Best ways to manage the alternative author names in article directories

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We play multiple roles in our professional and personal life. Why not create a brand for each of  our specialties ? here is the Best ways to manage the alternative author names in article directories. Creating a different brand for each specialty allows you to be specific in each niche without appearing suspicious to your reader.

Best ways to manage the alternative author names in article directories

Readers are more likely to trust an expert who specializes in one thing rather than a person who claims to know many different things on a wide variety of subjects, i.e. a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

For authors, building a brand begins with creating an alternate author name.

1.What’s an Alternate Author Name:-

Alternate author names include co-authors or pseudonyms. A pseudonym or pen name is often adopted by an author to spread their talents into a new niche. You can also use an alternate author name to differentiate yourself from another notable author or to avoid overexposure. Additionally, a pseudonym can be adopted by a ghostwriter to leverage the credibility of another author or brand.For example, imagine you’re a business manager who manages a creative solutions team and you have published articles on management. You could choose to write articles for creative solutions under another author name to preserve your management brand. Additionally, based on your experience as an Expert Author, you could choose to write about your article writing experiences under another author name.

2.When Should You Add an Alternate Author Name:-

Use these questions to help you determine whether you should add an alternate author name to your article directories'  accounts:Did another author collaborate or jointly write an article with you? Add the name of your co-author so your names can appear together on the article or articles.Is the article topic outside your primary niche (e.g. Writing Articles vs. Management)? Keep niches separate and organized by designating one niche per name.Are you writing on behalf of a company or a client? Submit the article under their name (whether it’s a pseudonym or real name), but ensure you have their permission before you do.

3.How to Add an Alternate Author Name:-

For ease of use and organization, you can add an alternate author name by creating a new  profile from within your account. To add a new profile (a.k.a. alternate author name):

i.Log into your  account

ii.Select the Expert Author name dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of your screen

iii.Select “Add a new profile”

iv.In the pop-up window, read the Alternate Author Name Terms of Service

v.In the Author Name field, enter your desired Author Name

vi.Ensure the checkmark box is selected to switch to the new author name profile upon creation

vii.Select “Create”


Begin building your brand by using the above tips. Create strength, confidence, and credibility in your articles and platform at large by choosing your author names wisely. For more information, discover how to stay on the right path to managing multiple brands , comment here or contact us.
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