12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Focus The Targeted Web Pages & Blog Posts


The writing skills in internet has a lots of differences than offline writing a book or story or any other information.Online blogging or web pages writing needs some extra care on posts because article is the only way to communicate the visitors/ customers/clients/ brand valuers etc.It needs well structured, focused,targeted,comprehensible,to the point and contextual languages on articles.Article has the higher level demands of proficiency in communication skills.Today I am going to give an account of 12 points of writing skills in blog post or web page writing either professional or non professional blogger or webmaster.

12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers
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This article is dedicated to our honorable teachers professors respectively Apurba Kumar Roy,Ratna Sanyal Bhattacharjee,Uttam Kumar Talapatra,Debarshi Mukherji,Ratnadeep Roy,Kumar Balasingheraman,Nyanthara K Iyer and Nitish Nagar who taught me the writing methods]

Here 12 Essential Writing Skills Of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Focus The Targeted blog posts or web pages.
1.The writing process:-
Let ideas pour out,jot down thoughts with out censoring,analyse,organize,edit,more thinking and revision.
Use the traditional pen and paper,write directly on word processor,check spell,check grammar,syntax ,check on screen,proof read hard copy.
Prefer short words,simple nouns,spacing and care use of adjectives,synonyms prove useful and break monotony,use technical jargon.
Vary length and construction,20 words ideal length,avoid jerkiness,concise but not abrupt, remove individuality and style,no loose sentences.
5.Active voices:-
Length can be cut by 40% if active voice is used,the subject gives more information,use passive voice to avoid responsibilities.
6.Avoid repetition:-
group similar information,do not repeat own self,use pronouns and combine sentences,avoid desire of repeating same point via other words.
Paragraphs organize thoughts,be guided by page structure,eye needs breaks,paragraph interval should 100 to 200 words,end with link to next paragraph.
Formal writing is systematic and organised, delete loose phraseology,delete unnecessary words,replace phrases by single words,squash information into finite space.stick to word limit.
9.Smart presentation:-
Check visual impact on page,evenly spaced, sensible margin,not too congested, several paragraphs,no fancy computer tricks.
10.Correct format:-
Implement correct format of the geane via letters,contact report,detail report,press release,website text,net banners,e-mail ads etc.
11.Cross heads:-
Makes reading easier to follow,two or three words summary,newsgroup uses titillating headliners,advertisements use one word attention getters.
12.Bullet points:-
Use in technical writing,diminishes use of grammar,makes to point statements, inquiries,use in short reports,break the monotony,highlights points.
Professional bloggers and webmasters generally create a high value trading environment in which website or blog sponsored.Any wrong information or data will be failed to reach the targeted goal.For faster growth of a blog or website has to communicate the writing skills on associated with its goal may help.I do n't know how much I reach the points as it is depended on our valuable readers.

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  1. Great tips. But, you missed the main point, that one should have a unique writing tone. Without that it's hard to survive here :)

  2. Wonderful tips !! i really like it and try to implement in my own blog .


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