Top Ten Indian Bollywood Celebrity Bloggers & Uncommon Writing Styles Of Dream City Mumbai

Blogging is one of the most popular media of express our ideas and thoughts in publicly now this days.Our Indian Film stars or Bollywood hero heroines are not back footed in this new public world.They are also expressing their views in own blogs or website regularly.In this article I had mentioned some blogs & web sites of some top celebrities in India.I am trying to my best of digging online and offline searched to prepare this list.You may be agree with list.[Blog links on their name:Admin]Top Ten Indian Bollywood Celebrity Bloggers & Uncommon Writing Styles Of Dream City Mumbai

BigB,the evergreen super star of Hindi cinema blogs regularly at bigadda. His posts are mainly his experiences with life and his movies. He gives a very artistic touch to his posts, sometimes with poems in Hindi and at other times with a shlok or a song. A beautifully written blog by someone who has seen all phases of life.
Amir Hussian Khan:-

Amir Khan is another regular celebrity blogger. He mainly writes about his promotional work and what he is up to presently. A good source for people who want to know where does all the media hype for amir films comes from. He is such a skillful marketer that I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his blog the number one among the Indian celebrities blog !
3) Allah Rakha Rahman :–

A R Rahman has won two academy awards, thirteen filmfare awards, four national film awards, a BAFTA award and a golden globe. He has also won two prestigious oscar award.
Abdul Rashid Salman Salim Khan:–

Salman Khan does not has an official blog devoted to himself but he do writes about his experience from the tv show Dus Ka Dam. His blog is not updated anymore with last post written in Jan 2010. Although if you are a fan,you should read what he feels about his guests at dus ka dam.
5) Karan Johar:–

Karan’s last post was on Nov 2008. In his few posts that he has written he has mainly discussed his viewpoints on Indian Cinema.
6) Ram Gopal Verma:–

Ram Gopal Verma’s is one of the most visited Indian celebrity blog. And you will see why so, once you read his posts. His point of view on different topics is so fresh and unique, which also explains why he is so experimental with his films. A must visit blog for people who like to ponder over some very elementary things.
7) Shekhar Kapoor:–

What struck me most was the elegant theme Shekhar uses in his blog. May be the best theme amongst all Indian celebrity blogs. Shekhar writes about his films, his viewpoint on Indian cinema, current events and astrophysics!
Hope you enjoyed our list of Indian celebrities blog. Let us know if we missed few which were worth mentioning. Also tell us which Indian celebrities blog is your favorite.
8) Shilpa Shetty :–

Shilpa Shetty is an Indian film actress and model. Her younger sister Shamita Shetty is also a Bollywood film actress.Her blogging style fully different from other celebrities in the Bollywood.
9) Vishal Veeru Ajay Devgan:–

Ajay Devagan is an Indian film actor & a national film award winning actor.His blog normally updates by his actress wife Kajol Mukherji. 
10) Gul Panag:–

Gul Panag is an Another Indian celebrity blog that is regularly updated. Gul writes about her projects, movies, ads and promotional events. She is also very vocal about gender issues.


It is quite often to see a celebrity having a blog. But it is very rare to see those celebrities updating their blogs & sites often.Blogging revolution has not only swept an average Indian but Indian celebrities as well.Celebrities love to connect to their fans and be themselves without all the media glare.They are not very savvy internet users but they do write good,interesting and genuine contents via which gives different aspect of a celebrity lifestyle may be known to common fans.Top Ten Indian Bollywood Celebrity Bloggers & Uncommon Writing Styles Of Dream City Mumbai.

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