5 Hot Steps For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Write Press Release For Google News & Yahoo News

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Recent days it is seen that every blogger and webmaster or company or organization uses press release for the publicity or advertising.But the question is here that why they use press release?The reply is very simple Press release distribution service will get targeted blogger's blog or webmaster's website or company's product or organization's has noticed by the press and media in electronic media of communication.A survey says that no quantity of paid advertising can frequently do as a lot as a two minute news segment which favors targeted product(s),blog(s),website(s)service(s)or ideology(s).

5 Hot Steps For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Write Press Release For Google News & Yahoo News
Today I am going to discuss the method of writing a press release for major search engine Yahoo News and Google News as this is now a considerable career chance for the vast majority of public relations copy writers.Yahoo News and Google News are both in the leading top 10 news and media web sites. First I am going to write about Press releases for Google news.Here 5 Hot Steps For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Write Press Release For Google News & Yahoo News.
A. 5 steps to write Press releases for Google news:-
1.Identify target audience:-
The very first step in learning how to write a press release for Google News is identifying a target audience and developing a segmentation method.This needs a re-definition of public relations that is substantially broader than media relations.

2. Keyword analysis:-
The second step is conducting keyword analysis and obtaining the search term sweet spot.This needs learning to use a keyword suggestion tool.

3. Focus the facts:-
The third step is focusing on Google News,even although it is comparatively new.

4.Target long achievement:-
he fourth step is optimizing press releases to get high rankings on Google News for as long as achievable.
5.Track the facts:-
The fifth and final step is tracking optimization’s effects and measuring promotion’s outcomes.This needs learning to use Internet analytics and other measuring tools.

B.5 Steps to write Press releases for Yahoo news:-
Yahoo is one of the major news website in virtual world.These are the guidelines to write your press release.

5 Hot Steps For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Write Press Release For Google News & Yahoo News
i. Make valuable information source:-
Blog,website,company,or organization has a new product(s),a new management team,or new web site(s)or service(s).But,as excited as it might be,those topics are not newsworthy unless it can come up with a special angle or approach.Opening sentence ought to be so compelling that it will capture the attention of the media which send it to.They are anxious to find fresh stories they can run,but they will not do your creative function.

ii.Never show over smart:-
Prevent cliches,hype and fluff.Do not use exclamation marks,or say things like save cash or superior customer service.

iii.Show Genuine example:-
Use genuine life examples.Tell a true example of how somebody employed or taken service(s) and changed their life,became a lot more wholesome,began a new career,and so on.

iv.High light social problems:-
Tie the story to existing events or social problems.Editors like to find stories that tie in to existing events in the news.

v. Normal or default format:-
Use a regular press release format.Editors do not want to hunt for the details they require.
Submit it to the correct individual or organization to get attention those are in needed of the blog or website provided services or product(s).Never waste a excellent deal of time and effort by sending news letter to irrelevant person(s).Writing news letter has become one of the highest earning career in virtual world as well as electronic media too.

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Top ten ways to improve CTR of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize

Affiliate marketing one of the best way to monetize website or blog.But affiliate marketing success depends on some special factors.The affiliate product,either by placing banner,running PPC campaign,article marketing, or any other promotion method.It is all about click-through rate(CTR).Here is the Top ten ways to improve CTR  of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize.
Top ten ways to improve CTR  of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetizeThe power to attract potential buyers to the landing page lies in the ability to improve blog or website CTR in the affiliate promotion .Today I am going to discuss the Top Ten quick and valuable ways to improve CTR in of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize .  
1. Add testimonial:-
Testimonial works best to hook the visitors to ad,because it is a social proof that the product is delivering real result for real users.This method is best to be used with banner ads to get higher CTR.

2. Simple ad design layout:-
Make ad looks simple,yet inviting.Use only one or two colors in ad design.Make sure the layout is simple as well.This type of ad will stand out and people will tend to respond better with simple ad design.

