion of website and blog,that it must be special to any contemporary other’s.If you're selling something,make sure you're selling the right thing. The internet is a great tool for selling things,but there's a big gotcha. If you're trying to sell something that lots of other people are also trying to sell,you're facing competition two ways,first,it's going to be a lot harder to get noticed on the search engines,and second,the competition is going to eat away at the profits.The real secret to making money on the net is to sell something that nobody else is selling. Even if the market is tiny and obscure,if you're the only maker,the net will bring you and your customers together.Further more,if you're trying to make money with an affiliate program,in particular those that automatically generate a "virtual" website for you,it should know that in almost all cases,they are a waste of time and money. I get emails all the time from people who have wasted hundreds,even thousands of dollars on the schemes.Please do not be one of them. Google considers most of these pages to be spam,but I think in a lot of cases,that's a spelling error,the correct spelling is scam.
2.Presentation of website:-
I assume you're already happy with how your site looks,but you may want to read my article on how to (not) win awards,which contains a list of website mistakes you should try to avoid.It is no matter how a website is working properly,it doesn't matter how many people you attract to your website if,once they get there,they immediately get turned off by an unattractive presentation or a half-built website.At the same time,you don't have to get too fancy,simple, straightforward sites work fine,you don't need to pay a web-designer to develop a site that's incredibly fancy(and whose main value is that it's a monument to his skills).
3.Adjusting keywords:-
Choose keywords and tweak your site for the search engines. Once your site looks good to humans,the next step is to try to make it look good to the search engines,so you get the coveted high ranking.This involves choosing the right keywords and adjusting your page title,meta tags and first paragraph to showcase them. This is where most webmasters screw up.They choose the wrong keywords because they don't spend enough time thinking about how people are going to try to find them.My article on search engine optimization takes you step-by-step through this process.
4.Search engine submission:-
Submit to the major search engines.Now that your site is all ready,you next submit to all the major search engines.One of the key components of Self Promotion is an extremely powerful and comprehensive automated submission tool that can properly promote your site to all the major search engines and indexes.The good news is that it'll only take you about 30 minutes to create an account and promote to the search engines. The bad news is that it can take anything from hours to months for the major search engines to list your site,and Google in particular is giving new sites reduced ranking for the first few months.Fortunately,while you are waiting for the search engines to get their act together and list you,there are other things to do.
5.Open Directory submit:-
Submit to the major indexes.While Self Promotion can automatically submit your site to a lot of places,it does not autosubmit to the major indexes such as Yahoo and Open Directory.The reason is that listings in these indexes are sufficiently valuable that a hand-done,optimized submission is worth taking the time to craft. Next to Google, Yahoo is the most important place to have your site listed on the Internet,yet most Yahoo listings are awful.Once you understand how to craft a proper submission to Yahoo, you'll not only greatly increase your chances of getting in,but you'll get many more hits than you would otherwise. If you are already in Yahoo,don't despair,my initial listing in Yahoo was awful,but I managed to double the number of click through rates,I get from them by successfully requesting a change to my listing.Curiously,even if you decide you shouldn't submit to Yahoo,thinking about what you'd do if you did submit is time well spent,because it will help you refine and boil down a good description of your site. You'll end up using that description over and over,in other submissions,in your meta tags, and in your page copy.
6.Optimized listing:-
Submit to the general indexes.There are many "2nd-tier" indexes that are worth submitting to,though not worth crafting a specially optimized listing for (although the advice in the previous step is still valid).I've broken these down into a variety of categories, including general indexes,british and canadian-specific indexes and search engines, international indexes,indexes that accept adult sites,and special-purpose indexes. so that you can submit to them in small chunks as time permits.Since the spring of 2000, about 40,2nd-tier indexes and searchengines (and several of the big guys) that I used to auto-submit to have curled up and died.But there's still plenty to submit to.
