Social Media Impact On Spamming Prevention & Webmasters or Bloggers Activities

Today's world of internet and electronic media face a major sit back of spamming problem where Social Media networking sites also inspiring the issue to increase for their own benefits.Social media impact is also a high risky matter on an account.

Social media impact on spam


Firstly I am going to say about spam. Spam is a viral method which is forced internet user to see or read unwanted mail,website or submit unwanted data to third party pretented personnel(s).Most spam is commercial advertising,often for dubious products,get-rich-quick schemes,or quasi-legal services of any where.Spam costs the sender very little to send most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender.Some time criminal(s)use this method to hack or crack important data of any     individual(s).
Spam Impact on Social Media :-

Social media is directed at users of internet social networking services such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn,Google Plus etc to invite friends or family in their mailing list.Users of social networking services can send notes, that may include embedded links to other social network locations or even outside sites,to one another network or else where.This is the way of social media spammer comes in active.

Spammers' target:-

Any spammer is utilizing the social network's search tools,he/she can target a certain demographic segment of the users or age group, or use common fan pages or groups to send notes to them from an account disguised as that of a real person.Such notes may include embedded links to pornographic or other product sites designed to sell something or services to sell.

Spam Prevention:-

It is not easy task to prevent spamming.Most social media sites have a report spam /report abuse button and addresses.But it is more difficult to identify the spammers because they frequently change their address from one to another by hacking or cracking method and run away an account to another.Recently it is seen a more powerful form of viral marketing/spam/ hacking was seen on Facebook mid 2011,but could be used almost anywhere.Users follow a link to a seemingly harmless Facebook Fan page (Fan pages are used by businesses,and do not require their consent to become their Friend.This copies and pastes a cryptic string of Javascript code into the URL (Address) field of the user's browser.Unknown to the user,the hacker's code automatically sends an invitation email to every Friend of the user.It is seen that it could automatically answered yes to every security question ordinarily used to make certain that it is what the user wanted to do. Emails are sent in the user's name to invite every one of their Friends,who will also be hacked the same way(since they all have Facebook accounts).The final purpose is to sell a product or obtain the victim's cellphone number for further criminal activities.


Some social media sites also ask users to let them access their address books and contact lists and use email invites for viral marketing.This is controversial as it requests the permission of the address book owner but not the owner of the email addresses within it. This situation is made more complex by users not reading what the information will be used for.Social media site like Quechup,, Indyarocks etc are recent recent examples. was criticized by many users for misleading them and hiding the nature of the feature in the small print of the site's terms. However,text that provided an unclear explanation of how the feature worked was part of the sign up process but failed to state exactly what would happen.On the other hand normally social media uses the address book monthly or quarter basis as it is stored in their data base which is fully controversial. 

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Google Blogger Platform Technical Policy Update :Country Specific BlogSpot URLs Creating Issues

Google Blogger Platform free recently [30th Jan/2012]has changed few technical policies which brings some issues for that services users in posting tracking etc.Their specific changes that Blogger has started using Country Specific URLs and you might have already seen these if you are from India or else where except USA.If you are from India try visiting any BlogSpot URL and you will be redirected to the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).For example if you visit any page on from India, you will be redirected to the country specific page . Similarly if you visit any other ccTLDs from India,you will be redirected to the Indian (Australian TLD) will redirect to the Indian TLD.

google blogger has made a help page entry describing why they have made this change.You can read that at Blogger Help

Why This Change?
This change was specifically made to enable countrywise censorship.By utilizing ccTLDs, content removals can be managed on a per country basis,which will limit their impact to the smallest number of readers.Content removed due to a specific country’s law will only be removed from the relevant ccTLD.”
Who is affected by this Change?
Everyone Blogger user who doesn’t have a custom domain name(but has readers across the globe) irrespective of the country you are from is affected by this change. Right now it seems like the change has been rolled out only in India. So when an Indian user visits your blog, he will be redirected to the .in TLD. using a 302 redirect.
What should I do Now ?
The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you are using Canonical tag on your blog Pages. This should be there by default in all templates unless you hacked the template and removed some code from there.
Make sure that the following line is there in your Blog Template
This tag will render the canonical tag for you. If you don’t want to use this tag for some reason,then add the following line to the head section of your template
What does the Canonical Tag do ?
The Canonical tag specifies the actual location of the page.Even if you are viewing a page,the canonical tag will let the search engines know where the actual page is located(the version)
If you don’t have the canonical tag on your pages,you might get into trouble on search engines which might index different country specific pages of your Blog. Your Social Counters(Facebook Like Button, Google Plus One button etc) will show the wrong count and will allow users to share different country specific versions of your Page. Adding the Canonical tag will ensure that the same page gets shared on social networks and so the counters will display the same count irrespective of the country the visitor is from.
Dynamic View Templates
Dynamic View Templates does n’t render the canonical tag(when I am writing this post). Hence non-custom domain blogs which use Dynamic View Templates will face the issues that I have mentioned above.I have reported this to the Bloggers and hope this will soon be resolved.
Custom Domain Blogs  will not be affected by this change.
No Country Redirect (NCR)
If you want to temporarily prevent Blogger from doing a country specific redirect while viewing a blogspot blog, then you can use the NCR option.
Examples : 
will give you the .com version without redirecting to your ccTLD
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Social Media Monitoring Tools Effect in Brand Promotion on Bloggers & Webmasters

Today I am going to give an introduction of most used Social Media Monitoring Tools by the bloggers or webmasters.Maximum bloggers or webmasters think that it is useful to their business but actually social media tools are useful to bloggers and webmasters ?