3. Simple animation will boost CTR:-
Static banner ad can give you a good CTR,but animated banner will give more.However,keep the animation simple.

4. Never use merchant’s default ads:-
Always create a new ad for own affiliate promotion.Merchant’s default ad banners usually don’t deliver good response because there are too many people using them.

5. Match ad with website’s niche:-
Choose ads as own website or blog niche demands then it will give good response from visitors.

6. Address target audience:-
An ad message that addresses the targeted audience.Direct connectivity will respond better to ads.

7. Good landing page support:-
Landing page is one of the major factor to achieve higher CTR.Make sure to support the ad with a good landing page that will add more curiosity and interest in the visitors towards the affiliate product(s).

8. Emotional affect with ad:-
Most people act based on emotion.So try to touch visitors'emotion then they will usually respond better with the ad.

9. Placement analysis of ads:-
Ad placement will significantly affect the CTR, so find the best ad placement in own website or blog.Just open the homepage of own website and see which part of the website catches attention first.Place ad in that area.
10.Text link Ads:-
Text link with high relevancy will do the best for many promotion.In this way,the link will be a part of the site content,and people will click on it more easily than banner ads.
Those quick and valuable tips can be quick guide to get high CTR for the affiliate promotion to monetize blog or website.If any one wants to get more response from ads and eventually get more sales from the campaign, which means more money to bank account.I am not sure all times these tips work well but maximum cases have shown good results.Just apply those tips in affiliate marketing promotion to earn more from website and blog.

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Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine

Search Engine is the main way to receive the success in blogger career or online marketing field.It is going to hard to harder to get notice by the search engine specially Google the Big G.Today I am trying to discuss the ways and steps to get notice by the search engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Rediff etc.Here the ways and steps are carried by myself to boost my website and blog traffics from search engine.Check out about Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine .
Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine

My opinion in this matter that the proper ways to execute them correctly other wise it can bring bad impact the targeted website or blog.Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine.
1.Add blog or website to all directories:- Submit your blog or website to all directories either free or paid but free is better in the categories most related to blog or website niche.

2. Add blog or website to all search engines:-
Submit blog and website to all search engines that accept submissions and get indexed.

3. Add blog or website to all free review sites:-
Submit website or blog to free website review sites.These site will honestly review blog or websites and link back to targeted site.

4. Add blog or website to Social Media:-
Submit each and every post to social bookmarking sites such as Twitter,Facebook, Digg,stumble,Google+ etc.

5. Add blog or website to article directories:- Submit articles to article directories like article base and associated content.This will help get backlinks,traffic and if the article is unique it will be ranked high in search engines with a link to targeted website.
6. Write Guest Posts to higher PR blogs or websites:-
Some people say that writing articles related to a particular topic like WikiPedia,Wikimapia ,squidoo,Hubpages etc with blog or website url in the article can increase traffics a lot and can be very beneficial for website or blog.

7. Create pages for website or blog in social media:-
Crate a page on social media like myspace, facebook,Google Plus,Bebo and add blog's new posts to the update stream on the home page of all fans.

8. Add website or blog in Ping roll rss:-
Ping the blog or website in various ping sites which will inform the search engine about updates of the site.

9. Add blog or website in Video community:- Video community websites like youtube,metacafe, videofy,dailymotion and upload related how-to videos and other videoes related to targeted websites or blog with targeted site url to description.


10. Add blog link to forum signature:-
Join various related forums and add blog or website link to signature option. Make as many posts as it can and build targeted backlinks.

11. Give Feedback to comments:-
Comment feedback will notify the updated comment on the post and any replies and this will bring a lot of users back to targeted blog or website.

12. Add Social Share button:-
Add social bookmarking button to make it easy for readers and visitors to submit blog post to social bookmarking sites like Google+,twitter, stumble,digg,facebook etc.

13. Add Blog or website to Free classified sites:-
Free advertising website such as craigslist, clickindia,olx,backpage to post ads about blog articles or blog in related categories.

