Best Of Baby Naznin In Tomake Chai Ami Aro Is one of Best Bangla Love Song

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Best Of Baby Naznin In Tomake Chai Ami Aro Is one of Best Bangla Love Song.Baby Naznin was born on 23th August 1965 in Syedpur, (Former East Pakistan) Bangladesh.Her grandfather Miar Uddin Sarkar was a zemindar. He had a great affinity for the music. Renowned artistes from various places of undivided India would come to sing before him. He had all sorts of musical instruments collection at his disposal for an in-house musical party. Her parents Mansur sarker and Abida Sarkar are both well known music teacher of her locality.Baby Naznin would be a singer one day. So he would make her sit beside with a harmonium while teaching other students.Best Of Baby Naznin In Tomake Chai Ami Aro Is one of Best Bangla Love Song
Her regular practice of music started even though she did not start her schooling.She started her earliest musical lesson with Sa-Re-Ga-Ma under the direct supervision of his father.she was admitted to a school her practice of musiccontinued with that. There were no options for negligence in both study and practice. Her father would be very strict whenever there is a slight sign of evasion. All the privileges like meals, playing would be withdrawn.Her mother supported her all along.Baby Naznin is one of the finest singers of Bangladesh. Baby Naznin is one of the few singers who obtained love and affection of the people of the country and beyond with her unique vocal styles succeeding Sabina Yasmin and Runa Laila. With affection music lovers named her Black Diamond.

Baby Naznin's father imposed new rules to obligate her to music lesson and studies. To every one’s surprise she excelled in Uchchanga Sangeet, a highly classical branch of Indian music. She practiced folk songs beside Nazrulgeeti and Rabindra- sangeet. Nothern part of Bangladesh is the birth place of folk music scene of the country. As she has an excellent feat in folk songs and other forms of vocal music she was enlisted as a singer with Rangpur Betar when she was only a child. Her name and fame spread out from one part to another of Rangpur. Her unmatched musical gift and hypnotizing vocal enchanted common audiences and experts altogether. Based on her amazing image she was called to take part in National Competition for Children. Thousands of aspiring child singers used to take part in this campaign. Baby Naznin was came our as winner in this competition. Her four time consecutive winning never surpassed by any artiste.Baby Naznin has won National Children Awards (4 times consecutive from 1976 to 1979) Film Producers Association Award – Best Singer (Female) (1994) Bangladesh Film Journalists Association/Bangladesh Chalachitra Sangbadic Samiti (Bachashsas) Awards – Best Singer (female) - (3 times consecutive from 2001 to 2003) National Film Awards - Best Singer (female) (1995 and 2004) Cultural Journalists Forum of Bangladesh (CJFB) Awards - Best Singer (female) (6 times consecutive from 2002 to 2006 through vote).
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