This article tries to find out the reality of social media tools use with good side and bad side effects on targeted blogs or website.
The plus & minus points of social media tools:-
Social media monitoring tools are not only helps you to check what people have to say about you or your company brand but they also help bloggers or webmasters analyze the ROI (return on investment),and the steps need to take to improve blog or website reputation and make blog or brand customers happy.on the other hand social media monitoring tools have some bad impact also such as people generally trust on manual thing rather than automatative activities but this tools do all automatically .Some tools charge a large amount for this which is fully wast of money and time too.
A few social media monitoring tools list and their online activities in monitoring:-
Radian6’s social media monitoring software helps businesses listen,discover,measure and engage in conversations across the social web. Radian6’s software platform captures hundreds of millions of posts each day,including the full Twitter firehose,Facebook,blogs,news sites,discussion boards,video and image sharing sites.Clients explore real-time results on an interactive dashboard,use Radian6 Insights to discover meaningful and actionable intelligence.
Addictomatic searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news,blog posts,videos and images.It’s the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics,perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what’s up,what’s now or what other people are feeding on.
Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company,CEO,marketing campaign,or on a developing news story,a competitor,or the latest on a celebrity.
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results(web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.
A dashboard program that monitors Twitter, Twazzup will tell you every time your keywords are mentioned in a tweet. It will also categorize your results by link popularity, contributors,tagging clouds and users.Unique features like avatar mouse-overs that give more details about that user’s relevant tweets make Twazzup a surprisingly powerful and valuable social media monitoring tool.
A real-time social media monitoring and analytics platform featuring:Automated Sentiment,Key Influencer Tracking,Geography and Demographics,and Real-time with Historical Archives.
Social Media Monitoring Tools Effect in Brand Promotion on Bloggers & Webmasters
Offers premium social media monitoring tools to help enterprises maximize the reach and efficiency of social media outreach and listening efforts.With the Enterprise packages,you’ll receive VIP service and significant benefits from using the complete selection of tools.
Easy-to-use,comprehensive and most affordable social media monitoring and Insights Platform.
Social Media Monitoring Tools Effect in Brand Promotion on Bloggers & Webmasters
HowSociable provides a simple way for you to begin measuring your brand’s visibility on the social web.
Buzzlogic sports tools intended to help you build more powerful and influential relationships and to track competing products. Buzzlogic is a proprietary conversational Advertising utility that all social marketers should try.
Seesmic is a suite of social media management and collaboration tools that provide everything to build their brands online. Seesmic has applications on every platform, including mobile,and a marketplace of third-party plugins.
The social web connects people where they share,critique and interact with content and each other.PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry.
Get all the latest tweets,news,videos,photos and more on any topic you want in one place. There’s a Socialseek site for everything and you can even make your own.
SocialPointer is a real-time social media monitoring and marketing platform for marketing agencies and individuals,It enables them to track, monitor and respond in real-time to relevant social mentions and user conversation.
BoardTracker is a forum search engine,message tracking and instant alerts system designed to provide relevant information while ensuring you never miss an important forum thread no matter where or when it is posted.
BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs.BlogPulse applies machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques to discover trends in the world of blogs.Different searches include basic, advanced,trend,URL and conversation tracker.
Alterian (LSE: ALN) empowers organizations to create relevant,effective and engaging experiences with their audience that help build value and reinforce commitment to their brand. A leading international integrated marketing platform provider,Alterian’s unprecedented integration of analytics,content and execution through industry leading tools enables companies to build integrated communication strategies for a more personalized customer experience.
Tweetdeck unifies Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn, and MySpace to give you a convenient way to use and monitor social media.What’s nice is that when your keywords are referenced, you have an easy way to quickly respond without having to leave the program.
They will help you build a brand nation of your most passionate customers.Whether they are on Facebook,Twitter,or your own branded community,Lithium helps find them,listen to their conversations,and respond in an intelligent way.They will help you understand their influence,engage their passions,and turn them into superfans—which means they’ll contribute to your company’s marketing, commerce,customer service, and product development activities.They’ll belong to the brand.
Created for the specific purpose of helping you preserve and restore your reputation in social media,Reputation Defender offers a robust monitoring service that will help you keep track of your children,your privacy,and your brand.A feature called MyEdge helps you deal with the results that Google serves up about you.
This mid-level priced service is a powerful monitoring tool that is known for having top reporting features and an automated sentiment feature.Special tools for marketing,agencies,PR and reputation,and brand management make this an indispensible tool for monitoring your performance in social media.
Guy Kawasaki’s online magazine rack – or, more precisely,topic-based directory — lets you search for influential blogs in a given niche or subject.Add the feeds to your RSS reader and you have a more targeted monitoring process.
Free version is for individuals and organizations that manage a small number of Twitter accounts and need only basic features to engage and manage their conversations. Free version includes scheduling,conversation history,email notifications containing your latest mentions,team collaboration tools and access to Twitter follower profiles.
Facebook search is notoriously bad and will not find much,but if you have nothing else to do then give it a shot.It relies heavily on your social graph so the results you get may not be meaningful for your target audience.
Blog Tools,create your own Trend Graphs with the IceRocket Trend Tool.Enter keywords to see mentions trended over time.Trend Tool,enter items to see mentions trended over time.
Klout’s mission is to help every individual understand and leverage their influence. Klout measures influence in Twitter to find the people the world listens to.It analyzes content to identify the top influencers.
NutshellMail social media monitoring tools lets you organize,monitor,and interact with all your social networks from a consolidated email digest delivered directly to your favorite inbox on a schedule that you choose. Nutshellmail supports Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn,MySpace,and Ning.
Explore your Twitter network. Discover which people interact the most and what they’re talking about.It’s also a great way to find relevant people to follow.The visualization runs right in your browser and displays data from Twitter.Mention map loads user’s tweets and finds the people and hashtags they talked about the most.In this data visualization, mentions become connections and discussions between multiple users emerge as clusters. tracks millions of conversations, taking place across in blogs and social media sites.Same Point converts discussions into web pages,or permalinks,and organizes them within a tag cloud.Same Point can serve as the nexus where the conversations meet,providing a single place for all discussions on a specific topic.
Measure your performance.Glean insights about the growth of your social media fan base on the leading social networks.With daily tracking, you have visibility into growth trends small and large.Gauge your social media success against others in your industry by comparing your follower bases across the leading social networks.Alert system will inform you of meaningful trends and activity that’s relevant to your social presence.