7.Paid Hits:-
Consider paying for hits.The good news about listing in the search engines and indexes is that it's free.The bad news is that you don't have much control.While it is certainly worthwhile to tweak your pages in search of high rankings,it's not always possible to get the ones you want. There are,however,several places that can provide you with well-targeted traffic for pennies a visitor. My favorites are Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords,and I have a page dedicated to using pay-per-click cost-effectively.
8.Learn Competitors:-
Learn more about sales and promotion. In the almost three years I've been running this site,I've written a number of articles that you may find of interest.You'll find the links on the right-hand side of the page under Tutorials and Articles.I've also found some good Web Marketing Courses that will help you plan how to handle the traffic you get.After all,if you're selling on the web, it's not how many hits you get,it's how many sales you make.If your wonderful widget website doesn't do a good job of selling widgets,then all the search engine traffic in the world isn't going to do you much good -- and it's much easier to double your site's effectiveness than it is to double its traffic(even better,of course,is to do both!).Next,since knowing who is visiting your site and how they got there is very useful,you should consider tracking your visitors. If you have access to your webserver logs,consider using the free Analog web-analysis software(available for Windows, Mac,Linux,and more).If not,consider a web-based service like Web-Stat. Finally,I have a well-stocked Links of Interest page that contains listings of other great promotion and webmaster resource sites.
9.Never hire submit:-
Do your research before hiring anyone to do promotion for you.While a site is aimed at do it yourselfers,some people may be more comfortable hiring a consultant to do site tweaking and search engine registration. Even so,it's important to understand the basics before doing so,there are a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there, and a little knowledge is an effective.For example,if someone promises to put you on page 1 of the search engines, run away as fast as you can! Getting on page 1 for relevant keywords takes hard work and patience,and is not something that any reputable consultant will ever promise(a common scam is promising you page 1 results and delivering them -- for irrelevant or hyper-specific phrases that will never generate any meaningful traffic).It's important to understand what you're buying, so take your time,read around the site,and get an education before you hire.
10.Backlink creation:-
Go get some links! An important component of your search engine ranking is determined by what sites link to you,when an important site gives you a link,it's like a vote of confidence in your site.In the early days, Google rankings were almost entirely based on your “link popularity”,and a link from Yahoo was the most coveted commodity in website promotion. Even today,the major value of that $300 a year listing in Yahoo is the credibility it buys you on Google.Some people devote their lives to getting links. popularity:-
I assume you have better things to do,so my link building advice is very simple:
a)If you come across a website that you think would be useful to your visitors,add a link to them.I have a links of interest page where I do this. You are making the web more useful to your visitors,and the good karma can't hurt.
b)If you really,honestly think that the site you just linked to would similarly be improved if it had a link to your site,then email the site owner and suggest it.Tell him that you have linked to his site,and that regardless of what he decides,you will continue to do so,because you think his site is useful.The cute thing here is that by explicitly saying this,he'll give your request extra consideration.Isn't it great how being virtuous can be so evil?
c)If you happen to find a site that would be improved by a link to your site,even though a reciprocal link would not be appropriate, email and suggest it.
d) Make all your emails personal,and make sure they demonstrate that you've clearly spent time on their site.
e)The key to successful link building is always,above all,put other people's interests (your users,and the other site owners) above your own.That helps ensure you get good links (and bad links are worse than no links!).
I don’t know that how much have been captured by you but one thing is sure,if you are in need of site promotion then it will surely help you to build a high quality website or blog promotion. Assuming,I haven't completely turned your brain to mush with my verbiage, read on.If any thing,you like against the conventional knowledge then,must comment bellow.