14. Add Interview of successful bloggers and webmasters:-

Publishing of successful bloggers or webmasters interview will bring a lots of traffics with quality readership.
15.Leave comment on others blogs or websites:- Leaving comments on blogs in related niches or any niche is now a fashion but do not spam any where.Never mention about own blog or website.
These 15 are not the end.It has a lots of things to do by a blogger or webmaster to get attention of Google Search engine as well as others too.

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Characteristics Of Perfect Professional Blog To Become Successful In Virtual World of Information Technology

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A successful professional blog must contains a few essential characteristics.If we want to say that marketing words as influence via word of mouth.Today i want to discuss several characteristics that increase the likehood of success in professional blogger career.Here is the topic about Characteristics Of Perfect Professional Blog To Become Successful In Virtual World of Information Technology.

Characteristics Of Perfect Professional Blog To Become Successful In Virtual World of Information Technology

The points of a professional blog are identified here as Characteristics Of Perfect Professional Blog To Become Successful In Virtual World of Information Technology.

1.Motivational characteristics of professional blog:-

Motivational characters are belongs to four points such as blog involvement,article involvement,custom nature involvement and ownership involvement.

2.Innovational characteristics of professional blog:-

Innovation is one of the main characteristic of a professional blog.This character is influenced by some factors those are such relative advantage,compatibility,complexity, divisibility and communicability.

3.Opinion leadership characteristics of professional blog:-

Opinion leadership is the important fact of professional blog.It has seen that why visitors come to blog? The reply can give easily as that blog has the leadership opinion.This characteristic depends on awareness,interest, evaluation,trail,and adaptation.

4.Listening mania to leadership characteristics of professional blog :-

Any way visitors can come to blog but they have to listen or read the blog's saying which is the listening mania.Two major factors are effective in listening mania those are speaker's experience and knowledge and the blogger who is recommended the article or simply can say personality of the Author.

5.Implementing informational influence characteristics:-

Information influence is desired for any professional blog and it is the most straightforward strategy of implication of internet world.It depends on appropriate credible source as endorsers.It also depends such age,education,income,geo location and many more.

6.Normative Cultural meaning characteristics of professional blog:-

Normative culture mainly depends on blog's stability and informative activities of the blogger(s).Some times it needs to promote self branded style to become more informative for customize region or culture or law suit.


Informational influence and normative influence are the main points to bag huge gathering in any blog or website.It is know to all bloggers and webmasters that stability of a website or blog depends on visitors or traffic and traffics come only for information.Perfect blog has all the characteristics and eventually become successful in virtual world of the internet.

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8 Points To Safeguard Shield To Website & Blog From Recent Google Panda 3.4


Google Search updated three times the search algorithm and it is named as Google panda.As we all know that Big G is the uncrown emperor of the virtual world of internet.It is going too competitive in online activities recent day by day as users are growing like bacteria's fission so when it does not lay emphasis on quality then lose out the prospective customers .It is mentioned that the update of Google Panda in last year,many webmaster have been trying to figure out the algorithm of Google but all are failed because Big G never lays any clue in it's works.Check out about the 8 Points To Safeguard Shield To Website & Blog From Recent Google Panda 3.4 .

8 Points To Safeguard Shield To Website & Blog From Recent Google Panda 3.4

Every webmaster or blogger must focus on getting better own site or blog to avoid the Panda update.According to my notion says that webmaster and blogger must follow this important SEO techniques.Today I am going to describe a few methods to safe own website or blog from Google panda updates.8 Points To Safeguard Shield To Website & Blog From Recent Google Panda 3.4.
1.Avoid spelling and grammar errors in your content.

