Yeh Mulaqat Ek Bahana Hai From Khandaan Best of 50's To 80's Bollywood

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Khandaan is a 1979 Hindi film. Produced by Sibte Hassan Rivzi and directed by Anil Ganguly. The film stars  JeetendraSulakshana Pandit,Rakesh Roshan and Bindiya Goswami and others.The films music is by Khayyam and lyrics by Rajendra Krishan and Naqsh Layalpuri.

[caption id="attachment_2176" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Yeh Mulaqat Ek Bahana Hai From Khandaan Best of 50's To 80's Bollywood Yeh Mulaqat Ek Bahana Hai From Khandaan Best of 50's To 80's Bollywood[/caption]

The film became the seventh highest earning film of 1979, earning an approximate gross of Rs. 4,80,00,000 and a net gross of Rs. 2,40,00,000.


Yeh Mulaqat Ek Bahana Hai From Khandaan Best of 50's To 80's Bollywood.

Movie plot of Khandaan :-

The Srivastav family consists of Gaurishankar, his wife, Savitri, two sons, Vikas and Ravi, who lead a poor lifestyle in a village in India. When the sons grow up, Vikas gets married to wealthy Nanda, while Ravi continues his education in college. Ravi, who woos attractive Usha, and hopes to marry her, often gets into trouble, stealing hens for example, earning the wrath of his father. Gaurishankar is nearing retirement, while Vikas is unable to get employment. When Vikas gets an offer, he must deposit Rs.5000, which the family must come up with in 4 days. The family does not come up with this amount, as a result Nanda borrows this money from her uncle, and Vikas gets a job. Then Gaurishankar gets news that Ravi has been arrested by the Police for stealing Rs.5000 from his employer, as a result he goes into shock, has a stroke which leaves him paralyzed. Ravi is tried in Court, found guilty and have send to jail.This news ends up killing Gaurishankar. When Ravi completes his sentence, and returns home, he is told by Vikas that his mother blames him for Gaurishankar's death and does not wish to see him anymore, and he finds out that Usha is to get married to a man named Rakesh, the son of Dinanath. Ravi re-locates to Bombay, gets a job, earns well, and starts sending money-orders to his mom, as well as becomes the object of affection of Sandhya, the daughter of his employer. Ravi is unaware that his mother knows that it was not he who stole the Rs.5000, but choose to remain silent, letting him take the blame. Watch what happens when Usha meets with Ravi and the impact this has on both of them.
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