Blog or website visitors value & the value equation of the global marketing for professional bloggers

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Blog or website visitors value and the value equation of the global marketing for bloggers and webmasters.This is a core question for all most all the professional bloggers all over the world.Today I am going to give the internal value equation of blog or website marketing either national or global. 

Blog or website visitors value

The essence of marketing either online or offline is creating customer/visitor value that is greater than the value created by the competitors.The value equation of blogging and web mastering is determined by perceived benefits divides sales or leads price.Value for the visitors/customer can be increased by expanding or improving product and or service benefits,by reducing the price,or by a combination of these elements.Blogs/websites those use sale leads as a competitive weapon must have a strategic cost advantage in order to create a sustainable competitive
Advantage.This might come from heap labor,or access to cheap raw materials/services,or it might come from manufacturing scale or efficiency or more efficient management. Knowledge of the customer combined with innovation and creativity can lead to product improvements and service that matters to customers/traffics.If the benefits are strong enough and valued enough by customers/visitors, a blog/website does not need to be the low-ranked competitor in order to win customers/ traffics.The competitive advantages must exist relative to relevant competitors.If the blog/website is in local industry/issue/service then these competitors will be local,In order to national blogs/websites or global blogs/ websites then their competitors will be national or global.So competitors may ever react on blog visitors/traffics may change to valued customers.

Blogging is one of the high profile business for IT professional.So it is sure every where has competitions.Bloggers are not different from that competition.

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All time topper micro bloggers and their celebrity twitter account worth list with real time update

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform which covers almost all the celebrities from every field and any where in the world.Today I am going to give a all time most popular and most worthy twitter account list.This micro bloggers' topper list is prepared on the basis of number of tweets related to society,number of follower with society related subjects,number of following people with human rights related issues,numbers of active days and approximate worth of micro blogging account.Here all time topper micro bloggers and their celebrity twitter account worth list with real time update.
The mother mons†er,New York,NY,USA·
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Lady Gaga has 1,286 TWEETS, 139,737 FOLLOWING
19,732,495 FOLLOWERS and estimated worth of the account[@ ladygaga ]$9,855,265.

In the studio working on #BELIEVE as he has GOT SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE are always there for him and he will always be there for you.MUCH LOVE.
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Justin Biebe has 12,407 TWEETS,121,063 FOLLOWING,17,837,024 FOLLOWERS and estimated worth of the micro blogging account is $8,902,252.


Santa Barbara raised,California gal...doing stuff. Working on her mom-esque dance moves in her spare time.How embarrassing.
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Katy Perry has 3764 tweets,82 following and 15,546,232 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @katyperry is estimated $7,662,344.

Welcome to Shakira's Official Twitter page. Bienvenidos a la página oficial de Shakira en Twitter,Barranquilla .
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Shakira has1264 tweets,42 following and 14,392,317 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ shakira is estimated $7,161,137

5.rihanna :-
Talk That Talk in stores now in out now.
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
rihanna has4,446 tweets, 756following and 14,203,281 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @rihanna is estimated $7,026,232

where she's meant to be.get it!!! No time to sleep! Rise & grind!you guys are private she's she swear! LOLz
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account Kim Kardashian  has 10,541 tweets,172 following and 13,430,814 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ KimKardashian is estimated $6,682,217
It’s Britney Bitch!Los Angeles,CA,USA.Wow, she seriously has some sweetest fans ever. Love u too
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account 
Britney Spears has 1,402 tweets,417,076 following and 13,359,207 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ britneyspears is estimated $6,586,792.

This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff.Tweets from the President are signed -BO.Washington,DC,USA·
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Barack Obama has 2,967 tweets,681,752 following and 12,743,734 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ barackobama is estimated $6,344,466

Amitabh Bachchan,Actor ... well at least some are STILL saying so !!Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Amitabh Bachchan has 11,964 tweets,238 following and 02,217,420 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ srbachchan is estimated $6,102,449d.

10.selenagomez :-
The Official Selena Gomez Twitter Page,Dream Out loud Spring line is in Kmart stores now!!! Show me your favorite looks.Los Angeles,USA.
All time topper micro bloggers twitter account
Selena Gomez has 2OO9 tweets,714 following and 10,589,678 followers.The micro blogging twitter account @ selenagomez is estimated $5,282,852.