2. Insert relevant keywords.
3. Add some extra spice to your writing.
4. Promote with subtlety which means add call to action web pages.
5. Never use link exchange of any mode.
6. Take down such low quality pages.
7. Beware of Content Scrapers.
8. Diversity in anchor text.
Every webmaster and bloggers wants to make safeguard for own website or blog and make it Panda proof.These points will allow to withstand even when there are any major updates.This is the way to users get best surfing experience with any website or blog as well as Googlebot too.The new age SEO is all about providing authentic information to website or blog visitors but never do over SEO.
It is seen that every human beings tendency to follow the recent trends especially the ones beneficial for users own.Google has updated Panda 3.4 and which is running from last night.It may be intending to take down thousands of link and content farms as well as low quality sites too.I am not sure who are affected by this Google panda update 3.4 but a great deal of damage to SERP rankings will be taken place with in few days.

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Google may be eliminate the ability for webmasters to manipulate the rankings & SERP of any website or blogs


Big G is termed for the Google by the bloggers and webmasters because all most all bloggers and webmasters directly or indirectly depend on it.Whether Google indexed or de-indexed any website or blog which maintains the traffic level of any website or blog.As we all know that traffic or visitors are the fuel of any website and blog which is the main factor of any website or blog Google Page Rank.Google Page Rank is one of the major factor of search engine result page(SERP).Google may do surprising things to any website and blogs with in over night via upgrade or indexed or downgrades or de-indexing.Last February when Google announced 40 new updates on its blog, some new information has surfaced and many well known sites have gone down in flames.Google may be eliminate the ability for webmasters to manipulate the rankings & SERP of any website or blogs
Matt Cutts,the head of Google’s search quality webspam team has leaked some information that set some SEO marketers in a tailspin asking to cover the site so good contents that it could figure out by the Big G.He urges to webmasters to know fairly the methods.Google may be eliminate the ability for webmasters to manipulate the rankings & SERP of any website or blogs in near future.The reasons may be bellow which are not known to webmasters or bloggers till date.
1.How to crawl through the Flash.

2. How to crawl through the forms.
3. How to crawl through the javascript.
4. How to crawl through whatever it is.
5. How to capture Googlebot.
6. How to level the playing field.
Matt Cutts also has stated that the most part, most search engines have made a lot of progress on being able to crawl through that richer content as well as Big G.Cutts continued by mentioning a Google update that is scheduled for release within the next few weeks to months but the proper parts or conditions is not mentioned.


It is quite impossible to know the real factors which influence the Google SERP and page ranking of any website or blog but it can says my experiences that good quality geneuine contents the chance to get both Googles' love.  

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Top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue


It is going to increase the number of Professional bloggers and webmasters day by day.It is very easy task to become a blogger or website owner but it is very hard to become professional. Particularly when it comes to bag bread and butters from blog or website. 

Top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue

Website or Blog Portfolio as Niche-Specific Sites For Greater Profits.Today I am going to give top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue.
1. Number of blogs and websites:-
It needs to increase the ads revenue of website or blog,it will eventually need to build more than one website.

2.  Specific Niche for each:-
It needs to create websites based around one specific,central topic,which enables to send more targeted traffic to them.

3.  Real Time Contents:-
Obviously,real time content increases the likelihood that visitors will be interested in the in real time related advertisements and therefore more likely to related clicks.

4.  Relevant multiple Keywords:-
Multiple properties means blogger or webmaster can optimize each site for specific keywords to rank them higher in the search engines.

5.  High lighted keywords:-
Even if blog or website only has one site and manage to rank it on the first page,chances are it is only going to rank that well for one keyword.
6.  Long-term gigs:-

A blog in order to maintain an online presence  or an opportunity for writers to express them.while it is difficult to create a blog of  own self that will replace a full-time income. The secret is becoming a professional blogger is that has to runs a lots far for that. Many blog owners want to find a blogger that will write for the site long term rather than querying an editor every few months,a blogger will post articles on a regular basis. 
7.  Publishing shorter articles:-
As we all know that there are a few time with human beings so short article may be a plus point to bloggers.Most blogging opportunities are long-term gigs,meaning that a blog can get a paycheck every month to supplement of the writing.The timeline can be one of the biggest differences as many blogs update once a day or Some even update multiple times a day.Most blogs focus on publishing shorter articles, with 500 words being a common post length.

