Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog ,Website & Brand Promotion

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Blogging is very easy to all but it is so hard to reach the blog or website to the targeted goal or visitors.So it is needed to marketing and advertising of the blog or website.Now this days blog advertising is not so easy task and there is no fixation of getting unique visitors or traffics to the targeted blog or website.
Russel H.Colley wrote a book named as Defining Advertising Goals For Measured Advertising Results under the sponsorship of the Association of National Advertisers in 1961.This book was loved by the managers and corporators from then to till date.This book has brought the term DAGMAR effect on marketing filed.DAGMAR approches can define with the objectives and formulation of marketing and advertising either online or offline that may be a blog,website or brand any where of the world.Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog,Website & Brand Promotion.

Professional Bloggers & Webmaster Should Follow DAGMAR effects on Blog ,Website & Brand Promotion
Here I am trying to discuss the main observational methods and working tasks due the observation period of blog & website promotion in advertising.
i.Communication task:-

This is the primary observation of advertising and marketing of a blog or website or a brand.It remains as unaware and finally have convinced to aware.These is the lead to visit the targeted site or blog and sell.
ii.A specific task:-

It is needed to fixation of specific goal of blog or website marketing and advertising targeted in specific manner.
iii.Measurable task:-

Actual goal must be formulated .The specification should be include a description of the measurement procedure .

Another important part of setting objectives is having benchmark measures to determine where the target audience stands at the beginning of the campaign with respect to various communication response variables such as awareness,knowledge,attitudes,image,etc.The objectives should also specify how much change or movement is being sought such as increase in awareness levels,creation of favorable attitudes or number of consumers intending to purchase the brand,etc.A benchmark is also a prerequisite to the ultimate measurement of results,an essential part of any planning program and DAGMAR in particular.
v.The target:-

A key tenet to DAGMAR is that the target audience be well defined. For example –if the goal was to increase awareness, it is essential to know the target audienceprecisely. The benchmark measure cannot be developed without a specification of the target segment
vi.Time period:-

The final characteristic of good objectives is the specification of the time period during which the objective is to be accomplished.
vii.Written Goal:-

finally goals should be committed to paper.When the goals are clearly written,basic shortcomings & misunderstandings become exposed and it becomes easy to determine whether the goal contains the crucial aspects of the DAGMAR approach.
DAGMAR effects are till date essential to any kinds of business establishment either online or offline because the main factors are remain same till date.Blog and website promotion will be benefited if bloggers and webmasters try to follow these steps.
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  1. Blogging is also a business so DAGMAR effects and factors also useful in blog promotion and marketing.


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