These data of micro bloggers are collected from online various sources such as twitte,facebook,myspace,google,yahoo,aol,rediff,and many more.We are not responsible for these if any one want to use these data then make it sure from reliable source.
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Cheapest Tablet PC made in India with 1year warranty is launched by BSNL

Cheapest Tablet PC  made in India with 1year warranty is launched by BSNL.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL)is one of the  busiest Public Sector Enterprise(PSU)in India has launched three tablets including two 7 inch resistive screen based tabs with Android 2.3 operating system(BSNL Panta Tpad IS 701r tablet -price Rs 3250/-and BSNL Panta Tpad_ws704c tablet–price Rs 10999/-)while the third tablet(BSNL Panta Tpad WS802C tablet–price Rs 13500/-)comes with an 8 inch capacitive touchscreen.BSNL aims to recover the tablet PC market in India at present.It is made by Noida based company Pantel Technologies Limited,the tablets will be sold with discounted data plans from BSNL as Cheapest Tablet PC made in India.
Price Range of Tablet PC:-
The three tablets are priced at Rs3,250, Rs10,999 and Rs13,500.The cheapest model is Panta Tpad IS 701r which is priced at Rs 3,250.Notably,Aakash is priced at just Rs 2500.However,Tpad has better specification than the Datawind's low cost tablet.
Cheapest Tablet PC made in India

Advantages of panta Tablet PC:-
A]Panta Tpad is a WiFi only tablet with Android 2.3 operating system,it has a 1 GHz processor (ARM11 IMAP210)clubbed with 256 MB RAM.The tablet also offers HDMI port through which it can be connected to a TV.Its 7 inch resistive touch screen comes with 800x600 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.
B]The tablet has a 3000 mAh battery and 2 GB internal memory which can be expanded through micro SD card.The tablet also has a VGA front facing camera for video calling.While Panta Tpad IS 701r has the BSNL branding,the other two tablets images can not manage to add here.
C]The second tablet is named'Panta Tpad_ ws704c'.It has the same specification as its cheapest cousin(701r)but offers added 3G connectivity which supports both CDMA/EVDO and GSM,inbuilt A-GPS,Accelerometer and Bluetooth. It also comes with a 2 megapixel rear camera and also has bigger 512 MB RAM for faster performance.
D]The costliest amongst the three is the Tpad WS802C which has an 8 inch capacitive screen. It comes with a faster 1.2 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM.The internal memory is also bigger at 4 GB. Rest of the features like GPS,camera and Bluetooth are same as the 704C.

All three products should have with 1 year warranty.
Cheapest Tablet PC made in India

Buy Cheapest Tablet in India from outlets:-
Any one can book above three BSNL tablet pc via online counter across the country.Even customer can book it via BSNL authorized agents and franchise.Special discount will be granted for student either in schools or colleges who are studying in India only.

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9 Major important points of social media sharing of blog or website article

Social Networking sites are the one of the essential parts of the major portion populations in the world.Every where it is seen that social media making the way to daily life.Today I am going to give an account of social media relation between blogging.Social media can take important role in website or blog promotion either it is starting or even long after it has run,it can seem like pulling teeth to get people to share blog posts on social media sites.
social media sharing of blog or website

9 Major important points of social media sharing of blog or website.
A]Be patient:-
It takes time for people to get to know,like, and trust enough to share works on a consistent basis.Beyond time,though,there are a few other steps have to take and make shareable as possible.
B]Add share buttons:-
It must needs to add share buttons either to the beginning or end of each post.Maximum readers do n't want to copy url and past then share process.
C]Headlines awesome & Attractive:-
Headline is the main attraction of any blog post or web page.So first any visitor sees it then enter the body of article.When write a great headline,people want to read it,but they also want to share it.The content has to match in awesome sauce of course,but headline is a first impression.There for it needs to shoot the headline under 120 characters with post title + link as some social media has character limit.
D]Build a community:-
Recently it is seen that some of followers retweet,reshare the posts with out knowing what are they.Sheer numbers are great,but more important are what I like to call the blind retweeter brigade.These are hardcore fans,the ones who will retweet every post written, sometimes multiple times.Someone who blindly retweets post holds at a sort-of celebrity status in their minds.So think how cool it would be for blogger to get a shout-out from favorite celebrity from time to time.Attract the attention of people with massive followings.
E]Publish Interview of followers:-
If it enjoys some blind social media followers then surely get in touch with them and if possible then arrange a post with interview of them and views about targeted blogs and post.
F]Invite Guest post community members:-
Mention community member with their profile url in blog post and tell them about it.Link to one of their blog posts in own post.If possible meet them and encourage to more share.
G]Emotional behavior:-
Blog post must be write from the heart,telling people about a struggle in own life,it gets more shares.People like to share posts that bravely expose a weakness of some sort or that motivates them to share their own struggles.So write really useful list posts and how to expose own self but also take the time to get a little personal every once in a while.One thing here has to remember that being emotional does n’t always mean making people cry.
H]Include funny moments:-
It is so hard task to include funny moments in blog post but it is not for every blogger.It does not mean that become a comedian just have to say something that is a little unexpected to make a reader giggle,especially if normally a very serious blogger.
I]Original content:-
I have written it several time"content is the king"in blogging or web page writing.I am not trying to sound like an overplayed meme,but this is the best tip I have to be better at anything.If any blogger wants more shares on every post then must write better original content.same in want more traffic?Write better original content.Want more people to buy blog stuff?Write better original content.It is all traced back to post ability and motivate to stop regurgitating the same crap everyone else is writing and start writing posts that are totally unique or at least put own spin on the same old advice/news stories are found on every other blog. When write something awesome that people have never seen before,they will share it.