8.  Landing the Best Blogging Gigs:-
Writing quickly is another important skill which needs to publish a new post every day or two to find stories,research them,and write them as landing like home page.For this reason, many bloggers choose to only take on writing for blogs that cover a topic they already know well.

9.  Specialization in controversy:-
A little controversial writing can help blog worthy to get more traffic with great attention while most blogging opportunities are responsible less long-term gigs.That flexibility has led to a growing number of traffic in blog or website.This little controversy will bring new tendency to the readers.

10. Promote little known social media:-

Social media has already become hot bed of society so many bloggers also go a step beyond and promote their posts elsewhere like social networking sites,other blogs,and anywhere else a blogger can find relevant readers.But Some freelance writers are uncomfortable with this element of blogging.Because social media sites are having a few quality readers or visitors and these leads low earning.There a little known social media is better for blog or website promotion as those site have only quality users.


Ads revenue depends on quality traffics and ads placing.On the other hand a good blog post routinely gets comments from readers,ranging from questions about the blog's topic to responses to the piece.It builds community and promotes readers to keep coming back. A good writer can learn the mechanics and style of blogging either writing and ads placing to generate more revenue from every words.

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10 Points For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Optimize Blog & Website In MSN Bing Search Engine

All Most all bloggers,webmasters and SEO professionals concentrated their attention and activities on Google only.There is no doubt in Google is the emperor of Search Engines but it is our mistake to forget other two major search engines in which it is needed to optimize blog or website.Yahoo and MSN also manages to get quite a good share of the market.MSN holds almost 12-17% of the online searches,and the loyal audience that it has got,cannot be challenged by other search engines.It is needed to optimize website or blog for MSN search engine.So,if any blogger or webmaster miss on MSN search engine optimization then really that is a great mistake obviously.However,it is important to remember that any one can easily get a higher page ranking for the less popular keywords as well in MSN.MSN and Bing search engine follow both kind of links that is nofollow or dofollow that way make both kind of commenting and Posting link for MSN search engine.Today I am going to describe the proper methods to optimize website or blog in MSN-BING.Here the ways to optimize any website or blog for MSN search Engine. 
10 Points For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Optimize Blog & Website In MSN Bing Search Engine
How MSN-BING search engine works:-
It is mention that getting a top page rank in MSN does not make any sense if don’t have any rank in Google.The MSN algorithm works most similar to other search engine algorithms,and as such,in order to optimize any website or blog for MSN,it is needed to build a crawl able website.MSN algorithm still relies heavily on the use of Meta tags in site content,and it should be considered as an important attribute to optimize blog or website for MSN search with the right use of Meta tags.Needless to say, right use of relevant keywords is also the success contributor towards how to optimize blog or website for MSN search.10 Points For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters To Optimize Blog & Website In MSN Bing Search Engine.

i)submit blog or website:-
The first work to do while optimizing any blog or website for MSN search that it should be submit the website to the Live Search.
ii)Add URLs:-
Get signed in with the MSN WEBMASTER TOOLS and this will help you to understand how your website is doing in the Live Search.
iii)Crawl Tab:-
Use with the preferred one and that is the MSNBot.It is quite a typical one with the description tag.
iv)Submit Link Details:-
Use with the proper and relevant description tags.
v)Target one word for each page:-
Maintain overall keyword less than 6%.Choose domain name with a relevant keyword and try naming the pages as the domain name.It will get a topic with each page.Site linking should be done with the same things with the area and not with the things available with your products. The description tags should be placed with the top of the webpage.
vi)List major keywords in the links back:-
It be should use the keyword minimum for one time in the description tag.
vii)Relevant Topic:-
Make it sure that it serves a clear purpose with a topic.

