Professional Bloggers 12 Factors Of Blogging in Potential Validation Of Blogs Or Websites

Traffic determines the actual potential of a blog or website where vital factors also comes on account why blogger is continuing blogging .Here I am going to disclose 12 points of professional bloggers and I have tried to show that blog or website traffic is different than subscriber or a news paper or TV show viewer.Now this days blogging is bread & butter of most of IT professionals as well as common internet users too.Lets Keep in mind bellow.Here is the the Professional Bloggers 12 Factors Of Blogging in Potential Validation Of Blogs Or Websites.Professional Bloggers 12 Factors Of Blogging in Potential Validation Of Blogs Or Websites

1. Number of Hits Per Day:-
Hit means how many computer or IP has accessed the website or blog page or pages.But some few points to note that Worth of the traffic,number of page view,traffic from caches,traffic from backlinks,traffic from search engines,traffic from link exchange and traffic from PPC or other mode of advertising.
2. Ratio of Visitors To Page Views:-
Ratio of the visitors average is one of the major factor per day,per week,per month,per year have to maintain the cost valuation of a blog or website.
3. Number Of Backlinks to the Blog or Website:-
Backlinks are one of the major factor of a website or blog such these links give strength to the blog or website in determining of Google page rank and Search engine finding results.
4. Percentage Of Traffic from Search Engine:-
Search Engine traffic is the best source of any website or blog because search traffic has most valuable in industry.Internet users users search for particular product or information which related to blog or site related.
5. Placement Of Relevant Keywords:-
Keywords is essential factor to any site or blog contents which is determine the traffic length or visitors staying in a blog or website.
6. Traffic Growths:-
Professional blogger or webmaster must check the growths of traffic per month ,per quarter and per year basis which may determine the longevity of the blog or site in near future.
7. Access Statistics Daily basis:-
Professional blogger or webmaster must check minimum daily basis website or blog statistics for the visitors motive, geographical,search query,staying time and many more observation .These can help to take next step of developing and blogging.
8. Automated Messages:-
Automated messaging system is one of the best tool of website or blog promotion but keep it attention that this messaging system never violets the spamming policy.
9. Use Cookies:-
Cookies is most essential now in this days because most of blog or website sponsors need cookies to track back their promotion.So it is needed enable the cookies for attract sponsors.
10. Comment Button query:-
It is needed to enable comment button of any blog or website post or contents which can make the clear reflection of blog or site visitors minds thoughts.
11.Forum or Discussion Reply:-
Blog or site forum or Discussion reply must necessary to any bloggers or webmasters where blog or website visitors ask about blogs or website providing services or products.
12. Never Violet DMCA or Cyber Law:-
Blogger or webmaster must be take in attention that any content or services never violet either DMCA law or Cyber Law.If do so then the blog or website must fall in trap of law and which will be black listed by the respective Government and Search Engine too.

It is not so easy to track back a website or blog if you can do these things nearly then any one can become a successful blogger but it needs few months or few years.I have you may like my article if so then never hesitate to comment bellow.

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