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Best Tips to Earn Money through Your Online Business

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Rapid growth of the internet market has made people depend entirely on the online market, and entering into an online business has become today’s prominent saga. Even the real-world business owners have decided to leap into this business and are always on a look to earn more by implementing strategies that have proven to be successful. Some of the time-tested best ways suggested by top experts in the market have been presented. These strategies can be broadly classified of  Best Tips to Earn Money through Your Online Business  as:

Best Tips to Earn Money through Your Online Business

  1. Direct method

  2. Indirect method

1. Direct Methods:-

It is a method where you would be involved directly or personally.

The different techniques that are included in this method are:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising: this is the most common method implemented by bloggers to make money out of their blogs. In this technique, you can allow ads to be placed on your blog and you are paid for every click on the ad. There are several small or big online businesses that hire an online marketing agency to promote the same in search engines.

  • Affiliated Marketing: this is the oldest practice in use that is very effective and practiced widely over the internet. This process ties you with certain merchants and you need to recommend their products or services to your viewers. If any of your readers purchase the products then you receive commission for it.

  • Text Link Promotion:  text link provide a good means to earn a steady income for your blog and help you to increase traffic to your blog. The key benefit of these ads is that you can directly sell these ads through the website or can also use specialised networks like Text-Link Brokers and automate the process.

  • Advertising: you can sell some part of your blog for advertising purposes; this is the most popular method which helps you to make cash from your site. By providing direct banner or product or service ads in your website you can have a cut in the commission of the third party and decide your own rates.

  1. Indirect Methods:

Rapid growth of the internet market has made people depend entirely on the online market, and entering into an online business has become today’s prominent saga. Even the real-world business owners have decided to leap into this business and are always on a look to earn more by implementing strategies that have proven to be successful. Some of the time-tested best ways suggested by top experts in the market have been presented. These strategies can be broadly classified of Best Tips to Earn Money through Your Online Business as:

Guest post contributed by Kate Ford :-

Kate Ford is a Tech writer from United Kingdom who is one of well known marketing consultant too. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter

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Scam example of write as you want and get paid any where in world

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Scam example of write as you want and get paid any where in world
Now this days, a lots of scam and fraud websites are growing day by day.Today I am trying to reveal a few fraud stars eye catching declaration those are newbie in make money online world.I am trying to give an idea of those fraud and scam websites advertising systems.Here a few Scam example of write as you want and get paid any where in world.

1.Scam Example:-

Genuine, Real Money Making System !

Theard posting and blog posting person needed worldwide  
Earn $.0.01 per post you process ! Guaranteed Income. monthly Payment !

"Earn $300 - $3000 Per month by processing posts and sending simple referrals."
If you have an Email Id, you can Earn money from
Internet! YES. You can Earn money by posting any item. $100 to $300 per day to process and post of your
Thoughts! No need for Website. Just an Email Id is enough ! Guaranteed monthly payment. No Experience needed
Click for Free sign up

2.scam example:-

Make $0.01 For Every POST You Process!This is a comfortable, easy Internet job opportunity to earn $750's every week from home by SHARE YOUR THINKINGS . No Experience Needed.Personally I enjoy being a blog and forum admin. This is the work that I do every day. I wake up in the morning start posting 1 or 2 line thread and sending mail out to the interested prospects/persons who have asked for job information and get paid $100.00 per day . It takes me only about a few minutes to process each do. Thread posting Work can be an excellent either main income or second income. This is a 100% actual opportunity you can take advantage of and make a good income from the comfort of your own home. My family and I presently use this program ourselves to bring in extra cash from home .YES... It's True! This works very well! Wondering how much you could actually earn? The amount of income you are able to make is almost unlimited and is decided by how much work you put into this program. You will earn $0.01 per post you process daily and there is no limit. When you first begin this program an average user should be able to make a conservative $100-$750 or more each week working just 2-3 hours a day! All of your payments will be paid directly to your PayPal account or AlertPay account. You also may receive your payments by check or deposited directly to your bank account.
Your Income IS Unlimited...Below could be your potential earnings!!!
Threads per day
Numbers of posting Daily Income
100 $0.01 x100
200 $0.02x200
500 $0.05x500
1000 $0.1x1000

The more time you invest, the more time you will have for blog posting, and the more money you can make while working in the privacy of your own home.Anyone from Anywhere in the World can do this posting Job.You're paid on a monthly basis posting for every post you processed. ! The number of posts you are able to process is decided by how hard you're willing to work, and how much money you wish to earn. The average new user should be able to process from 200-500 posts day-after-day working approx. 1-3 hours a day. All work is done online and you'll not have to package anything or print anything for any of your customers/referrals/admin, etc.
You'll receive $0.01 to$0.1 for every post you process.