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Top ten methods to over come the failure to a great success in blogging profession

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It was 2004 when i was started blogging and I had written for a number of blogs,including blogs where I was the owner like my Blog BlogersTech,blogs owned by other people,and blogs that were part of a larger blog network.Those are quite successful and till going on.But my writing was stopped when I joined in Hindustan Lever Limited and there after Tata Motors Limited.I have again joined in blogging in 2007 and start as a newbie.My writing skills remain same but style as a writer certain has changed over the years.My returning to blogging first 2 years causes a lots fail or succeed in blogging because i had resigned a high paying job and joined blogging with out single penny in the few months and even year.Today i am going to describe the moments of those days and why those happened. Here I am going to describe the methods of over come the failure to a great success in blogging profession.

 great success in blogging profession
A)Leave unrealistic expectations:-
Success is not a apple which can get easily.If any blogger expects to get a million hits to blog in first month as a blogger or plan to celebrate holiday in private island within a year,the must accept the failure.No one i have seen wildly successful from the very first post or blog.It takes time to build a blog that is comparable to the blogs.
B)Make blogging a priority career:-
I know that many beginning bloggers out there have regular jobs as they can n’t afford quit to blog full time.I know a very few bloggers have the luxury of being able to blog as a full time job from their very first post because blogging simply does n’t pay the bills right away as no matter how good the blog is.It needs more time to write blog post and maintain the niche.It means less sleep and less time with family and it does n’t have as much time for hobbies anymore until it gets some steam.
C)Invested money into your blog:-
It needs to invest a few penny to continue as a blogger which carries domain name,hosting service and promoting too.It never have seen to spend a fortune to get started with free.That is one of the reasons I love blogging.But it needs to start setting aside money for upgrades before blog is making money of its own in most cases.
D)Efficient approach to blogging:-
Every bloggers knows that Content is the King in blogging.It is not a matter how well the post is,people are n’t going to just magically show up on the site or blog and make it successful.At least,not at any kind of decent rate.It needs to be out there promoting the contents and building own community.Otherwise, it might as well just write in a diary.
E)Enter deep social media:-
Social media is one of the powerful promoting media now this days.So it needs to enter deep of the media if any blogger is missing out on this then it perhaps the single easiest thing it can do to be successful.It needs to at least have a mild presence at these social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook,Google+,Linkedin etc.
F)Write better Post than guest posts:-
It is seen that guest posting is a great way to promote own content.Some bloggers I know guest post like fiends.As soon as they finish a guest post for one blogger they’re off looking for their next fix.Here the problem comes that they do n’t update their own blogs.Do n’t shoot in own foots.First write great content to own blog or site then carry on as guest writer.
G)Choosing Well defined niche:-
It needs a specific topics to write which are needed to almost 50% net users or it has deep knowledge about that matter.So it is necessarily need to pick one specific topic, but when readers come to the site,they need to know what they are getting.It is hard to become a community of readers with out a great niche.
H)Real Time blog post with correct niche:-
Niche should be well define and real time,but don’t be so narrow that it is hard to find people who are interested.Niche should be about something really random that have a ton of fans.
I)Expose own self as writer:-
Expose own self as a writer with specific bio not like as admin because readers like real writers.This point is a bit subjective,because if any one is planning a blog that is purely informational and gets most of its traffic from search engines.Make sure it has a well written About Me/profile page so readers can learn more about writer because they will be curious if it writes good posts.
J)Never scrape content:-
Never do plagiarize.If any blog is scraping content from others,it is only a matter of time before it fails,and it will bring upto the police are involved and have go to jail.
But also don’t scrape ideas.A lot of people in the niche are probably talking about the same topics,so be original and it will stand out.If it reads an idea like ness,then give credit where credit is due.When bloggers are inspired by another blogger’s work,link to them to give them credit for the idea.It is just polite to link to the other blogger.
It is sure success and failure are both a matter of perspective and even when do feel as though the blog is failing,keep in mind that it does n’t make failure to the blogger.It will help to move onto the next project and be a raving success.This is my own experienced based notions.

