8 Points Common Mistakes of Bloggers,Webmasters & Website Owners Correction Methods In Blogging

Any professional Blogger  wants more traffic to his/her blog but most of bloggers do some mistakes in their blogs.Those mistakes make the blog(s) so dirty one or boring for readers or viewers .Today I am going to disclose these common known 8 mistakes reviling in these article either the blog in Blogger,Wordpress or any other platform but mistakes are same every where.So bloggers should avoid these mistakes to make blogs as a reliable and informative . Here is the 8 Points Common Mistakes of Bloggers,Webmasters & Website Owners Correction Methods In Blogging.
8 Points Common Mistakes of Bloggers,Webmasters & Website Owners Correction Methods In Blogging 1.  Avoid important less Content:-
Content is the king in any blog so enough standard content will make a blog as useful to users and search engine too. Useful and informative contents will attract visitors and keep them coming back to check out what are the new posts. Successful bloggers write clearly, know their subject and develop their own unique voice. Post quality well researched content that is interesting and topical.

2.  Avoid Hopeless Headlines of blog post:-

Always try to write relevant headlines of any blog post because it is the first impression on readers or viewers of blog.Instead correct headlines readers feel boring and discovered blog and blogger as hopeless because of hopeless headline.Headline needs to reel blog visitors in so make sure it is well thought out and punchy. Headlines have to stand out to be noticed as so many people read headlines in RSS feeds.Another important consideration when deciding on a headline is SEO. So headlines must be SEO friendly with correct spelling.
3.  Avoid Posting Too Irregularity:-
Internet users are data Hungary so once a visitor has found blog with useful data contents and they bookmarks the blog and comeback when ever it needs any data but irregular posting may loss the repeat visitors.One way to ensure repeat traffic is to post frquently. Most of bloggers have start  blogs but find it hard to maintain posting routinely that has lost repeat visitors to blogs.However my hope that  bloggers don't make the mistake of posting just for the sake of posting otherwise blogs readers will see through this and blogs will lose readership.
4. Avoid shortcut Details :-
It is seen that most of bloggers start their blogs without a clear focus on any subject matter and they have have no idea what kind of focus they want to do on blogs.It is needed to paint the whole wall of any blog post other wise blogs visitors will be confused about what  the blog is about and the blog  will very likely lose traffic rather than gain it.Having a focus is important on all blog posts. Articles that may be general in nature but are tailored to that subject matter which is painted.

5. Avoid more extanal links:-

Maximum bloggers have given more and more outer links in blog posts to get either traffic to own interested sites or get search engine preference. But these outer links has imposed bad impression on blog readers as users think as spam blog.So as much as possible it needs to reduce outer links in blogs post .Some pro bloggers determine that it is better to keep maximum 3 outer links in a blog posts hoe the blog post how much long that is not matter.

6. Avoid irrelevant  keywords:-

It is noticed that some of bloggers use irrelevant keywords to get more traffics from search engine but it is very harmful to blog.As it will give some extra visitors for a few days after it would caught by search engine then the blog will be black listed by the search engine.So it is better  not to use irrelevant keywords.

7.  Avoid more Advertising on Blog:-
Maximum Bloggers want earn money from their blogs So they placed advertisement on their blogs.But blogs earn revenue when get more traffics.Blogs need to build traffic and too much advertising can be a big deterrent in achieving this goal.Bear in mind of course that Rome wasn't built in a day and Blogs won't be either have much traffic in a day. Have faith that blog traffic will build gradually and introduce more advertising .
8.  Avoid more Social Media share Buttons:-
It is seen that most of bloggers place more and more social media share button which can clutter up  blogs and slow it down. Many people still don't know too much about social media so avoid the temptation to overuse these icons.It is better to use a single consolidated button like Add This.It is good news for blogspot bloggers that it has
 Facebook,twitter,Google Plus buttons in default.


My notion is that this  8 avoid method can make any one perfect and successful blogger.To get more traffic regular blog post is most necessary to any blogger.How ever if you like or dislike  my article must give comments .

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  1. good informative and useful suggestion i ever seen .keep it up

  2. nice article i will try to work on these points...

  3. These are some of the nice tips I've come across. Blogging is for sure, not an easy thing. :) Your tips will help some. Thanks for sharing


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