Blogging Technological article Titles and Broken Promises

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Blogging Technological article Titles and Broken Promises key criteria:-

Build Trust with Relevant Article Titles

Have you ever had that feeling of excitement after being promised one thing and then the feeling of disappointment when it wasn’t delivered? Your reader has too.

Blogging Technological article Titles and Broken Promises

Your article title is a promise to your reader. Deliver on that promise in a quality, original article and you’ve built trust. Break that promise with irrelevant content and you’ve lost your credibility.

Internet readers develop a screening process to protect themselves. Each bad experience is cataloged into “scenarios to avoid” and every good experience raises their expectations into the “what it should be” category.

Let’s say you searched for “large dog breeds” and stumbled across an article titled “World’s Largest Dog.” You may think “this looks like the article for me” or “this better be good.” Whatever the case may be, your screening process has been launched – you expect to learn about a dog that holds the record for being the largest dog to ever walk the face of the earth.

What happens when you click the title and the article is all aboutChihuahuas? You would likely react like the majority of readers: It’s not relevant to you so you click away. This broken promise became a “scenario to avoid” and not only have you lost your credibility, the platform associated with you is questioned as well.

The Delivery Is in the Details

Avoid having your articles placed into the “scenarios to avoid” category by ensuring your article titles have top-notch quality and are 100% relevant to your article (and your audience) by providing details.

Here are four questions to ask yourself to ensure you are delivering on your promise:

Does the article deliver on the subject? The subject of the article title serves as a focus for the article. Using the focus to ensure relevance, the article should deliver upon every aspect of the title.

Does the title include a location-name? The article should offer unique details about the location other than repeating the location-name as part of a key phrase.

Does the title promise a specific number of tips? The article should deliver the promised number of tips in a clearly defined fashion.

Does the title include the phrase ‘How To’ or ‘Where To’? The article should explain specifically ‘how’ and exactly ‘where.’

Broken Promise Scenarios to Avoid

Here are two more common “scenarios to avoid.” First, I’ll give you the title, then what the reader expects, and finally what was actually delivered (i.e. the broken promise).

Promise: Buy [Goods] in Bulk

Expectation: The principle of the article is to discuss buying goods in bulk.

Broken Promise: The article recommends going online and buying goods from a popular auction site.

Promise: Get Rich Quick!

Expectation: Strategies on how to accumulate money at breakneck speed.

Broken Promise: Promotes a questionable program in which the reader has to make a “financial contribution” to learn more.

Ensure your article titles have top-notch quality and are absolutely relevant to your article by asking yourself whether your article delivers on the title before you submit. In doing so, you will raise the bar in your niche by building trust with your readers.
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