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Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog ,Website & Brand Promotion

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Blogging is very easy to all but it is so hard to reach the blog or website to the targeted goal or visitors.So it is needed to marketing and advertising of the blog or website.Now this days blog advertising is not so easy task and there is no fixation of getting unique visitors or traffics to the targeted blog or website.
Russel H.Colley wrote a book named as Defining Advertising Goals For Measured Advertising Results under the sponsorship of the Association of National Advertisers in 1961.This book was loved by the managers and corporators from then to till date.This book has brought the term DAGMAR effect on marketing filed.DAGMAR approches can define with the objectives and formulation of marketing and advertising either online or offline that may be a blog,website or brand any where of the world.Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog,Website & Brand Promotion.

Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog ,Website & Brand Promotion
Here I am trying to discuss the main observational methods and working tasks due the observation period of blog & website promotion in advertising.
i.Communication task:-

This is the primary observation of advertising and marketing of a blog or website or a brand.It remains as unaware and finally have convinced to aware.These is the lead to visit the targeted site or blog and sell.
ii.A specific task:-

It is needed to fixation of specific goal of blog or website marketing and advertising targeted in specific manner.
iii.Measurable task:-

Actual goal must be formulated .The specification should be include a description of the measurement procedure .

Another important part of setting objectives is having benchmark measures to determine where the target audience stands at the beginning of the campaign with respect to various communication response variables such as awareness,knowledge,attitudes,image,etc.The objectives should also specify how much change or movement is being sought such as increase in awareness levels,creation of favorable attitudes or number of consumers intending to purchase the brand,etc.A benchmark is also a prerequisite to the ultimate measurement of results,an essential part of any planning program and DAGMAR in particular.
v.The target:-

A key tenet to DAGMAR is that the target audience be well defined. For example –if the goal was to increase awareness, it is essential to know the target audienceprecisely. The benchmark measure cannot be developed without a specification of the target segment
vi.Time period:-

The final characteristic of good objectives is the specification of the time period during which the objective is to be accomplished.
vii.Written Goal:-

finally goals should be committed to paper.When the goals are clearly written,basic shortcomings & misunderstandings become exposed and it becomes easy to determine whether the goal contains the crucial aspects of the DAGMAR approach.
DAGMAR effects are till date essential to any kinds of business establishment either online or offline because the main factors are remain same till date.Blog and website promotion will be benefited if bloggers and webmasters try to follow these steps.
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Top 50 Blogs & Bloggers Inspired Me To Become Professional Blogger

Today one of my (MBA)class mate and good friends in Madurai Kamraj University has asked me that why I have become blogger.I have no direct reply of his question but a brief reply always with me.So the reply is going to post here for our readers.Blogging is a global discipline to express own self towards the world and it has no limitation of boundaries. Blogging is the methods of liking reading blog, and finding it harder and harder to find new good topics of real time or evergreen.My thing is technology and I read technology,write tech, talk tech,eat tech,sleep and breathe tech.So With that in my mind I share my favorite tech blogs here.I am one of the regular visitor of the top 50 blogs and I am being inspirited by the top bloggers of my selection.You may not be agree with me but these top 50 blogs really useful to any internet user as well as common people.[Admin disclaimer:I have no personnel communication with those bloggers.But I love them and the stuffs,so my recommendation shouldn’t be tainted whatsoever.]top 50 bloggers inspired me
Here the list of top 50 blogs inspired me to become professional blogger.
Michael Arrington(founder),Heather Harde (CEO),Erick Schonfeld(EDITOR IN CHIEF) and etc. have brings Lots of news of tech,Not always right,but always interesting and frequently first.

Matt Marshall(Founder & Editor-in-Chief) and
Dylan Tweney(Executive Editor)have setup a firehouse of news about startups,innovation,and cool products coming in the tech world.

Nicole Solis(Managing Editor),Katie Fehrenbacher(Senior Writer And Features Editor),Barb Darrow(Senior Writer) and team has brought to to you Some news,but mostly really smart analysis of the tech world.GigaOM has grown into the leading provider of online media,events and research for global technology innovators.
Richard MacManus(Founder and Editor-in-Chief),Sean Ammirati(Chief Operating Officer),Robyn Tippins(Community Manager)and team have brought to you Some news,lots of smart people talking tech.


