Webmasters & Bloggers' 5 Points To Get Google Love Towards Own Blog or Website Via Legal Way

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Today I am going to discuss the most essential subject to every bloggers,webmasters and website owners that how to make Google loves website.It means what are the criteria to make Google search engine friendly website or blog ! Anybody can create own website(s)and do so relatively easily.But it is so hard to continue the website or blog to reach the previously targeted goal due to lack of visitors or traffic.If the website owner,blogger or webmaster takes some special steps to make Google loves website or blog then the site or blog can easily reach the goal. Now this days Google is the un declare emperor of the internet.Maximum internet users search Google for their queries.Here is the Webmasters & Bloggers' 5 Points To Get Google Love Towards Own Blog or Website Via Legal Way.


This blog post talks about some useful tips that will help to get a high ranking in Google for the targeted keyword. The Google search engine Loves factors are :-
1.Blogger or webmaster's Mindset:-
Good mindset and plan in place can have their own website or blog that is liked by others such to pay some attention to the driving of traffic as well.
2.Relevant website(pages) url(s):-
website or blog should make easy & simple URL(s) to find easier for the search engines. Website’s URL should contain the keyword that website or blog wants to get ranked for.website URL(s) should make sense and not have numbers.The only thing that the site owner or webmaster has to do is just modify website settings.But,never utilize the long URL that no one can read.
3.Older Domain name:-
When Google works out rankings or page rank,it really does take the age of website or blog domain name into account.The older site domain name has the better results blogger can expect.Google works hard to provide its users with relevance,as well as giving them access to authority sites.In fact,Google figures that a site that has been registered consistently for years must have some authority in that niche.
4.Easy to navigate:-
Website or blog must be easy to navigate.Google will not rank the site highly if it takes too long to load and people cannot navigate through it.Make sure that the blog or website readers have a good user experience.User experience should be the top priority to any site or blog for Google love.The more focusing factor is giving visitors a great experience,then it has better chances to draw attention from Google.
5.Genuine & Current content:-
Smart website owners or bloggers know they can get huge amounts of traffic from Google and they are thrilled.Why wouldn’t they be happy ?Their smartness don't work so long.As they are receiving huge amounts of traffic and highly targeted visitors that cost them absolutely nothing.If this strategy wants to any website for long and permanently then only way to include genuine and current contents.The results won n’t be immediate,but it will see things improve as time goes on.Optimizing any website to appeal to Google is always worth the effort.That will give any website or blog better ranking,more traffic and stronger branding.
To gain the Google's love to any website or blog is not a simple matter.As far my knowledge says that it needs more time and concentration on blog or website.BloggersTech can also help any webmaster or bloggers with the subject of Google Love & consideration.It is all right if you feel like you have wasted time,but you really have not because you know more than you did before.So try this simple tips over & over then it will bring success in near future for the site or blog.
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