viii)Add description tag:-:-

It should be added some website or blog description to the description tags.
ix)Write keyword enriched web copy:-
MSN recommends the hierarchy with the webpage to be flat.
x)Analysis of data:-
MSN will provide blog or website with the successful optimization methods via which it may easily analysis the factors.
Traffic from search engines is widely considered the best(and cheapest)way to generate traffic to any site or blog.The increasing popularity of search engines has led to the development of a whole industry that revolves around ways to optimize websites or blogs.The total web copy of any page should be about 300-500 words.Also,the keyword should be included about 5-12% of the total words of the page.The percentage varies according to each search engine,so you might want to play around till find the best results in SERP.

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12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster To Do Same For Clients

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It is seen that all most all bloggers and webmaster are get hired for others which become a fashion and earning option too.But there are thousands of webmasters,web developers, bloggers,designers and programmers in the world .Everyone virtually offers like services with low cost or some one at fully free.Now the question arise that why client(s)choose you to do blogging or webmastering for him/her? My 7 years experienced has collected 12 points about the reply above question get hired as bloggers or webmaster.Bloggers and webmasters must feel good about own confidence towards the client(s) "Client will get"for choosing him/her.
12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster To Do Same  For Clients

12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster By Others To Do Same for clients.
1.Client will get a real professional:-
When any client hire you then the client will get a real live developer that knows how to design,write,debug,deploy and support the right solution for the right problem,not somebody that sticks together pieces they do not understand just to"make it work".From proposal to completion client shall have an experienced professional.
2.Client will be glad you did:-
Clients must be glad they checked their options and are making good returns on their investment.If they were n't you wouldn't be in business.
3.Client will get quality code:-
You must pride yourself on the quality of your work.Clients' deliverables are of the utmost quality and that any issues may have will be dealt with quickly.You do not use"workarounds" unless unavoidable and write all code with the ability to be expanded on in the future by anyone.No secret variables or hard to read scripts.
4.Client will get options:-
You approach your clients with a focused set of options and their consequences so that they can make the right decision for their business. Client will always have the luxury of a clear set of choices in a language client understand. So client can take the right steps with confidence.
5.Client will get an honest guy:-
If clients'problem can be fixed with 10 minute conversation instead of thousands of dollars for work that doesn't really need to be done then client will get the 10 minutes,not the headache client don't have.
6.Client will get Plain English:-
Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with terminology they don't understand.You will always make sure to communicate clients' options,what they mean to clients'business and the solutions you deliver in a language that is clear and straightforward.
7.Client will get direct access:-
Clients don't get bounced around layers of sales people,reps and managers.Client can get you directly,the guy who will actually fix the problems.Every time.All the time.
8.Client will get someone who takes the time:-
Before you do anything you must understand clients'business,problems and goals.The result is a clear plan that will keep client and clients'customers happy.
9.Client will get realistic solutions:-
Describe well defined goals that will enable you to deliver a realistic,affordable and efficient solution.
10.Client will get something you can use:-
Never frustrate your clients by giving them fancy solutions that do everything except solve their problems.Client can get the advice,code and documents that can actually use by any one.
11.Client will get satisfactory return:-
Every one wants feedback or return the money which is invested for any project(s)either small amount or huge.So you will do the right things which gives the client ROI.
12.Client will get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with your works:-
Client will satisfied with the end result of our project together.If not you will do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation within reasonable means.


My experience says that it will work good to get more and more clients which can increase your earning with in a few moths or years.All the things are depend on your own confidence and working availability in the virtual world of the internet. 