Chris Anderson(Editor in Chief),CHRIS BAKER,(Senior Editor),JOHN C. ABELL(New York City Bureau Chief) and team have brought to you Less about startups and the valley,more about tech and real life.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten(founder),Arjen Schat(co-founder)and Patrick de Laive(co-founder)have given techno wold Funnier,more lighthearted,but still great news.


Jim Kerstetter(Senior executive editor),Laura K.Cucullu(Senior editor,features & programming),Lee Koo(Community manager),Emily Dreyfuss(Associate editor)and team bring to techno world with top News,always with a focus on “what does it mean for users?”This is now blog.

Pete Cashmore(Founder & CEO),Sharon Feder(Chief Operating Officer),Lance Ulanoff(Editor in Chief),Adam Ostrow(Senior Vice President of Content and Executive Editor)and team have brought to techno world every thing about social media news,reviews and tips and this one’s dominant.
Arthur O.Sulzberger Jr.(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer),Michael Golden(Vice Chairman),Doreen A.Toben(director,Corporate Human Resources),Desiree Dancy (Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President)and team has founded the co venture of The New Yorks Time Company.It has not a lot of exclusive content,but world class brilliant writers and smart commentary.
10.Digital Inspiration:–
Amit Agarwal one of the top talented IIT degree holder has founded digital inspiration in late 2004.He is clever,easy to understand,and full of cool and interesting tips for internet savvy to common users.

[Due to lack of space,it is not possible to give all bloggers details here]

An awesome resource for anything and everything Apple.
12. Google Blogoscoped:–

Keeping up with Google is darn near impossible, and Blogoscoped makes it a lot easier to manage.
13. Silicon Alley Insider:– 

Very business-heavy,but great angles on news stories.
14. Ars Technica:– 

Heavy on the geekery,but full of interesting thoughts and niche pieces.Tech and Web Design
15. Six Revisions:– 

Tips,tools,and great lists of design resources.
16. Smashing Magazine:– 

Perfect site for the designer newbie,full of great tips and tutorials.
17. Noupe:– 

Roundups(like“50 best free icon sets”),and constantly bookmark this site.
18. Hongkiat:–

Basically ditto above,but with a slightly broader focus in design.
19. I Love Typograhy:– 

Love fonts and typefaces?Can’t beat this site.
20. Design Observer:– 

More tips,tricks,and tutorials about tech.
21. Swiss Miss:– 

The musings of a designer,with a heavy focus on the funky and quirky bits of the design world.
22. Outlaw Design Blog:– 

Lots,and lots,and lots of great free resources.
How-Tos and Reviews.

23. MakeUseOf:–

Endless resource of Top 10 Lists,and geeky hacks you might want to try.
24. gHacks:– 

Deeper cuts in tech than MUO,but still great for news,tips,and tutorials.
25. Lost in Technology:– 

Much more approachable than the above sites,it is a great blog to wade into without much knowledge required.
26. Mac AppStorm:– 

The best Mac apps on the planet get showcased here.
27. Web AppStorm:– 

A lots of fun but with Web apps.
28. FreelanceSwitch:– 

Tips,tools,tricks and help for anyone living the freelance lifestyle(more and more of us these days).
29. 40Tech:– 

Encountering tech,particularly geared toward those over 40,but really useful for anyone with Commentators.
30. Daring Fireball:– 

John Gruber is the smartest man on the planet when it comes to Apple.
31. Pogue’s Posts:– 

David Pogue’s funny,smart,and a great representative of the common man.
32. Skelliewag:– 

Skellie’s making blogging and the Web her life, chronicling it all the way.
33. Scripting News:– 

Dave Winer’s as important to the tech landscape as anyone(he is the godfather of RSS,among other things),and his thoughts on any subject are a must-read.
34. Search Engine Land:– 

Danny Sullivan knows his stuff when it comes to search—and there is a lot more to it than you might think.
35. All Things D:– 

A group of thinkers from the Wall Street Journal,all discussing,analyzing and talking tech.
36. Dustin Curtis:– 

I like his site looks more than anything,but he is a great observer of the world of blogging, design,and art.
37. MinimalMac:– 

Mostly a links roundup,but a phenomenal resource for anyone looking to make their Mac work for them.
38. Lifehacker:– 

The grand poobah of “little things to make your life more productive,more efficient,and more awesome”blogs.
39. Unclutterer:– 

Much-needed help for getting the crap out of our way so we can get important things done.
40. HackCollege:– 

Tons of useful tips on hacking college and succeeding in school,but with ideas useful for newbie researchers. 

