The Anatomy of webmasters in 2011:Real time analysis of SEO,SMO,SEM and ROI failure of the year-2011

When I have sat to count down the digital or virtual life of 2011 then I have seen some new things and new words which have been indicated many surveys and those say that most advertisers will increase the majority of their digital budgets in 2011. But what is not so certain is whether the advertisers or their agencies will be deploying those dollars wisely and effectively across digital tactics. In fact, a recent compilation of studies shows that most marketers openly acknowledge their lack of understanding of many of the diverse digital tactics and seek to improve their knowledge.

 The Anatomy of webmasters in 2011:Real time analysis of SEO,SMO,SEM and ROI failure of the year-2011

Here i am going to disclose these four words for which the virtual world and all most all webmasters are behind of those :-

i]  SEO (search engine optimization),

ii]  SEM (search engine marketing), 

iii] SMO (social media optimization), and 

iv] ROI (return on investment) 

I am going to give the ideas of these four words working funda in 2011 and webmasters calculations for these on the presence of Google Panda .
i] SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :-
In a world where users' first instincts are to go online to look up the answer for pretty much anything, search engine optimization should be the first thing on advertisers' digital to-do list. After all, "if they can't find you, you don't exist." At a minimum, advertisers' websites that are a few years old should be revisited with an eye towards whether the content is in text or HTML format so that search engines can index it. Many sites built in recent years still excessively use Flash and graphics and are thus "hurting themselves" because content inside graphics cannot be indexed by search engine crawlers. So while the site looks pretty to human eyes, it looks blank to search engines because the content is hidden. There are further advanced techniques to ensure proper and complete indexing .
ii] SEM (Search Engine Marketing) :-
Once your website "house" is in order through basic SEO techniques, you'll be ready to drive more traffic to it through search engine marketing, or paid search. These are the paid ads on the right-hand side of a Google search result page. Because these ads are served up based on exactly what term the user is searching and when they are searching for it, these ads are orders of magnitude more relevant and timely than other forms of online ads - such as banner ads, which are served up next to content. Furthermore, because paid search ads are typically paid only when there are clicks (cost per click), the advertiser cuts out the 99 percent that would have been wasted; in other words, if click-through rates are 1 percent, that means the other 99 percent of the impressions are wasted. So by switching from paying for impressions to paying only for clicks, approximately 99 percent of the waste is eliminated.
ii] SMO  (Social Media Optimization) :-
In the new digital world where users ignore most forms of advertising as "noise," what is an advertiser to do? Most are turning to social media and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But as we have seen before, many are still applying "old world" tactics and metrics to it; in other words, buying billions of banner ad impressions on a CPM basis on Facebook - to achieve branding through "reach and frequency." At a minimum, advertisers should "click the radio button" on Facebook advertising and switch from paying by CPM to paying by CPC (paying only for the clicks they get). This will save tens of thousands of wasted ad dollars instantly .
A more sophisticated way to use social media would be to empower users to pass along and amplify your message, or better yet, let them create their own "rave" about your product and pass that along in their own words. Their words can yield powerful insights about what they think are the key attributes of your product and why they think they are important enough to pass along. Finally, the phenomenon of social commerce occurs when "friends don't let friends do just social media"; they are so passionate about a product they not only tell their friends about it but they help their friends all the way through a purchase.
iv] ROI (Return on Investment) :-
So, what do you get with even a few tweaks to the execution of the well-worn acronyms above? ROI! And ROI in my book doesn't mean more traffic to a website or a higher "brand affinity" score. ROI means dollars made or dollars saved. By making your content indexable and more easily found by your target customers through proper SEO, you're helping them get closer and closer to the purchase of your products. By switching from costly, impression-based media to paid search (SEM), you are eliminating lots of inefficiency and wasted media dollars. Finally, by enabling and encouraging your customers to be your loudest fans (proper SMO), you leverage genuine word-of-mouth to achieve social amplification and even social commerce for the ultimate in ROI.