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Guest Blog Post Criteria

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  1. Relevance: Blog posts must be relevant to the business analyst or business analysis profession. Additionally, the blog posts on Modern Analyst are best described as journal style entries where authors can add creative and thoughtful posts over time.  Modern Analyst provides separate repositories that cater to other forms of contribution such as full articles, white papers, and news/press releases.  For more information regarding where to contribute this type of content, email

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  3. Links to Other Resources: A blog post may contain links to other sites, articles or blogs posts that it references or describes, so long as the subject and content of the blog post being submitted to Modern Analyst stands on its own as a meaningful contribution to the Modern Analyst community.

Format of Blog Posts: 

  1. Font: All approved blog posts should be formatted in Verdana font and X-Small font size.

  2. Text Formatting: Avoid excess formatting. Bold and italics should be used only when necessary for clarity. ALL CAPS should almost never be used. Modern Analyst may re-format approved posts to create a consistent look and feel among all blog posts.

Self Promotion:

Modern Analyst realizes that posting to our Community Blog and Modern Analyst Blog are excellent opportunities for you to promote yourself, your ideas, or your business. This is permitted so long as it is done per the following guidelines:

  1. Avoid self-promoting references within the main content of the blog post

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    • The by-line can have up to 4 lines of information

    • Each line should contain no more than 60 characters

    • Only one link is permitted

    • By-line information may include Name, Email Address, Professional Title, Company Name, Link to Website, etc.

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Webmasters & Bloggers' 5 Points To Get Google Love Towards Own Blog or Website Via Legal Way

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Today I am going to discuss the most essential subject to every bloggers,webmasters and website owners that how to make Google loves website.It means what are the criteria to make Google search engine friendly website or blog ! Anybody can create own website(s)and do so relatively easily.But it is so hard to continue the website or blog to reach the previously targeted goal due to lack of visitors or traffic.If the website owner,blogger or webmaster takes some special steps to make Google loves website or blog then the site or blog can easily reach the goal. Now this days Google is the un declare emperor of the internet.Maximum internet users search Google for their queries.Here is the Webmasters & Bloggers' 5 Points To Get Google Love Towards Own Blog or Website Via Legal Way.

This blog post talks about some useful tips that will help to get a high ranking in Google for the targeted keyword. The Google search engine Loves factors are :-
1.Blogger or webmaster's Mindset:-
Good mindset and plan in place can have their own website or blog that is liked by others such to pay some attention to the driving of traffic as well.
2.Relevant website(pages) url(s):-
website or blog should make easy & simple URL(s) to find easier for the search engines. Website’s URL should contain the keyword that website or blog wants to get ranked URL(s) should make sense and not have numbers.The only thing that the site owner or webmaster has to do is just modify website settings.But,never utilize the long URL that no one can read.
3.Older Domain name:-
When Google works out rankings or page rank,it really does take the age of website or blog domain name into account.The older site domain name has the better results blogger can expect.Google works hard to provide its users with relevance,as well as giving them access to authority sites.In fact,Google figures that a site that has been registered consistently for years must have some authority in that niche.
4.Easy to navigate:-
Website or blog must be easy to navigate.Google will not rank the site highly if it takes too long to load and people cannot navigate through it.Make sure that the blog or website readers have a good user experience.User experience should be the top priority to any site or blog for Google love.The more focusing factor is giving visitors a great experience,then it has better chances to draw attention from Google.
5.Genuine & Current content:-
Smart website owners or bloggers know they can get huge amounts of traffic from Google and they are thrilled.Why wouldn’t they be happy ?Their smartness don't work so long.As they are receiving huge amounts of traffic and highly targeted visitors that cost them absolutely nothing.If this strategy wants to any website for long and permanently then only way to include genuine and current contents.The results won n’t be immediate,but it will see things improve as time goes on.Optimizing any website to appeal to Google is always worth the effort.That will give any website or blog better ranking,more traffic and stronger branding.
To gain the Google's love to any website or blog is not a simple matter.As far my knowledge says that it needs more time and concentration on blog or website.BloggersTech can also help any webmaster or bloggers with the subject of Google Love & consideration.It is all right if you feel like you have wasted time,but you really have not because you know more than you did before.So try this simple tips over & over then it will bring success in near future for the site or blog.
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Google CEO Larry Page Announcement & Foreb Magazines Criticism On Google Plus with Latest Policy Update Propoganda

