Key criteria to write relevant real time free standing articles

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Every professional blogger and author want to become success in respective field of writing.Here, Key criteria to write relevant real time free standing articles.

1.Pack a Powerful Informative Punch:-

Key criteria to write relevant real time free standing articles

Free-standing articles have the power to amplify your exposure without being cumbersome or inconvenient to readers and publishers.Each free-standing article strengthens your article portfolio because it is accessible, convenient, and relevant, as well as packs a powerful informative punch. Readers (and publishers) should feel satisfied the article and the author have met their expectations without irrelevant baggage. When their expectations have been met, they will want more and will return for more.

2. Article Parts vs. Free-Standing:-

The key to writing free-standing articles is in your article’s title, i.e. the promise you make to your readers that builds expectation. Don’t promise parts, sequels, etc. Promise specific information and deliver. Let’s take a closer look:In the blog post How to Get 10 Articles From 1 Idea, we listed 10 angles to write 10 articles. We could turn this into an article set and write 10 articles discussing the various angles in greater depth. Consider the difference of article parts vs. free-standing articles if we were to expand each angle into its own article:

3. Capture does n't free standing:-

Here’s why this doesn’t work: Where are parts 1-8 and part 10? Should you start at the beginning (part 1) and then move up or just continue on to part 10 and backtrack later? Has part 10 even been published yet? This situation is a bad user experience and makes the content inaccessible to the reader. Please note, this also applies to Roman numerals, e.g. How to Get 10 Articles From 1 Idea IX.

4. Not free standing:-

Here’s why this doesn’t work: As a reader, you expect 10 article ideas to be presented in this article. However, you only find one topic, the comparative article writing style, which is not the information you were searching for. The article lacks relevance to you and you move on. This situation is inconvenient for readers and publishers because they only want content that is relevant to them. Anything else is a poor user experience.

5. Capture free-Standing:-

Bingo! This article is free-standing because as a reader, you know exactly what is going to be delivered in this article and you can determine its relevance to you right away. The information is accessible because you don’t have to look for various parts and it conveniently presents all of the information to you.


There you have it! Write relevant, convenient, and accessible free-standing articles that meet your reader’s expectations. By providing so much benefit in one article, the reader will seek out more articles written by you.
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