3.Scam example:-


Once you become local user you will be given more earning sites by the admin. The thread posting Jobs have some tips that will be delivered via mail by the admin . You will also gain access to several catalogs of companies who will hire you to write their articles. There is no cost to join any of the companies and it takes just a couple of minutes to sign-up, every company in the catalogs will accept you to write for them and you can begin earning within minutes. The posting job You will do is genuine programme.
Who can do this home based job? -Anyone with basic internet skills and an internet connection.-Our program is available worldwide, so basically anyone can become a member.-People who want a better way of making money from home.-People who are tired of working at a boring job.How many hours will I have to work per day?-You can work as little or as much as you want. Many people see good results working only 2 to 4 hours a day.-Of course like in any work at home business, the more you work at it, the more money you will make.What will the work consist of and how is this possible?-Your job will consist mostly of create the threads which related to the society. You will also be filling in short forms in the blog. -Your job will also consist of sign up programme of sponsors .How much will I be paid?-The payout rate for posting varies between $10 to $250 . -Base rate varies from $10 to $250. We will show you step by step how to make your new posting business a complete success. Whether you have a very slow internet connection or a fast connection, you can still do this job. We started out with a very slow connection 5 years ago when the internet was in its beginnings. Even then we still made lots of money.
This work is fully Legal. You may write articles for over 8,000 different companies. We provide an online catalog of companies, organised into relevant categories (health, employment, shopping, work at home etc). Simply look for companies you would like to write for and look at the amount they will pay you. You will never post of Adult nature or of other questionable content.
Just follow our step by step instructions. You can earn huge money. This posting is the simple and proven way of making Unlimited Income!
Yes, I am convinced.

What's the next step ?
For a limited time you can
join now Free.

You have to donate only $25.50 – per month for administrative charge from your income .( This price will be increased to $250.50 at any time base charge )
Don't miss this great Opportunity !
You have found the Treasure of Making huge Money from the Internet.
HURRY Register as local user


My appeal to all newbie ; beware of this type advertisement and never wast your value able time.

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Earn money online and charge back policy for purches

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Recent years, it is seen that Internet has become one of the hot place for working people those want to Earn a few extra bucks.Some where ,it seen that they make it full time job.In the modern part of the world Internet workstations are the trends of the people to earn money. Some of them even have the free time to bond. You can use your part-time job, by your good time on a day to give in these jobs. The entry of jobs and job-posting blogs the basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. It also requires a superior skill of the English grammar.Children also benefit from part of that time, and they deserve more money than the pocket money.
Earn money online and charge back policy for purches

In this way, the children will of course depend for money related matters.Now the question rise how to approach in the field of earn money online ?Here we are trying to reply the technical replies of make money online.

Earn money online and charge back policy

1.Approaches to Making Money:-

You can earn a lot of money at home through the creation of an online. There are several things that the Internet can be used to provide additional income of the house. You can use online resources such as the promotion of advice, ideas, information, fraudsters, marketing advice, tools and services, articles and financial information. With these tips you can use your company soon to be home. You can choose a path of success with the online resources. They may also provide information on the opportunities and resources that are available online to offer you the benefits and work at home a lot of useful information.

2.The possibilities of self-employment :-

Updates and current information is needed for the job seekers on auto jobs and employment on the Web site. Lawful residence and the opportunities for business and jobs, search the Internet and some are looking for, you can choose the type of the best business opportunities at home over the Internet. You can also learn to work at home without the risk of fraud.

3.Some of the best ways to spend the money :-

The businessmen and housewives, the excellent work of the House of jobs, help them to earn extra money online. You can also use the books are you with recommendations regarding the quick and easy money for the House of Ideas. You can go back to part from home or at work on a computer at home and a huge income. Use the online resources, the entrepreneurs from all areas of the fast money days.

4.Money making is Easiest Task to all:-

Money was previously was a difficult task for a person with the Internet capabilities are not in this world. But after the arrival of the Internet, there are numerous Internet jobs, online jobs, earn money from Web sites that a person wishes to earn money by using this money making websites. People can choose their favorite blogs, online job posting for jobs, data entry jobs, internet marketing jobs, web design jobs, etc. to earn money. There are all kinds of places on the Internet for all types of people.It is not necessary that the person needs to cover all courses graduation or a certain degree for you this Internet jobs. There are many such sites that do not require the proof of the degree or other diploma courses and jobs for all Internet users. So, are you looking for your favorite jobs and the desire to earn lots of money through the Internet facilities.

