Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO : SEO Weds SMO Strategies

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The most discussed words among the Webmasters and website owners are SEO and SMO around the world.If we think that SEO weds SMO then what will be the result (may be funny).Here we are going to discuss the two words .I think then the couple will bring - SERPs Ranking and Huge Traffic. You may not be agree with me but i shall tell you both the terms we are talking about in virtual world.

Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO : SEO Weds SMO Strategies 
The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is the process of optimizing a website to get better ranking in search engines results and getting more traffics.On the other hand the word SMO means that Social Media Optimization which is implementing changes to optimize a site for receiving publicity through social media websites or social media publicity matters.SEO and SMO are the two of the most important terms that are responsible for your business promotion in this internet age. Both of these have their own significance and importance in bringing up the website traffic. Let see what magic both can create to your website.In this internet age or virtual world most of the peoples use on search engines to find out websites, business requirements, products and services or any related data. That’s why it is enormously vital for your site to have prime visibility. If your website is not found out in top ten of the search query result, chance of getting a potential client/customer gets out dim. SEO can help you to receive better SERPS ranking organically through some tact’s and techniques.

It is known to all that the Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace etc having huge traffics. But to take advantage of these sites for the purpose of marketing your products or services you need to have a successful social media optimization campaign under the direction of experts. Social Media Optimization enables you to position your brand to your customers on their own terms and in their environment which results in a more authentic marketing message. SMO gives site owners an approach to increase the visibility to their sites without relying strictly on the search engines.Now you may understand the two words SEO and SMO are why important among the webmasters around the world.Most Discussed Two words Of The Webmasters are SEO & SMO :  SEO Weds SMO Strategies .

Article last updated on 12/12/2012 by Shazida Khatun

Social media efforts dictate that content be easy to read and easy to redistribute. Search engine optimization focuses on how easily your content is read by search engines. Attract search engines by finding the right balance of keyword density without compromising the quality of your copy. The industry average for keyword density is between 2-3%. Keywords are not exclusive to web copy. Photos, videos and other similar elements can be tagged with key words. For an example of an optimized page With any marketing effort, it is important to monitor progress and results. SEO and SMO are ongoing tactics and should be evaluated regularly. Continually research key terms and phrases to include in your online communications.

For SEO, think like a prospect. What search terms do potential customers use to research products or services in your industry? Conduct regular searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing to monitor your business’ listing to adjust your tactics. SEO lends itself to more traditional analysis and measurement, such as overall site traffic. Social media is both qualitative and quantitative. Monitor the tonality of blog posts, comments and conversations about your business. Review the number of online conversations about your organization, the people that your business engages online, the amount of company content posted and the number of traffic generating links to your content.

Increase leads by harnessing the combined power of SMO and SEO to rocket your company’s social profiles and website to the top of organic searches.
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