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Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Must See Seven Videos From Google Search Team,Susan Wojcicki,SVP

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It is searching about recent updates of Google by me today,I have found after deep digging this series of video from one of the top Googler Susan Wojcicki,Senior Vice President of Advertising(Google Incorporation)has presented in Search Marketing Expo,SMX West-San Jose,CA-February,28,2012.During the expo she was interviewed with Danny Sullivan,and Chris Sherman.It is mentioned that she is the only top brace Googler who talks in public about Google's product(s)algorithmic.
Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Must See Seven Videos From Google Search Team,Susan Wojcicki,SVP
Another thing has to mention that Susan Wojcicki is responsible for the design, innovation and engineering of all Google's advertising and measurement platforms including AdWords,AdSense and Google Analytics.In her SMX West keynote,Susan discusses the growth of search advertising,integrating search into your overall marketing strategy and provide peek into upcoming Google product releases. 

1.Susan Wojcicki talks on Google+ & Personalized Search:-
2. Susan Wojcicki talks on Google Privacy Policy Changes:-

3. Susan Wojcicki talks on the Creep Factor of Google:-

4. Susan Wojcicki talks on  Mobile Advertising Methods:-

5. Susan Wojcicki talks on factors behind Google Buys other Companies:-
6. Susan Wojcicki talks with Audience Q&A (several questions on a variety of topics):-
7. Susan Wojcicki talks on all most all products and policy updates of Google:-
Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Must See Seven Videos From Google Search Team,Susan Wojcicki,SVP because she touches almost all the facts of Google.If any one blogger or webmaster loves Google or wants to stay with Google then never miss this series of video.

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Apple Incorporation Is Going To Declare New Plan For The Large Cash Balance Via Conference Call

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Apple products has become become a high demand in technology world as recent market survey says that.The Apple Incorporation has going to make some thing extra far to normal procedure. Apple is going to hold a conference call bright and early Monday morning to announce plans for its large cash balance.The company is sitting on around $98 billion in cash,and investors are getting increasingly antsy and clamoring for a dividend or share buyout.Here is the full topic about Apple Incorporation Is Going To Declare New Plan For The Large Cash Balance Via Conference Call.Apple Incorporation Is Going To Declare New Plan For The Large Cash Balance Via Conference Call
The company has announced that Tim Cook and Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer will be hosting the call,which will take place at 9 am Eastern time.They will only discuss the cash balance,nothing else.In addition to the call-in number,a live audio stream of the call will be available on all computers or mobile devices running QuickTime 6 or later.At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in February,Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the very expensive elephant in the room,saying'I only ask for a bit of patience so we can do this in a deliberate way and do it in a way that’s best for shareholders .We are judicious,we are deliberate,we spend our money like its our last penny,We are not going to go have a toga party or do something outlandish.'
When a company is sitting on a huge pile of cash,as Apple is,it is expected to shell out a dividend to investors,issue a stock buyback ,or spend the money on things that will make it even more money.Cook said that so far,the company has spent billions of dollars on its supply chain,intellectual property,acquisitions, retail,and the Apple infrastructure.
It should put that money it more R and D people wont stop buying Apple products or stock just because they choose not to declare dividend. They have had a stock pile for a while and all the stock has done is climb.My hope in this point that Tim Cook does not give in to the investors and declare dividend as Late CEO(Steve Jobs)was bowing out had persuade investors and consumers that it doesn't need the force behind the iMac,iPod,iPhone and iPad in charge to keep the technology hits coming.Time will say what the next.

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Webmaster and Bloggers can share limited access of Google Webmaster Tools Each others

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Webmaster and Bloggers can share limited access of Google Webmaster Tools Each others.Google webmaster tools is one of the most important service has provided by Google for bloggers and webmasters.Recently Google has launched a new product that allows verified site owners to provide third-party individuals with limited access to their site's information and settings in Webmaster Tools.Although site owners have had the ability to provide full access for several years.The new feature of Google webmaster tools grants limited permission, blocking third-party individuals from the ability to modify all settings.[Photo credit:Google webmaster tools blog]
Webmaster and Bloggers can share limited access of Google Webmaster Tools Each others

The main attraction of newly updated Google webmaster tools are given bellow:-
1.Owner Access:–

Anyone who has verified the site in Webmaster Tools.This enabled them to add users via the user administration,delete sites,and more super controls.
2.Full Access:–

Granting a user'Full'permission means that they will be able to view all data and take most actions,such as changing site settings or demoting sitelinks etc.
3.Restricted Access:–

When a user’s permission is set to'Restricted' they will only have access to view most data, and can take some actions such as using Fetch as Googlebot and configuring message forwarding for their account. 