Google Incorporation was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while the two were attending Stanford University as Ph.D. candidates in January 1996 with only a few fellow mates of them.Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4,1998,and its initial public offering followed on August 19,2004.In this article I am not going to say Google's history here on the other hand I will try to discuss the business strategy of Google.According to Foreb magazine stated that Larry Page took over as Google (GOOG) CEO, he has promised more velocity in strategic decisions and more focus of its business.
As it is seen in past a few years that what he has also brought to the forefront is an marked increase in squishiness of milestone numbers as he throws out to analysts to explain Google growth.
Google CEO Larry Page Announcement
If we take it in argument matter then can say that Google has been big on sharing the number of daily activation's for their Android phones, with no specific definition of what that exactly means for several years now.They just keep going straight up is the conclusion Google appears to want us to draw.
Larry Page has also been very aggressive about touting the numbers of Google+ members and engagement since the service launched.Last week,he crowed triumphantly that Google+ had hit 90 million users with 60% engaging daily. Again,the problem is that Larry didn’t define his terms.
Here one thing to mention that Google usually forced the users to sign up for Google plus when registering for Gmail,YouTube or search, should that count as a registration? And if I do a search or check my Gmail,should I be counted as engaging with +? Many Technological guru or E-marketers say that It is fully funny and laughable.
It also been also aired that Google is annualized revenue numbers for its nascent businesses.World Famous Corporate magazine Foreb stated a example bellow in their latest edition which was aired by the Google authority:-
From last week:“Display has now reached an annualized run rate of over $5 billion as we engage with multiple advertisers and get tremendous support from our agency partners.”
From last quarter:“We are also seeing a huge positive revenue impact from Mobile,which has grown 2.5x in the last 12 months to a run rate of over $2.5 billion.We of course also have received daily or point-in-time updates on Chrome,enterprise customers,and Android activation's.""We even got an update last week that Google is adding one feature update to Google+ per day" last week from Page.
Google’s top brass are very very smart.Nothing gets dropped into their prepared remarks by chance.

Many Technological critics around the world have stated that Google has already created a policy to collect users real data but it never shows real data world .On the other hand it has most powerful search engine for which Google shall do any thing as it wants.Latest policy update also a part of ethnocentric value.
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An Interview on SEO,SEM & SMO With Most Influential Web Developer,SEO & E-marketing Guru From South East Asia

Today I am going to publish an important interview about search engine optimization(SEO) service.Today I have hang outed with top most Web developer, SEO specialist & E-marketer from Bangladesh Jabed Shoeb who is popularly known as Onnoysomoy in online world of internet who has replied with me very friendly with simple methods.Catch him in Google Plus.Stay tune with An Interview on SEO,SEM & SMO With Most Influential SEO &  E-marketing Guru From South East Asia.

Most Influential Web Developer,SEO & E-marketing Guru

Jabed Shoeb 
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What is SEO and why need SEO to blog or website ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

SEO means Search Engine Optimization(SEO). SEO needs for get a higher traffic rank on the different top listed search engine within very short time.Some time SEO promote your online business too.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 Can any one write HTML code by hand?
Jabed Shoeb :- 

Yes any one can.It can use some WYSIWYG editors and then modify the code by hand as needed to bloggers or webmasters.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 What is the PageRank algorithm ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Larry Page has invented it for Stanford University but later Google acquired it.Simple terms,Google uses the gross number of inbound links to a page to determine how important the page is. This “pagerank” has little to do with actual search results but can make a difference on user behavior.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Have any one can create any SEO tools either from scratch or pieced together from others?
Jabed Shoeb :-

No,It can use of many tools already available on the internet as well as SEO programs.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 What do you think of PageRank?
Jabed Shoeb :-

In relation to SEO projects,it is relatively unimportant but can give an indication of how much work needs to be done in gaining inbound links.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It useful to bloggers or webmasters.They are an additional tool to help the search engines when they crawl a site. There is no requirement for any sitemap and your pages will get indexed without them if you pay close attention to navigation within any site.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What SEO tools more useful bloggers or website owners ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Keyword analysis tools,keyword density tools,index checking,backlink checking,wordprocessor to check spelling and grammar,HTML validation and many others.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Under what circumstances would it looks to exclude pages from search engines using robots.txt vs meta robots tag?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Usually It would use the robots.txt to keep a search engine from indexing an entire directory on a site.This would often be directories dealing with admin functions or directories that only contain script or image libraries.
Perfect BloggersTech:- What areas do you think are currently the most important in organically ranking a website?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Text on page no doubt is the best.Search engines utilize text and only text in providing search results.That text is found in many place including the URL and title of your pages as well as the visible text placed on any pages.
Perfect BloggersTech:- Do you have experience in copywriting and can you provide some writing samples?
Jabed Shoeb :-