Maximum webmasters and e-business owners have failed this matrix to recovery their investment in 2011. I can not say the coming year will bring to the webmaster any new changes.The Anatomy of webmasters in 2011:Real time analysis of SEO,SMO,SEM and ROI failure of the year-2011

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Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO : SEO Weds SMO Strategies

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The most discussed words among the Webmasters and website owners are SEO and SMO around the world.If we think that SEO weds SMO then what will be the result (may be funny).Here we are going to discuss the two words .I think then the couple will bring - SERPs Ranking and Huge Traffic. You may not be agree with me but i shall tell you both the terms we are talking about in virtual world.

Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO : SEO Weds SMO Strategies 
The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is the process of optimizing a website to get better ranking in search engines results and getting more traffics.On the other hand the word SMO means that Social Media Optimization which is implementing changes to optimize a site for receiving publicity through social media websites or social media publicity matters.SEO and SMO are the two of the most important terms that are responsible for your business promotion in this internet age. Both of these have their own significance and importance in bringing up the website traffic. Let see what magic both can create to your website.In this internet age or virtual world most of the peoples use on search engines to find out websites, business requirements, products and services or any related data. That’s why it is enormously vital for your site to have prime visibility. If your website is not found out in top ten of the search query result, chance of getting a potential client/customer gets out dim. SEO can help you to receive better SERPS ranking organically through some tact’s and techniques.

It is known to all that the Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace etc having huge traffics. But to take advantage of these sites for the purpose of marketing your products or services you need to have a successful social media optimization campaign under the direction of experts. Social Media Optimization enables you to position your brand to your customers on their own terms and in their environment which results in a more authentic marketing message. SMO gives site owners an approach to increase the visibility to their sites without relying strictly on the search engines.Now you may understand the two words SEO and SMO are why important among the webmasters around the world.Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO :  SEO Weds SMO Strategies .

Article last updated on 12/12/2012 by Shazida Khatun

Social media efforts dictate that content be easy to read and easy to redistribute. Search engine optimization focuses on how easily your content is read by search engines. Attract search engines by finding the right balance of keyword density without compromising the quality of your copy. The industry average for keyword density is between 2-3%. Keywords are not exclusive to web copy. Photos, videos and other similar elements can be tagged with key words. For an example of an optimized page With any marketing effort, it is important to monitor progress and results. SEO and SMO are ongoing tactics and should be evaluated regularly. Continually research key terms and phrases to include in your online communications.

For SEO, think like a prospect. What search terms do potential customers use to research products or services in your industry? Conduct regular searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing to monitor your business’ listing to adjust your tactics. SEO lends itself to more traditional analysis and measurement, such as overall site traffic. Social media is both qualitative and quantitative. Monitor the tonality of blog posts, comments and conversations about your business. Review the number of online conversations about your organization, the people that your business engages online, the amount of company content posted and the number of traffic generating links to your content.

Increase leads by harnessing the combined power of SMO and SEO to rocket your company’s social profiles and website to the top of organic searches.
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Promote Your Business Or Blog As Guest Blogger In Successful Blogs & Websites: Seventh Skills of Guest Blogger

Blogging is the major tools of internet users to gather useful and needed data but it is so hard to collect the same .There when any one wants to start professional blogging then must be keep in mind that it needs some extra quality to bring them in one place.
Promote Your Business ::guest blogging Seventh Skills

