Corporate article writing as a way to share expertise and valuable contributions to niche

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Class of industry, the company  belongs to, then market  serviced attributte of the industry  significant  risk elements of the industry  and the company  in particular   details  cmpany's market  share and place main competitors share and strength .services offered,sales ,marketing and key customer : provision of services projected services mix  target market segment  customer relationship marketing set -up  future strategy planning.Writing articles on a weekly basis, expert  corporate author Doron Gil, Ph.D. focuses on the importance of self-awareness in successful relationships.After publishing his book, “The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship,” Doron saw Corporate article writing as a way to share expertise and valuable contributions to niche .Here is the his feeling about corporate article writing.Here is the summarized interview of  expert author Doron Gil, Ph.D.

Corporate article writing as a way to share expertise and valuable contributions to niche

“The more involved I have become, the more I realized that the process of writing enriches me on two levels,” Doron stated. “First, the more articles I write, the more I feel that I contribute to the well being of readers and to their success in their relationships. Second, throughout the writing process – as I read other ezine experts’ articles, books, and magazines and by being tuned in to the news and the world around me – I get new ideas for my on-going writing and continue to expand my own awareness of the issues I write about.”

Finding Connections as a Source of Inspiration:-

Gaining inspiration through extensive reading and listening to the news, Doron is motivated to find connections between a variety of fields and his topic of expertise. “My typical writing session begins by jotting down ideas …” Doron described. “I expand these ideas into short paragraphs to write a brief essence of the article. I then sit down by the computer and write the first draft of the article.”Using Monthly Summaries and other performance tools, Doron has amassed many incredible insights. “The best articles are short, to the point, having a clear and straightforward message,” he stated. “My advice to newbie Expert Authors therefore is to write short, concise articles to enable the article’s main theme to come across to your readers more easily and so you can ‘market’ your idea more efficiently.”

Building Article Writing Strength:-

In our interview, Doron shared a few challenges and how he overcame them to become a successful Expert Author in a competitive niche s corporate writer.

Question 1:

How to not repeat the same issue over and over again.

Doron Gil:

I overcame it by approaching the same topic from different angles.

Question 2:

How to be productive and write at least 1 article per week.

Doron Gil:

I overcame it by constantly reading other experts’ articles, books, newspapers, and magazines to come up with yet another new idea for an article.

Question 3:

How to market my book and articles.

Doron Gil:

I overcame this challenge by deciding that I should write my articles not necessarily from a marketing view point, but from an educational one. Meaning my passion and interest is in helping others find true love and successful relationships in their life as well as in helping them become Self-Aware and empowered to develop and maintain intimacy. Having this in mind, I don’t focus on marketing … I focus on the content and quality of my articles, feeling if I follow my heart and passion I help others via my writing.


Follow your heart and passion by writing quality content for your audience! Try Doron’s strategies in your own article writing efforts to build your credibility and a loyal audience.Do you have a question or comment for Doron? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below.
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