My experience in “copywriting” is limited to my site at & .First one is a blog about outdoor recreation in Bangladesh and second one hosting service provider so far is placing well in search results.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Have you ever had something you have written reach the front-page of Digg ? Sphinn ? Or be Stumbled ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Why not ! It is written in such a way that others would be inticed to submit site articles.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Explain to me what META tags matter in today’s world of internet & website ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

The most important META tag for SEO is any page description.Search engines do make use of this tag but it does not outweigh the title or visible text.The META keywords tag is not much of a factor in the major search engines but should not be overlooked.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Explain various steps that it needs to optimize a website or blog?
Jabed Shoeb :-

There many steps have to take any website optimization such as--
a.Interview website owner or webmaster to get a good grasp of the site’s purpose and goals.
b.Perform a keyword analysis to find best performing keywords that should be used for that site and for individual pages of the site
c.Analyze site content to determine usage of relavant keywords and phrases. This includes visible text as well at titles, META tags, and “alt” attributes.
d.Examine site navigation
e.Determine the existence of robots.txt and sitemap and examine those for effectivenes.
f.Make recommendations for changes needed for the site and each individual page.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

If any company whose site has to move all of its content to a new domain,what steps would needs to take?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It needs update the old site with permanent redirects to to new page for every page.Then It would attempt to remove old content from the major search engines to avoid duplicate content issues.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 Rate from 1 to 10, tell me the most important “on page” elements
Jabed Shoeb :-    

1It depends some factors such as 

a.Issue is visible text being relevant to expected search terms.
b.Would then be page titles
c.Is navigation and “alt” attributes for navigation items and link text.
d.would be “alt” attributes for images and other media presented on pages.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Is it better link buying for any blog or website?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It discourages the practice for the most part.There are more effective means of paid marketing.One exception would be purchasing listings in highly reputable directories such as Yahoo directory.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What is Latent Semantic Analysis (LSI Indexing)?
Jabed Shoeb :-

LSI indexing ries to overcome the limitations of “literal” search term matching.LSI can give more relevant results because it does take word usage and context into account determining what a page is “about” rather than a strict reliance on literal wording.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What is Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval and what roles does it play?
Jabed Shoeb :-

In regards to search results, it is a method that search engines such as google use to determine relevance of a page based on phrases acutally used in a document.This is one technique that Google is using to weed out “spam” sites.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What is the difference between SEO and SEM ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Seo is search engine optimization and is the process any one uses in getting web pages to place well on search results. SEM is search engine marketing and involves purchasing advertising space on search result pages.Sponsored listings are SEM.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 What kind of strategies needs normally implement for backlinks?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It needs to check the competitors backlinks to find hightly relevant sites and request a link from them.If reciprocal linking is required then It will not benefited so stay out of them.Another method can use to submit press releases to relevant media.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

What role does social media play in an SEO strategy?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Social media such as social networking sites and news sites can provide for viral marketing.Viral marketing has proven to be powerful if the content of a site is appealing.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 What things would n’t to do increase rankings because the risk of penalty is too high?
Jabed Shoeb :-

I would avoid any site with the appearance of a link farm.I would also avoid any “spam” practice such as unsolicited email campaigns,certain affiliate advertising sites, sites that re-direct visitors to that site,and anything resembling the practices of Zango.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

Why might you want to use nofollow on an internal link?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Many sites have shoping carts and member login or logout links.This type of link is simply an administrative function and does nothig to contribute to site content.The search engine does not need to index those pages.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 Are any familiar with web analytics and what packages familiar for common users?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Yes, most frequent is Google’s webmaster tools.Any one can use the available Yahoo hosting tools ,statcounter etc. Knowing what search terms your visitors are actually using to find site as well as where those visitors are coming from will help refine SEO efforts. The amount of time each visitor spends on site will help in determining if content changes are needed.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

From an analytics perspective,what is different between a user from organic search results vs. a type-in user?
Jabed Shoeb :-

A user coming into any site from an organic search usually has never visited that site before or is performing a general search for a specific product or topic. These visitors are trying to find the site that most suits thier needs. A “type-in” user is specifally interested in website.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

How do you evaluate whether an SEO campaign is working?
Jabed Shoeb :-

The main indicator is to perform a search on all major search engines using the keywords/ keyphrases I am optimizing for.An analysis of those results will help to determine if optimization has gained in the results or lost ground.This analysis should be done over time as each search engine will update and index on a varying schedule.Another aspect is to use website statistics to determine where traffic is originating.