41.  Smarterware:– 

Gina,the founder of Lifehacker,took to Smarterware to share more great tricks,and never disappoints.
42. Did I Get Things Done?:– 

Mostly lists of links,recently,but Andrew’s got a great grip on what’s interesting in the productivity blogosphere.
43. Lifehack:– 

Somewhat broader in its thinking than Lifehacker,but a great place to find tips to make every little piece of your life work a little better.

Short,simple posts with tangible ideas on how to make yourself more productive.
45. Switched:– 

All things geek,particularly the culture of techies that is forming.
46. Make Magazine:– 

Do awesome stuff with your stuff. That should totally be their tagline.
47. Gizmodo:– 

A blog is fully dedicated to Gadgets,gadgets, gadgets.
48.Boy Genius Report:– 

They are full of rumors and leaks,and are almost always right.
49. jkOnTheRun:– 

Arguably the most seasoned gadget-heads out there,they are a smart,thoughtful,and objective resource for all things gadget and mobile.
50. Boing Boing:– 

The interesting,quirky,strange,and weird things in the tech world.
I agree that some of blogs are not for all directly but they are related to common internet users.There is an incredible amount of quality in the tech blogosphere which can surely inspire any one to become blogger.

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9 key points of marketer and entrepreneur to become perfect bloggers and entrepreneur

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As My own experiences from corporate world either virtual or real world says that it is very easy to hang up others(owners)business but more difficult when ever it comes to own self.One of my crazy friend recently asked me a simple question-After eight years as a corp orator/entrepreneur,knowing what you know now,what basic tips do you have for guys like me who are growing venture-backed businesses either online or offline?”

9 key points of marketer and  entrepreneur to become perfect bloggers and entrepreneur

It is really complex matter for me as what I have learned being a CEO! on the other side of the fence and though I do n’t profess to be an expert on how to be the perfect entrepreneur,I thought my own experiences might help some founders out in the trenches today.[photo]

9 key points of marketer and  entrepreneur to become perfect bloggers and entrepreneur
So Today I am going to give an account of 9 key points of marketer and  entrepreneur  to readers and newbie.
A)Keeping options open:-

The smartest second and third time entrepreneurs either online or offline,I have seen raising capital in a very focused and efficient manner.They preserve option value at each stage of the company’s growth and make conscious decisions about how to proceed in each funding round.I have learned this the hard way in my first company,where we raised capital at a Rs 2.50 cores valuation and essentially priced ourselves out of an attractive M&A opportunity.Less acquisition target is the best to safe from lose other hand they will have raised too much capital will be lost.
B)Hire the best talent:-

It is one of the major factor in corporate world.The bottom line is A players may cost 50% more than B players,but will add 10X the value. Talent wins.Be proactive and always on the lookout for impact players.
C)Take advantage of the moment:-

My own notion says that Great entrepreneurs do n’t wait for any chance.When they are onto something,they move aggressively,and do n’t spend time thinking about Plan B.They realize they have a window of opportunity,and they jump through it.The leader is aggressive,maniacally focused on growth,moving fast,and delivering for customers.The followers are often bogged down by customer/product/board/funding issues.
D)Work with great investors:-

There is no need to read about on TechCrunch. Ever heard of Dave Strohm,David Cowan,or Jim Goetz?They are three of the most successful early stage VCs ever meet,but you won’t typically read about them on today’s hot tech gossip blog.Don’t get caught up in the hype. Focus on VCs who have built winners in your space and reference well with entrepreneurs and CEOs.They will make a difference.
E)Play bigger than you are:-

It is needed to create a market impression that is greater than reality.This has to be done carefully as history is littered with companies that failed to live up to the hype but done well it can really boost the company’s prospects.Artfully tooting your own horn is part marketing,part PR,and part an aggressive approach to today’s social platforms.Done right,Twitter,LinkedIn,and Facebook can serve as powerful platforms to amplify you company’s position.The key is to not just talk about how amazing your company is,but to show how it is succeeding with key customers,business milestones,analyst and media coverage,and key new hires.
F)Find and leverage mentors:-

There are many amazing CEOs in India who love nothing more than to help young entrepreneurs build great companies,you just have to ask for their help.It is one of the truly unique aspects of Indian culture.
G)Be honest and transparent:-

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are transparent with their team and with their board.They stay in regular communication with their board members and treat board meetings as an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion around core issues as not as a sales pitch. Your board and investors are “in the boat” with you,and fully invested in helping you build a winning company.
H)Enjoy the ride:-

I have seen that one of my friend started his first company when he was 22,and by the time he was 30 we had raised more than Rs.10 cores and hired 300 employees.It was awesome,but he was immensely stressed.The second time around, he surrounded himself with better talent,raised less capital,and had a lot more fun(and a better outcome).Great entrepreneurs have that unique DNA that makes them relentlessly focused on building something great,and it is a 24×7 thought process.However,the difference I see between first-time entrepreneurs and second-time entrepreneurs is that veterans are typically enjoying the ride.They have figured out how to make time to have fun,spend time with family and friends,and still build a great company either online or offline.

