Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue

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There are a lots of differences between professional writer and professional blogger.A professional blogger must maintain many method and qualities to attract the visitors to view his / her blog .My this post tries to describe a few of them as my experiences earn from last 7 years.

Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue  

1.Blog Post Headline Must suitable with quality words:-
The first thing that your readers see when they come across your blog is headlines of your blog posts. If you have attractive and catchy headlines for your posts then users get attracted toward your blog post and start reading to know more. Eye-catching headlines are best way to catch your reader’s attention to get them to read more.
2.Blog Post Needs Better Introduction or Sub title:-
Introduction paragraph is first paragraph of your blog post that readers read before dive in your blog post completely. And writing quality and meaningful intro paragraph is very important to hold the readers interest till the end.
3.Blog Post With Quality Description :-
Make your concentration on writing your rest of post in a very engaging manner so that readers don’t get bored after reading some lines of your blog post.Because if they get bored then they are going to hit the back button of their browser to read the same article on any other blog that has the same info written in very quality manner. Because people are starving to read quality information not creepy information. So it’s better to stick with quality while you are writing your blog post.
4.Blog Post Must As Like Breaking News:-
Blog post be like breaking news as paragraph size and as much possible minimum words but less than 250 words.
5.Researching and writing longer feature articles :-
Before starting your blog post must research the subject matter whether that is needed to your reader or not then you select the topics long ness with quality words.
6.Seeking out and investigating stories:-
See the importance of the thinking matter then stick out the theme then start to write your blog post which will help your readers as useful information.
7.Choose Relevant Keywords:-
Keywords is the another most needed things to your blog post which is help your post to find in Search Engine.Maximum internet users use Search Engine to find their needed information.
8. Promote Blog Post With Out Spamming:- 

A good post on your blog then make sure that you showcase that post in front of millions of people to get lots of new reader for your blog post as well as your blog. And you cans showcase your blog post by marketing it on social media avenues or on lots of other place where you can see the huge number of crowd starving to read some great contents.

Eight Points of professional bloggers help to bring more traffics to earn more revenue
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  1. Great tips to earn good revenue. Yes, I too hope these tips would bring a huge traffic to blogs. Thanks for sharing the nice n useful information.


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