Perfect BloggersTech:- 

What does competitive analysis mean to you and what techniques do you use?
Jabed Shoeb :-

 Competitive analysis means taking a close look at websites that rank highly in search results and comparing those sites to the one you are optimizing. They have employed methods that are working and are a valuable source for ideas.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

If any one has done 6 months of SEO for a site and yet there haven’t been any improvements,how would go about diagnosing the problem?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It might approach the problem as if it were an entirely new project.Again taking a look at the keywords and phrases that It is attempting to optimize for and again taking a close inspection of top ranking competition.If the site is not yet indexed or has been dropped from an index,there are major problems and the site may require a total re-work and re-submission.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

How many target keywords should a site have?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It does n't more than three or four well related keyword phrases.This allows for more effective optimization.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 You hear a rumor that Google is weighting the HTML LAYER tag very heavily in ranking the relevance of its results – how does this affect your work?
Jabed Shoeb :-

It doesn’t unless the rumor proves to be fact.Yes, I check on the rumor but as with all rumors, it can have detrimental effects if you “jump on the band wagon” and it proves to be just a rumor with no basis in fact.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 Why does Google rank Wikipedia for so many topics?
Jabed Shoeb :-

 Wikipedia is an established authority ! As such, it is referenced by huge numbers of other documents with relevant text associated with links back to Wikipedia.
Perfect BloggersTech:-

 What are the advice to newbie in SEO field ?
Jabed Shoeb :-

Go ahead with asking own self about website or blog what is that and what has on it .Sketch in mind implement the pre sketched project.
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Google Policy Update for Its All Product As well As Google Adsense Publishers Terms Of Policies

13 comments has recently revised its policy for wider range and more user friendly towards all its products.As the New Yorks Times recent article says about Google  that Though the announcement comes two weeks after Google was hammered by critics for the way it integrated Google Plus posts into search results, Google said that it had been working on the new policies for a long time and that recent events had nothing to do with the timing.Google Policy Update for Its All Product As well As Google Adsense Publishers Terms Of Policies.
Google Policy Update for Its All Product As well As Google Adsense Publishers Terms Of PoliciesGoogle Policy Update for Its All Product As well As Google Adsense Publishers Terms Of Policies
Google also alerted the users that the policy changes will come effect from 1st March-2012.This announcement has actually notable because it brings all its products under the banner of one umbrella.No doubt it is a good step from Google Authority.As Google official blog has stated that Regulators globally have been calling for shorter, simpler privacy policies, and having one policy covering many different products is now fairly standard across the web.the Google Terms of Service—terms you agree to when you use our products. As with our privacy policies, we’ve rewritten them so they’re easier to read. We’ve also cut down the total number, so many of our products are now covered by our new main Google Terms of Service. Visit the Google Terms of Service page to find the revised terms.

On the other hand this privacy policy will tries to gathered all information of any user and directly you can say that Google knows you better than your wife which is very bad and scary matter for some users.This unified experience hook appears to be at least partially aimed at juicing Google+.Google responded with clarification:Google noted that it already has all that data, but it’s now integrating that information across products. It’s a change in how Google will use the data not what it collects.
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7 Effective Criteria Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Get High Paying Bloggers Job

Today I am going to introduce 7 effective criteria of a professional bloggers or webmaster which can make it fully professional and money making machine which can give bread and butter with great luxury.When ever any one have decided to pursue a paying position as a professional blogger or webmaster then he or she will need to get the experience that hiring managers are looking for any one or him or herself too.My opinion is that it is needed to follow these 7 steps to boost the chances of landing a professional blogging job any where or own blog which can give money for survive.Stay with the 7 Effective Criteria Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Get High Paying Bloggers Job.7 Effective Criteria Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Get High Paying Bloggers Job

1. Self Area of Expertise:-
Any company(s)or individual(s)who hire professional bloggers have high expectations from those bloggers or webmasters.The webmaster or Professional blogger need to create genuine ,real time and meaningful content for their readers,and he or she needs to be able to participate in the blog's community providing information that readers want to see.So any blogger or webmaster has to become extremely knowledgeable in any subject matter for which is applied to be a professional blogger or webmaster.It is just like any job,the most qualified person will get the position in the field of blogging.
2. Extended Skills to Blog:-
Getting a job of professional blogger is not a easy task so before a hiring manager it needs more special skills on blogging or web monitoring and needs to polish the skills.In this purpose it needs to create a personal blog on a topic of interest and passionate it about begin to blog about it.Take the time needed to fully understand all of the blogging and web monitoring tools available online and offline.It also needs to learn how to promote your blog through social bookmarking,social networking,participating in forums and more.
3. Online Establishment:-
Establishing a blog or website and area of expertise are not simple things as it needs to invest quality time in growing online presence. Trying to be considered an expert and knowledgeable in own interested subject(s)which will give the opportionity to develop own credibility by networking online.This is to remember that online presence helps to brings own online brand.
4. Searching Blogging Job site:-
It is one of the most essential task have to do by a blogger or webmaster to view the websites where blogging jobs are posted and apply to the ones in own area of expertise.There can find professional blogging jobs sources online as well as offline too.
5. Bring Value of Blogging:-
Applying for a professional blogging or webmaster job is very simple but getting the job is so tough.So any blogger or webmaster has to remember the competition through out the process of appointment.Showing the hiring manager that blog through great content and promotion which will lead to increased page views and subscribers,which will then lead to ad revenue for the blog owner.Including own blogging experience in own application along with links to own blog posts or other online writing clips that demonstrate you understand the blog's topic and what the hiring company wants.
6. Make Writing Sample Shine:-
Many company(s)or hiring manager(s)s will request that professional blogging applicants provide a sample blog post related to the blog's topic to get a better understanding of the type of content the applicant would write if they got the job. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.Write a sample post that is relevant and timely and shows you know the topic better than anyone else.Include useful links to show you understand the topic's place in the blogosphere.
7. Self Confidence on Blogging:-
It is needed to make sure your sample post does not contain spelling or grammatical errors which gives self confidence own on lookers.In other words,make it impossible for the hiring manager to refuse your application.
Blogging or webmaster is one of the high profile job now this days .It gives two types benefits such as getting high salary on the other hand self enjoyment with high voltage knowledge.

