Top ten methods to over come the failure to a great success in blogging profession

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It was 2004 when i was started blogging and I had written for a number of blogs,including blogs where I was the owner like my Blog BlogersTech,blogs owned by other people,and blogs that were part of a larger blog network.Those are quite successful and till going on.But my writing was stopped when I joined in Hindustan Lever Limited and there after Tata Motors Limited.I have again joined in blogging in 2007 and start as a newbie.My writing skills remain same but style as a writer certain has changed over the years.My returning to blogging first 2 years causes a lots fail or succeed in blogging because i had resigned a high paying job and joined blogging with out single penny in the few months and even year.Today i am going to describe the moments of those days and why those happened. Here I am going to describe the methods of over come the failure to a great success in blogging profession.

 great success in blogging profession
A)Leave unrealistic expectations:-
Success is not a apple which can get easily.If any blogger expects to get a million hits to blog in first month as a blogger or plan to celebrate holiday in private island within a year,the must accept the failure.No one i have seen wildly successful from the very first post or blog.It takes time to build a blog that is comparable to the blogs.
B)Make blogging a priority career:-
I know that many beginning bloggers out there have regular jobs as they can n’t afford quit to blog full time.I know a very few bloggers have the luxury of being able to blog as a full time job from their very first post because blogging simply does n’t pay the bills right away as no matter how good the blog is.It needs more time to write blog post and maintain the niche.It means less sleep and less time with family and it does n’t have as much time for hobbies anymore until it gets some steam.
C)Invested money into your blog:-
It needs to invest a few penny to continue as a blogger which carries domain name,hosting service and promoting too.It never have seen to spend a fortune to get started with free.That is one of the reasons I love blogging.But it needs to start setting aside money for upgrades before blog is making money of its own in most cases.
D)Efficient approach to blogging:-
Every bloggers knows that Content is the King in blogging.It is not a matter how well the post is,people are n’t going to just magically show up on the site or blog and make it successful.At least,not at any kind of decent rate.It needs to be out there promoting the contents and building own community.Otherwise, it might as well just write in a diary.
E)Enter deep social media:-
Social media is one of the powerful promoting media now this days.So it needs to enter deep of the media if any blogger is missing out on this then it perhaps the single easiest thing it can do to be successful.It needs to at least have a mild presence at these social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook,Google+,Linkedin etc.
F)Write better Post than guest posts:-
It is seen that guest posting is a great way to promote own content.Some bloggers I know guest post like fiends.As soon as they finish a guest post for one blogger they’re off looking for their next fix.Here the problem comes that they do n’t update their own blogs.Do n’t shoot in own foots.First write great content to own blog or site then carry on as guest writer.
G)Choosing Well defined niche:-
It needs a specific topics to write which are needed to almost 50% net users or it has deep knowledge about that matter.So it is necessarily need to pick one specific topic, but when readers come to the site,they need to know what they are getting.It is hard to become a community of readers with out a great niche.
H)Real Time blog post with correct niche:-
Niche should be well define and real time,but don’t be so narrow that it is hard to find people who are interested.Niche should be about something really random that have a ton of fans.
I)Expose own self as writer:-
Expose own self as a writer with specific bio not like as admin because readers like real writers.This point is a bit subjective,because if any one is planning a blog that is purely informational and gets most of its traffic from search engines.Make sure it has a well written About Me/profile page so readers can learn more about writer because they will be curious if it writes good posts.
J)Never scrape content:-
Never do plagiarize.If any blog is scraping content from others,it is only a matter of time before it fails,and it will bring upto the police are involved and have go to jail.
But also don’t scrape ideas.A lot of people in the niche are probably talking about the same topics,so be original and it will stand out.If it reads an idea like ness,then give credit where credit is due.When bloggers are inspired by another blogger’s work,link to them to give them credit for the idea.It is just polite to link to the other blogger.
It is sure success and failure are both a matter of perspective and even when do feel as though the blog is failing,keep in mind that it does n’t make failure to the blogger.It will help to move onto the next project and be a raving success.This is my own experienced based notions.

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