I)Let Be Think:-

After riding the race and getting success in corporate world leave the place to think others for you which give more pleasure then own self created gives.So find right talent and replace him/her in your place and enjoy the corporate life balancing.

It is better to look forward to hearing from entrepreneurs in the trenches.What did It miss? What kind of advice have it needed from valued mentors,investors,customers,readers,clients.This will make easier to take new steps.

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12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Focus The Targeted Web Pages & Blog Posts


The writing skills in internet has a lots of differences than offline writing a book or story or any other information.Online blogging or web pages writing needs some extra care on posts because article is the only way to communicate the visitors/ customers/clients/ brand valuers etc.It needs well structured, focused,targeted,comprehensible,to the point and contextual languages on articles.Article has the higher level demands of proficiency in communication skills.Today I am going to give an account of 12 points of writing skills in blog post or web page writing either professional or non professional blogger or webmaster.

12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers
[Admin Dedication:

This article is dedicated to our honorable teachers professors respectively Apurba Kumar Roy,Ratna Sanyal Bhattacharjee,Uttam Kumar Talapatra,Debarshi Mukherji,Ratnadeep Roy,Kumar Balasingheraman,Nyanthara K Iyer and Nitish Nagar who taught me the writing methods]

Here 12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Focus The Targeted blog posts or web pages.
1.The writing process:-
Let ideas pour out,jot down thoughts with out censoring,analyse,organize,edit,more thinking and revision.
Use the traditional pen and paper,write directly on word processor,check spell,check grammar,syntax ,check on screen,proof read hard copy.
Prefer short words,simple nouns,spacing and care use of adjectives,synonyms prove useful and break monotony,use technical jargon.
Vary length and construction,20 words ideal length,avoid jerkiness,concise but not abrupt, remove individuality and style,no loose sentences.
5.Active voices:-
Length can be cut by 40% if active voice is used,the subject gives more information,use passive voice to avoid responsibilities.
6.Avoid repetition:-
group similar information,do not repeat own self,use pronouns and combine sentences,avoid desire of repeating same point via other words.
Paragraphs organize thoughts,be guided by page structure,eye needs breaks,paragraph interval should 100 to 200 words,end with link to next paragraph.
Formal writing is systematic and organised, delete loose phraseology,delete unnecessary words,replace phrases by single words,squash information into finite space.stick to word limit.
9.Smart presentation:-
Check visual impact on page,evenly spaced, sensible margin,not too congested, several paragraphs,no fancy computer tricks.
10.Correct format:-
Implement correct format of the geane via letters,contact report,detail report,press release,website text,net banners,e-mail ads etc.
11.Cross heads:-
Makes reading easier to follow,two or three words summary,newsgroup uses titillating headliners,advertisements use one word attention getters.
12.Bullet points:-
Use in technical writing,diminishes use of grammar,makes to point statements, inquiries,use in short reports,break the monotony,highlights points.
Professional bloggers and webmasters generally create a high value trading environment in which website or blog sponsored.Any wrong information or data will be failed to reach the targeted goal.For faster growth of a blog or website has to communicate the writing skills on associated with its goal may help.I do n't know how much I reach the points as it is depended on our valuable readers.

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Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Choice Top 100 Social Bookmarking Sites With Update View


Bookmarking is one of the easiest way to remember a useful website or blog or web page(s).Webmasters and bloggers use bookmarking to promote or remember own web pages or others useful pages.Today I am going to give the list of top 100 social bookmarking website which are loved by the webmasters and bloggers.[The list of Bookmarking site is prepared by my own experienced based:Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Choice Top 100 Social Bookmarking Sites With Update View]

top 100 social bookmarking sites :-

Real-time search for user-generated media(including weblogs)by tag or keyword.Also provides popularity indexes.

Bloglines is the fastest way to find,track and vote on your favorite websites and blogs in real-time.Get the latest news on all your interests and trending topics .

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world . :-

 Share your videos with friends, family,and the world.YouTube is a video-sharing website,created by 3 former PayPal employees in February 2005,on which users can upload,view and share videos.

Instantly connect to what's most important to you.Follow your friends,experts, favorite celebrities,and breaking news.