So maximum bloggers started their carrier as guest blogger in others successful blogs those have quality contents and traffics .Guest blogging has emerged as a powerful technique to drive traffic to blogs and improve search engine rankings. If you have been in the online world for some time now you sure would have heard the phrase “content is the king.” This phrase is not always true as search engine only like well written and unique content .Today one the most powerful ways to promote your content is to do guest blogging for other bloggers. 
1) Relevant Quality content to host blog:-
Blog post must carry Quality content is the key to being successful as a guest blogger.
2.Blog post shine and define to host blog:-
Blog post headlines are first and only impression we make on our reader. If it wasn’t good enough to attract him to read the rest of text then all our efforts gets wasted.
3) Better Form Partnerships blogger:-
Guest blogging can be a great way to form partnerships with other bloggers in your niche. You can work with them in coordination to promote your guest posts to bring in more traffic to their blog. This will be beneficial for both of you with increase in traffic and potential revenue.
4)Post Original Content with body :-
Blog post should always follow the guidelines of the blog owner and only post quality and original content in your guest posts which must be original .
5) Search Engine optimization(SEO)needs:-
Search engine optimization is important for the success of any online content. Take some time do search engine optimization for your guest posts. This will ensure that both you as well as the blogger on whose blog you are posting get traffic from search engines for a long time.
6)Relevant keywords to blog post:-
Blog post must be added minimum 3 nos of relevant keywords but not more than 10 nos.
7)Feedback reply:-

Respond to Comments of them who has added in your blog post. When you post a guest post on another blog you may get a few comments and the readers must want your reply.

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Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue

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There are a lots of differences between professional writer and professional blogger.A professional blogger must maintain many method and qualities to attract the visitors to view his / her blog .My this post tries to describe a few of them as my experiences earn from last 7 years.

Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue  

1.Blog Post Headline Must suitable with quality words:-
The first thing that your readers see when they come across your blog is headlines of your blog posts. If you have attractive and catchy headlines for your posts then users get attracted toward your blog post and start reading to know more. Eye-catching headlines are best way to catch your reader’s attention to get them to read more.
2.Blog Post Needs Better Introduction or Sub title:-
Introduction paragraph is first paragraph of your blog post that readers read before dive in your blog post completely. And writing quality and meaningful intro paragraph is very important to hold the readers interest till the end.
3.Blog Post With Quality Description :-
Make your concentration on writing your rest of post in a very engaging manner so that readers don’t get bored after reading some lines of your blog post.Because if they get bored then they are going to hit the back button of their browser to read the same article on any other blog that has the same info written in very quality manner. Because people are starving to read quality information not creepy information. So it’s better to stick with quality while you are writing your blog post.
4.Blog Post Must As Like Breaking News:-
Blog post be like breaking news as paragraph size and as much possible minimum words but less than 250 words.
5.Researching and writing longer feature articles :-
Before starting your blog post must research the subject matter whether that is needed to your reader or not then you select the topics long ness with quality words.
6.Seeking out and investigating stories:-
See the importance of the thinking matter then stick out the theme then start to write your blog post which will help your readers as useful information.
7.Choose Relevant Keywords:-
Keywords is the another most needed things to your blog post which is help your post to find in Search Engine.Maximum internet users use Search Engine to find their needed information.
8. Promote Blog Post With Out Spamming:- 

A good post on your blog then make sure that you showcase that post in front of millions of people to get lots of new reader for your blog post as well as your blog. And you cans showcase your blog post by marketing it on social media avenues or on lots of other place where you can see the huge number of crowd starving to read some great contents.

Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue
Read More Has acquired Katango to sort users friends automatically for google plus fastest growing social network

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Google plus is the newest social networking venture of who uncrowned emperor of internet world.As statics says that Google tries several times to enter social media but it fail every time with it's major competitor Facebook. In an effort to boost its user target, Google has now teamed up with katango. Katango had has helped Facebook in past to grow up with an automatic friend sorter katango algorithm which helps user to connect better.
google plus fastest growing social network

If you don't know more about katango then i can say that Katango features an algorithm that helps to classify all users contacts in different or appropriate groups which was previously known as cafeBots.Katango helps to sort users friends automatically, thus providing complete flexibility.Users can sort the contacts in groups like work,clubs,party,and family.Katango set a goal of analyzing the data in 10 seconds or less and producing results that were at least 95% accurate.These were lofty ambitions for such a challenging undertaking,so Katango approached the problem from a unique perspective.Now Google plus focuses on contacts and groups them in different circles. However, grouping the contacts may take time and effort.
Google plus is growing up with many such features, that would really benefit the site in long run. If the features of the site are attractive, then it is bound to attract users. If you have just joined Google plus, you should check out the sorting list. This would make your list more convenient and smart. This effort is definitely going to work in favor of Google plus.I think in near future Google plus may be a real competitor of Facbook.
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Google Adsense Publishers Can Block 50 Categories & Languages To Earn More Via Targeting Ads

