6 Points To Earn Money Fully Legal Ways By The Website & Blog Security Researchers and Experts


Website or Blog security researchers can make thousands of dollars each month by legal way.They will not go any illegal(hack,crack etc.)way to do that as major internet companies have already started cash reward for security researchers and experts.They just  report any one security hole on the social-networking site(s)or browser company(s).A few examples are given bellow with names.
6 Points To Earn Money Fully Legal Ways By The Website & Blog Security Researchers and Experts

1.Google:-Security Hall of Fame:-

Google's Chrome vulnerability-finding bounty program,the company already has been paying varying sums to those who locate holes in the browser.Also part of the package has been mention on the Chromium security hall of fame and a public thank-you to those providing Google with sustained security help.The duplication of the initial program is geared to uncover"any serious bug which directly affects the confidentiality or integrity of user data," members of Google's security team said in a blog post.Payments are commensurate with the seriousness of the vulnerability and include $500,$1,000,$1,337,and $3,133.70.The following people have qualified for a Google Security Reward for the month of January-2012.Eyvind Niklasson,Kyle Muchmore,Nils Juenemann,Szymon Gruszecki

2.Mozila:-Apple Web Server credit:-

Cross server issue bring to light and get reward from Apple.As their official site has stated that cross-site scripting issue was addressed and they has acknowledged Himanshu Sharma(нα¢кєя)of www.s3curity.net,Cim Stordal,Belmin Vehabovic,Jose A.Vazquez of spa-s3c.blogspot.com ,Keita Haga of keitahaga.com,Olivier Beg of spinozalyceum,and Aditya Gupta,Subho Halder and Dev Kar from KIIT University,India for reporting this issue.What amount they have been given which has not declared publicly

4.Microsoft Network:-
Microsoft Online Services Acknowledgments:-

As MNS official site has stated that The MSRC is pleased to recognize the security researchers who have helped make Microsoft online services safer by finding and reporting security vulnerabilities.They discloses the name(s)or company(s)who has privately disclosed one or more security vulnerabilities in their online services and worked with them to remediate the issue but their reward amount has never disclose to public.A few names such reward achievers from MNS:-
Pouya Daneshmand(Individual),Geurt Dijker(PQR),Keita Haga(Individual),Elvin Hayes Gentiles (elvinguitar)Technological University of the Philippines,David Hoyt(Hoyt LLC),Dmitry Kulshitsky(Individual),Isac Marian(Individual),Dominik Penner(Individual),Random Storm Proactive Security Management(www.randomstorm.com),Tencent Security Center(Tencent),Belmin Vehabovic,(Individual),Matthew Wong (Individual

5.Facebook:-White Hat Bug Bounty Program:-

The biggest social site Facebook wanted to do something special for the people who are helping the company shore up its software and keep hackers and malware out."Researchers who find bugs and security improvements are rare, and we value them and have to find ways to reward them,"Ryan McGeehan,manager of Facebook's security response team,told CNET in a recent interview."Having this exclusive black card is another way to recognize them.They can show up at a conference and show this card and say'I did special work for Facebook.'"The minimum a researcher can make for reporting a bug that is eventually confirmed is $500,and there is no maximum.Researchers have to follow Facebook's Responsible Disclosure Policy and not go public with the vulnerability information until the hole has been fixed.

6.Safari:The security hole reward:-

Safari has lunched to offer $5,000 for each new exploit demonstrated in the browser.The security expert who won $10,000 hacking a MacBook Air in less than two minutes last year won $5,000 on Wednesday by exploiting a hole in Safari in 10 seconds or so.Many such experts are earning huge money legal ways.


We have learned modern technology to vast our knowledge which can construct some thing new in civilized society.So our knowledge must be use in legal ways which brings better life to human beings.It should take care in our mind that our knowledge never should be misused.Earn more and more by doing security hole fame from the big bosses of the internet.

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