Top 7 evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur with blogging

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When I had resigned my high salaried corporate job in Tata Motors Limited,Maximum of my friends and well wishers had felt sorry for my resignation.But I was in my own position and never wanted to turn back,which is against my ideology and this ideology till with me,either my decision right or wrong that is not matter,when it has done then that’s all. 

evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur

After my job had left by me,I was thinking about some thing new,where I would be the worker and the boss too. In that very day,one of my teacher of Madurai Kamraj University had called me about my job and present situation,When I was informed him about my thinking to do some thing new,then he had suggested me to become e-entrepreneur which could bring both name,fame and money too.There are a few things I had managed to become an e- entrepreneur.It is mention able that blogging was not my new thing but previous blogging was fully for fun,nothing more which was started in 2004 as student’s online diary.Here is the  Top 7 evergreen Factors to become an e-entrepreneur with blogging .
1st step:-Mental & physical setup:-
Becoming a businessman/woman is not a big thing but become an e-entrepreneur really hard matter.Before creating a blog,it needs well thinking make a plan.Think of all the blog essentials and carefully craft a blog site that makes up a full package with information and fun.Site Design and Structure must an essential factor,so avoid offensive colors that might cause people to avert their eyes from the screen.Make your blog organized .Keep a good tab of your categories and tags,and make sure all pages and topics are arranged accordingly.Organize categories based on blog topics,content,and other criteria.Make your site easy to use.Use images,videos and other media.How to maintain Stuff on homepage with the essentials internal links.Public email address
2nd step:-Domain Name and a Hosting selection:-
Domain name selection is very simple but needs some criteria when it would be professional one.It is better to choose with business or company name which may carries domain authentication.The domain name refers to the first part of your URL or uniform resource locator.It may be better to select TLD domain,it has to say something about blog or and are good starters.
3rd step:-Desire Keyword & Market Research
Most important thing to plot out is how to penetrate the target market or audience or readers,what keywords to use,and how to use these keywords to get the desired traffic.In the virtual world of the internet, market research is normally conducted through keyword research.In other words, keyword research lets to know the audience’s language.Search engines are keyword oriented which has seen recent days.Google,considered as one of the top search engines worldwide, has tools such as Analytics and Adwords to aid people doing keyword or market research.There are also tools such as Keyword Discovery,Wordze and Wordtracker,which provide estimates on the number of times that internet users make searches on certain keywords or phrases.
4th step:- Write Content
Choose a niche,research it thoroughly,and target this niche by using their language or the keywords that they mostly use.Never try to write blog entries with out research. Write compelling articles with full flag information and keywords.Blogging means using words,but successful blogging entails using the right words effectively.It requires enough and proper knowledge of targeted audience to know the entries and information that they need and want.Study them through keyword research;take note of posts that they read,comment on and share the most;and ask them what they want to know through forums, threads and posts.Powerful headline is the main attraction of a blog post as it draws readers into reading the rest of the article by following through with the headline and further enticing them with promising content. Make the article easy to read and understand. Internet users have limited attention span when it comes to web content,so the key is giving them what they want and need within that limited time that it has their attention.Bold,italicize or highlight important words and phrases.
5th step:-Readers Engagement
Reader engagement is one of the most important factor of blogging. How does it acquires this,it is core question for every blogger.When writing,always keep readers’ interests and needs in mind which shows that it is only for readers not for the author.Giving informative,useful and entertaining or something that combines these three.Regular publishing is main factor to keep blog active and updated.Take care of the readers by making them feel that it is noticed and appreciate them.“Talk to them”in the posts,ask for their opinion,answer their questions and reply to their comments.Keeping on what the readers are most interested in by knowing how to use analytics.This information will give an idea of which topics would be most useful and interesting for the readers. Making partnership with other fellow bloggers is also a useful tool to get engage with readers.
6th step:- Social media strategy
Social media networking website is the top viewing activity on the internet. Social media networks (SMNs) are undoubtedly among the best and most effective venues to get traffic and have more mileage. Create an effective social media strategy to full fill the social media engagement.Research on social media sites and forums which are targeted readers most frequently use. Facebook,Twitter and Google+ are come first in the list.Creating a social media profile is very simple but it is hard to get attention from social media audiences.It is needed to maintain well balanced relationships with fans and followers.Add Facebook like and share buttons,Twitter tweet or share buttons,and other social media share and feedback buttons to every blog post. Repling to people’s comments and answer their questions and join conversations and really be a part of the community.Use social media to build a community and connect with the readers.Immerse in their world and find out what they’re interested in.
7th steps:Success analysis
Analysis of success and failure is one of the most important factor of any business whether it is online or offline.There are a lots of free tools to analysis blog and website activities such as Google analytic,MSN tools,statcounter and many more.Webmaster tools also gives some major quires’reply for bloggers and webmasters for their on coming steps.Traffic,readers,customers,clients and partner proposals are known from analytics and webmaster tools.Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools are widely used by the bloggers and webmasters , now in this days.
Professional bloggers should be over professional and oily nature for own benfits.Successful blogging doesn’t just involve good relationship with the readers. Being part of the blogging community, especially in targeted niche.Some a few activities can highlight a blogger in blogging community such as Comment on others blogs,link to other blogs.Write guest posts for other bloggers,accept guest post,never miss credible source etc.My own experience says that these planning can give exploring success to any one as a professional blogger with successful blog(s) which can give bread & butter with name and fame.

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  1. I like to thank you to give very valuable explanation to motivate a newbies who trying to do make a online business. Now a day making money is not a easy but when it become easy if you get proper step by step guide.


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