Has acquired Katango to sort users friends automatically for google plus fastest growing social network

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Google plus is the newest social networking venture of who uncrowned emperor of internet world.As statics says that Google tries several times to enter social media but it fail every time with it's major competitor Facebook. In an effort to boost its user target, Google has now teamed up with katango. Katango had has helped Facebook in past to grow up with an automatic friend sorter katango algorithm which helps user to connect better.
google plus fastest growing social network

If you don't know more about katango then i can say that Katango features an algorithm that helps to classify all users contacts in different or appropriate groups which was previously known as cafeBots.Katango helps to sort users friends automatically, thus providing complete flexibility.Users can sort the contacts in groups like work,clubs,party,and family.Katango set a goal of analyzing the data in 10 seconds or less and producing results that were at least 95% accurate.These were lofty ambitions for such a challenging undertaking,so Katango approached the problem from a unique perspective.Now Google plus focuses on contacts and groups them in different circles. However, grouping the contacts may take time and effort.
Google plus is growing up with many such features, that would really benefit the site in long run. If the features of the site are attractive, then it is bound to attract users. If you have just joined Google plus, you should check out the sorting list. This would make your list more convenient and smart. This effort is definitely going to work in favor of Google plus.I think in near future Google plus may be a real competitor of Facbook.
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