Google Adsense is one of the most reliable earning source of webmasters and bloggers.Google has recently allow the bloggers to choose some thing extra.Google Adsense Publishers Can Block 50 Categories & Languages To Earn More Via Targeting Ads.
Google Adsense Publishers Can Block 50 Categories & Languages To Earn More Via Targeting Ads
Now Google Adsense Publisher can block up to 50 categories in adsense account, and publisher's choices will be applied to ads of all targeting types and formats in the seven supported languages, regardless of the language of the site where they’re showing.

Google Adsense team offers to publishers the availability to control the ads that appear on your pages is important to publisher, which is why Google Adsense team has excited to share some new enhancements to general category blocking.

These extended options will help adsense publishers quickly and easily control the ads on publisher's sites, and Google Adsense team looks forward to continuing to enhance these controls in the future.
To Know More visit INSIDE ADSENSE

Read More has Offered Free Domain Name & Hosting to Indian Small Medium Business Holders

Google Inc.has Offered Free Domain Name & Hosting to Indian Small Medium Business Holders is operated in India as   has partnered with,India and they offer free .in domain names and free hosting for business websites in India.
India business online

Named‘India Get Your Business Online’, this pioneering program offers free websites, domain and hosting services to small medium businesses (SMBs) in India.Play the video for more details

Their goal is host 500,000 small medium businesses in India in next three years through this program. They offer Indian businesses a free, easy-to-build professional website (within 15 minutes), with free .in domain name and hosting for one year, free email addresses (Google Apps account) and free 365 days support. HostGator will also offer free support in creating, hosting and managing the website for 1 year via its toll free call centers 1800-266-3000. They also offer a free coupon of Rs. 2500 INR for Adwords advertising to promote your site.
What is surprising is that though India has appox 8 million small medium businesses, only about 5% have a website! If you own a small business in India, this is a good offer for SMBs to get their brand online for free. You can always cancel and decide to continue to maintain your brand presence after a year for a fee.
Get Your Free domain and Hosting here

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Best Song Sharad Kapoor from the movie Ankhon Mein Tum Ho _1997 title song

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Another Evergreen Love song from the movie Ankhon Mein Tum Ho which was released in 1997 . The title song is one of the evergreen song of the Bollywood .One of the Best Song Sharad Kapoor  and you can enjoy the Bengali version of the same song bellow link.This song is uploaded specially for my beloved wife Shazida Khatun.
Best Song Sharad Kapoor from the movie Ankhon Mein Tum Ho _1997 title song
Friends Enjoy the song if you like then sure comment bellow.

The movie Ankhon Mein Tum Ho :-
Prem Kapoor lives a wealthy life-style with his grandfather, as his parents had passed away in a plane crash when he was a child. Since that day his grandfather had nothing but regret as he had refused to listen to his astrologer who had warned him that travel will endanger their lives. Now he always consults his astrologer on any important matter. When Prem introduces him to Pooja, he approves of her instantly, but when his astrologer informs him that Pooja's is quite unworthy of the Kapoor as she will eventually murder her husband within 12 months of their marriage. As a result, Prem and Pooja are unable to marry, and soon Prem comes to know that Pooja has married another wealthy man named Pratap Burman. Then a year later, Pooja is arrested for the deaths of Mohan, Pratap's uncle, and his mother, Mrs. Burman, and Pratap has barely escaped an attempt on his life. Prem, an advocate now, must now determine whether there was any truth in the astrologer's prediction, and if so, why did Pooja kill her mother-in-law, and Pratap's uncle.
You can enjoy the Bengali version of the same song here Tumi Amar Nayon

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