5.Chargeback protection:-

Chargeback folder is a subsidiary of the Corporation RGS and a built-Risk Management Solutions, a Level-1-Visa and MasterCard service provider.chargeback protection folder was created in 2006 to prevent any kind of merchants of all sizes the ability to actively search for a rejection of the output. It is so easy. Every time a debit rejection happens anywhere in our global network Settlements bookings or with the file you have access to this information here.Because of the worldwide dealer, you benefit from more than 5000000 files negative activity immediately. With more than 5000000 negative files available Chargeback folder is by far one of the largest providers of services in the industry.Chargeback folder is the largest distributor of flow database online today. 5000000 More folders and counting, with the addition of more per day.If you buy or sell on forums like Digital Point forums, the name or preCharge.Net Pros and other folders Chargeback provides an overview of the activities of illegal and inappropriate for former and active members. Rely not on the observations itrader for your everyday life.

6. Reliable and trust worthy:-

If you buy or sell on popular sites like eBay, Yahoo Auctions and other auction, auction Comments May not be enough. More than 80% of negative comments from the auction go unreported because of fear of reprisals.If you buy and sell on behalf of third parties such as PayPal, StormPay,Alertpay,Evowallet,Pecunix,Perfect money or 2CheckOut Clickbank in the history of the members may be limited, if not unnecessary. Discover the unlawful acts of a member before it is too late.The use of this website, or as a member, you must fill out the registration form and called for a user name and password. When registering, you are required to provide the contact information name, phone number and e-mail address and chargeback database collect this information by telephone, in an e-mail or fax.If you get as a trader or a consumer, or save as a partner, chargebackfile asked some personal information on our registration form. You must contact information such as name, e-mail and billing address or by phone, e-mail or fax, and in May, chargebackfile collect your financial information such as banks or credit card data via phone or fax.chargebackfile use this information for billing and for your order. If chargebackfile consider the difficulty of processing an order, chargebackfile will use this information to contact you.
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7 hot common tips for online money Hunters to escape from scam

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Recent days , the number of online money hunters are growing day by day.A survey carried by UK based website shows that maximum IT professionals have already entered the race of make money online.So here are some suggestions for online money hunters.If you are one of such one then you will apply the following methods before start working for any website:-

7 hot common tips for online money Hunters to escape from scam

7 hot common tips for online money Hunters to escape from scam here is the factors you have to check out --- 

7 hot common tips for online money Hunters 

i)Check the adress of the site with full


By lane:-





ii)The site has the vallid landline phone,office mobile phone.

iii)Name of contact person/propietor(s) and their identity.

iv)Type of works or nothings to do .

v)Payment method of the center's response to any query of non member.

vii)Scam checking via various search engine and poplar forums.

After verifying all these or minimum any four of them and confirm that they are not scam or fraud stars.If you’re looking to answer a question, some useful websites can help. Of course, there’s also good old Google and Wikipedia for quiz questions. Other compers post answers on the forum, so do help them out if they’re stuck too. The One Across site lets you search for answers to crosswords. It also has an anagram solver – plug in a word and instantly generates hundreds of possibilities. For example, did you know that Martin Lewis is Mini Wastrel ?

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Better Ways for Free Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones Anywhere In India

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It is known to all  most all the techies as well as common people that Free VOIP, Free Pc Calls To India, Free VOIP Calls India, India Voip, Free Call To India, Voip To India, Free Calling To India
India Voip Calls, Free Mobile Calls To India, Make Free Calls To India, Free Calls To India From Mobile, Unlimited Free Calls To India, Free Trial Calls To India, Make Free Call To India, Free, Calling To India Mobile, Free Calls To India Landline, Unlimited Free Call To India and many more words. 

How To Make Free Calls To India

Many free phone calling tips have been posted on this blog but this one blows them all, instead of regular PC-to-phone VOIP calls this trick allows users to enjoy unlimited phone-to-phone calls anywhere in India.

To make this work all you need to do is to follow the simple to use instructions below :
Go to
Click the Post Ad button
Fill in the form to create your ad, wait for one hour for your advertisement to get listed.
After an hour go back to and search your ad.
Open you ad and instead of your number enter your destination number and click Talk Now.
Both destination and your phone will receive calls from Rediff Local and get connected, Each call is limited to 1 minute 30 seconds but you can repeat the process as many times you want.
You can also pass on this listing URL to your friends so they can call you for free.
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