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5 Key Components of Blogging or Online Marketing Trends to Do Better Blogging and Maintenance of Website

Today I am going to disclose a routine of tasks or Home work which have to do by a professional blogger or webmaster or website owner.Major Key components of Blogging or online marketing trends,Market news and analysis services to take in attention to do better blogging and maintenance of website.Stay tune with the 5 Key Components of Blogging or Online Marketing Trends to Do Better Blogging and Maintenance of Website.

5 Key Components of Blogging or Online Marketing Trends to Do Better Blogging and Maintenance of Website
1.Daily News Wire :-
Blogging Market Line has invented standard daily news from any where of the world and some of them are needed to special customs or region or country.Such a blogger have to maintain these news and it is needed real time updates.
2.Daily Comment Wire:-
Blogging Comment Wire means the thoughts or blog / website readers or visitors which is reflected blog/website reputation online as well as offline.This feature focuses the future of opinion and the role key blogging target of the particular post or whole blog/website.
3.Daily Expert View:-
It is so needed feature of a blogger or webmaster that it can take research and written report from successful bloggers or experts daily basis.If possible the meet the role of collaboration with external specialists,Expert views may be taken weekly basis on view of length articles which analyze the issues currently dominating an industry of blogging.
4.Daily Market Watch:-
It one of the most needed thing to do by a professional blogger or webmaster that keeping in house editorial and analysis teams which can give real time Market watch summary of news daily basis,comment and feature analysis,as well as spotlight coverage of a major industry players of blogging and website marketing Guru.
5.Daily Research Wire:-
Research Wire is a data base of the blogging and website marketing industry written by the successful bloggers or marketers about market and blogging business trends.This knowledge and analysis of these trends make Research wire a decision-driving resource for anyone blogger or webmaster can be investigate the factors that affect the performance of blogs and websites and markets present,past and future.

Conclusion of bloggers home works:-

Bloggers or webmaster must to do the above mentioned things daily basis as a school kids does it.So I prefer to say it home work.Other wise a blogger or webmaster may be fail in his/her mission.Recent survey says that almost 90% bloggers or webmaster have failed to reach their target for lack of homework.

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Five Creative Points Of Professional Blog or Website Designing & Easy Way to Become Professional Blog Designer

I have already written a lots of articles in various platform about primary criteria of Blogging but today I am going to write about blog designing and basic Bloggers Technological information.These information and knowledge must necessary to any blogger either professional or habitual blogger or webmaster. Blogging is a art of blog and web design and it can become a hobby or even a career.I have disclosed five important points of blog designing.You can interest in learning how to get into the design world of blog or website with professional look.Just stay tune with Five Creative Points Of Professional Blog or Website Designing & Easy Way to Become Professional Blog Designer.

Five Creative Points Of Professional Blog or Website Designing & Easy Way to Become Professional Blog Designer
1.Become a reader:–
Firstly you have to read more and more blogs which was written and online for a long period.To search your interested matters in any Search engine(eg:-Google,Yahoo,Rediff etc) After looking and reading a few hundreds blogs or blog posts then you have make draft of your blog in your brain or hard copy(if possible). This observation will give you the way to create designs for blogs and websites more than actually experiencing it for yourself.Now create your blog with correct design and niche and start commenting on others relevant blogs which will give you not only a first-hand account of what the current needs and trends of design are,but it also gives you a strong web presence that you can use to market your design services.
2.Sketch blog homework:–
Actually homework is a model of works and discipline.We have to visit popular blogs and websites and study their design as prefixed routine.It will give you new and moderated design,layout,content,and organization of the site.If possible then use Blog Designer Directory to find designers and look at the things they have created in their portfolio.The value of a website depends on design and contents which audience or visitors appeal or interest base.You have nothing to do yourself as just go to any search engine and search blog or website design related sites,forums,social media and collect your dream design.Now you too become a designer with simple editing for your site or blog with in a short period.
3.Basic Knowledge of Software:–
Software is the hidden driver of your blog or website so it most essential to learn it well.It doesn’t matter what editing or graphic design program you use,but it does matter how well you know how to use it.One thing I can say you that Practice doesn’t make perfect on the other hand perfect practice makes perfect.There for Give a little time to learn it via class, search for answers, watch YouTube tutorials, and self determination to become an expert in your software of choice.
4.Draft Designing of Blog:–
Draft designing is one of the better way to quick learn any hard matter very easily and short period so don’t wait until you have a reason to design. You just carry on it such as Make a Christmas card,a business card,a pretend blog,wall art,an invitation,a pretend website, a re-design of a REAL website, a blog you want to launch,anything as you like.To get practice with potential clientele, offer your blog friends or readers a design for free or at a discount.Anything that allows you to gain practice with good design techniques,working with other bloggers,and designing based on the requests of others is a great start to becoming a designer.
5.Start to Code the designing:–
Most of bloggers or webmasters afraid to code who are not highly qualified in Infornation Technology.The learning of CSS and HTML seems like a scary task, but if you approach it correctly it can be easily learned over time. I think is no need to learn whole website or blog design coding but part by part if start and carry on it then it will come successful in few days.Learn the basics, practice the basics, then learn something new. Build your skill set and add to it frequently. Start with designing your own blog or website. Decide exactly how you want it to look, even if you don’t know how to code it.Then step-by-step use search engines, classes, forums, and more to learn how to achieve your objective. You don’t have to take classes to learn it either(that just speeds up the process a bit).Using your own site is better than a practice site,because it forces you to push your boundaries,and the hours you put into it will be worth it in the end.
Designing or coding a blog or website is the version of trial and error,a lot of determination and practice,and using your resources,it is possible to become a professional web designer.Not many professions have the luxury of being able to do that.My opinion in this matter is that these simple and easy steps may help you have a little direction in becoming a blog or website designer.