Netscape was the second company to attempt to capitalize on the (then) nascent World Wide Web.It was originally founded under the name,Mosaic Communications Corporation,on April4,1994.

Meebo,the web platform for IM on any network or site.Check in and share the stuff that interests you,and discover the places your friends check into around the web. :-

Keep,share,and discover the best of the Web using Delicious,the world's leading social bookmarking service.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web, recommended just for you.

Orkut is an online community designed to make your social life.Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.

Flock was a web browser that specialized in providing social networking and Web 2.0 facilities built into its user interface. :-

Your Town,Your News,Your Take,Local news and discussion forums for every city in the US,thousands of cities throughout the world and 300000 other topics.

 Propeller was a social news aggregator operated by AOL-Netscape.It was similar to Digg,users could vote for which stories are to be included on the front page. :-

Free weblog publishing tool from Google,for sharing text,photos and video.

150 million+ members.Manage your professional identity.Build and engage with your professional network.Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

Chime formerly mixx is a social network based on interests,where people share, connect with others,and build communities around their favorite topics.

Support Endless-Sphere activites with your donation.General Discussion Talk about anything and everything here within reason.

Create and share an online goal list and learn how to get each item accomplished.

Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world.

Rojo is a free,web-based service (eg.there is nothing to download)that wants to help you discover,organize,read,and share information. :-

One of the world's largest video sites,serving the best videos,funniest movies and clips.

Makes it possible for anyone to create their own custom search engines, restricting the index to selected websites.You can also explore other people's sites.

Your go-to source for hottest shows on television—the latest photos, videos,spoilers,gossip,fashion,and recaps.

PBworks(formerly PBwiki)is a commercial real-time collaborative editing (RTCE)system created by David Weekly,with Ramit Sethi and Nathan Schmidt.4 million people each month use the service as an intranet,extranet, project management tool,knowledgebase,or public website.

 A rhyming dictionary,thesaurus, spell checker,and word finding tool for poets, writers,musicians,and language enthusiasts.

Save anything from the Web - your search results,Web pages,images and more. Organize your saved items in folders,and add notes for your friends.

Bebo provides an open,engaging,and fun environment that empowers a new generation to discover,connect and express themselves.

Recipes,cooking articles, cooking secrets,traditional Romanian food, Mediterranean specialties,Asian,Oriental.All about how toprepare a successful meal.

The latest music videos,short movies,tv shows,funny and extreme videos. Upload,share,and embed your videos.Watch premium and official videos free.

A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates,bookmarklets,  photos,mobile apps,and social networking media.  

Multiply is a safe,fast and convenient social shopping destination.The MultiplyMarketplace is one of the world's largest online shopping malls .
32. is a community of pop culture addicts,music lovers and trendsetters who come together to share millions of creative photos,videos and blogs.  

The popular(free)site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations.Even earn money for charity or yourself.  

SEOmoz is the most popular provider of SEO software.Our easy to use tools and tutorials make search engine optimization.
35. :-

Diigo is a powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community.

The web's most comprehensive price comparison and buying guide! Wikio Shopping puts together,the best deals,consumer reviews, professional tests,photos.

The best news,videos and pictures on the web as voted on by the Digg community. Breaking news on Technology,Politics, Entertainment,and more.

International news,sports, culture,and gossip produced by experts and eyewitnesses offering reliable multimedia content.  

User-generated news links.Votes promote stories to the front page.

Portal where users submit and vote stories to promote them on the cover. is an Internet directory and search engine of websites specifically targeted to African American and Black persons worldwide.

Webapplication of the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group,University of Kassel,Germany.

Allows users to find,save and share interesting web content with friends and family

claimID is the free,easy way to manage your online identity with OpenID.

Forbes is a leading source for reliable business news and financial information.Read news,politics,economics, business & finance.

Free space,upload,upload file,free storage,free upload,ftp uploading,online storage,photo storage,share file,share files.

Make internet calls for free with Skype.Call friends and family on any phone with Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly subscriptions. 

Yoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place.    

MyBookmarks-access your bookmarks anytime,anywhere.Free productivity tool for business,student or personal use.

Get In and get Free 10 GB E Mail, Latest Breaking News,India Music & International Music,Videos,Games,Books, Shopping,Entertainment.
ADMIN NOTE:-Due to lack of space here only top 50 social bookmarking media sites are described but rest sites links are given on the name list.Interested webmasters or bloggers can visit via hyper links on the name in list.
51. :


Maximum websites of this list are giving good services in their own declared field.My personal view is that bloggers and webmasters must try to use most of them to focus own self and websites or blogs.

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