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Advantages of personal blog for online money seekers in virtual world

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In this post I am going to tell you why I encouraged to making my personal blog?? A thousand dollars question but after reading the post , you too feel like me.Here is the fact of Advantages of personal blog for online money seekers in virtual world.

Advantages of personal blog for online money seekers in virtual world
One of the biggest reasons to having a personal blog is that “To make our identity in the internet world.” To introduce our new product or service, to promote our product or service, to increase sell of our product or service for all things personal blog is a very effective and tremendous way to marketing.
Personal blogs are easiest and most impactful way to build strong relationship with our customers. Having a personalized relationship with our customers increases more chances to achieve our goal!! I think you will be understood this point. Isn’t it? Means what, you can increase your sells rate through this activity.

Personal blogs are very helpful in creating additional income coming through affiliate programs. Marketing of products under affiliate programs becomes simple when you are considering the marketing links that produce a great amount of income. Also if we connect our blog with adsense then there will be two chances to make money, through adsense and also from affiliate programs.
And last thing, personal blogs is a platform in that we can share our personal crucial or pleasant experiences in our own style not much professional or corporate style. Keep in mind this thing; people interacts with those blogs which are looking so true so simple not with corporate style blogs.
Upto here we have saw that importance of having blog. So if you will have been something looking attractive and you would like to create as this then I am always there for you !!

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The Dynamic Typology Of Professional Blogs Or Websites & Significant Stages of Bloggers Minds Thoughts

When we think of typology of professional blogs or websites then commonly it comes to company structures but blogging is a little different from company websites and thoughts.Here I am going to describe the main four stages of blogs or websites.This stages are kept on the basis of orientation of the blogs or websites.Here is the The Dynamic Typology Of Professional Blogs Or Websites & Significant Stages of Bloggers Minds Thoughts.
The Dynamic Typology Of Professional Blogs Or Websites & Significant Stages of Bloggers Minds Thoughts 1.Domestic blog or website:-
This type blogs or websites are generally focusing domestic matters such politics,religion,culture etc.As this type blogs or website Admins are normally unconscious of the other matters on the rest world.Their orientation only concerted on home nations as their growth are so limit.
2.International blog or website:-
This type blogs or websites targeted two or more countries in particular region (such South Asia,Middle East,East African,North America etc).These type blogs or websites owner target first domestic visitors via their product(s) or service(s) later expand it to particular region.The international strategist observes latest technological and geological advantages on their visitors or customers.We can say international blogs or websites are ethnocentric.
3.Multinational blog or website:-
A polycentric orientation is the assumption of the multinational blogs or websites.These type of blogs or websites offer the variety of product(s) or services due to various customs and regions on demand basis.Main orientation of the international blogs or websites is adaptation of the product(s) or services on the different countries and regions.But most of the blogs or websites fail to high light orientation .
4.Global blog or website:-
Global blogs or websites will have either global matters marketing strategy or global sourcing strategy.Some blogs or websites have both but maximum having only one of above criteria.They can operate from any where but service(s) or product(s) for global markets.
5.Transnational blog or website:-
The key assets of transnational blogs or websites are dispersed,interdependent specialization.This type blogs or website can adapt any time and any where on demand basis of the particular region,community,languages, state,etc on the ground of demand basis. Knowledge in the transnational blogs or websites is created by all functions at all locations and jointly developed which is shared globally with out any delay .But pure transnational blog or website is found a few only because transnational blogs or websites have some special characters as such scanning or information acquisition,vision and aspiration,geographic scope,operating style , marketing and adaptation etc.So most of global blogs or company websites are trying to become transnational but they are only developing till not achieve their goal.
Modern life of human beings partially or some time fully gone to technology based so maximum blogs or websites trying to cover the market via technology.In the basis of technology it is needed high quality Information Technology based product(s)or service(s) which can make a company website or blog to transnational.
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