Webmaster and Bloggers can share limited access of Google Webmaster Tools Each others
This will be selecting the'Add or remove users'option under the'Manage site'menu on the home page,site owners can now access the new User administration page,where they can add or delete up to 100 users.The new feature also allows site owners to specify each user's access as'Full'or'restricted.' 

Webmaster and Bloggers can share limited access of Google Webmaster Tools Each others 
The'Restricted'access will provide third-party individuals with access to most data,and can prompt certain actions,such as utilizing Fetch as Googlebot,and initiating message forwarding for their account.
Jonathan Simon,a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst,in the official blog announcement stated'We hope the addition of Full and Restricted users makes management of your site in Webmaster Tools easier since you can now grant access within a more limited scope to help prevent undesirable or unauthorized changes.' 
This may be great opportunity to the newbie webmasters as well as experienced to share the website data towards each others with correct analysis.This will open new earning possibilities for experienced webmasters as they can use webmaster tools for clients of an agency to verify the agencies domain with restricted access in order to authorise video sitemaps across domains.
1.Google webmaster central blog
2.Searchengine Land
3.Submit Express
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20 per cent IT Bosses Reject Candidates For Facebook Profiles :Technology Market Survey-2012

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It is seen in recent days almost all young generation as well as elders too runs behind the social media or social networking sites.I am not disagree about a few advantages of social media but The worrying news was revealed in the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide,the Global PR Network,in association with UK PR agency partner,Six Degrees.The survey report stated that Jobseekers(IT & non IT)may be careful to be far more vigilant over what they reveal on social networking sites,as it could cost them their career.A fifth of IT executives admitted they have rejected applicants because of what they have posted on social media.Here is the topic about 20 per cent IT Bosses Reject Candidates For Facebook Profiles :Technology Market Survey-2012.[Photo credit:Times of India]

20 per cent IT Bosses Reject Candidates For Facebook Profiles :Technology Market Survey-2012
Previous Year Report:-

The annual study has previously found that almost 40 per cent of respondents'companies look at potential employees'profiles on social media sites but this is the first time clear evidence that candidates are being rejected because of them.

IT executives opinions:-
"The 21st-century human is learning that every action leaves an indelible digital trail,"the Daily Mail quoted Mads Christensen,Network Director at Eurocom Worldwide,as saying."In the years ahead,many of us will be challenged by what we are making public in various social forums today."The fact that one in five applicants disqualify themselves from an interview because of content in the social media sphere is a warning to job seekers and a true indicator of the digital reality we now live in,"Christensen said.

This Year Report-2012:-
The survey has revealed that while nearly half of technology executives say that their firms will increase their expenditure on social media in the next 12 months,only 23 per cent say they can accurately measure the impact of the investment.It said that 74 per cent of respondents consider online PR to be important for their company's search engine optimisation, with 37 per cent saying it is very important.
A total of 318 companies replied,with approx. 80 per cent from European countries and 11 per cent from the Americas.The report also found that most popular social media platforms used by technology companies were LinkedIn(74 per cent),Twitter(67 per cent),Facebook(64 per cent)and YouTube(56 per cent),Google+(53 per cent).

Time of the survey:-

The Eurocom Worldwide technology confidence survey was conducted online by member agencies of Eurocom Worldwide during January and February 2012.


Only a few social networking sites have the verification systems.So any one user can update own profile as wants.A lots of users miss use the social media by abusive or other illegal activities.It is almost impossible to control such activities.Some of users mention their company name where those activities indirectly impact on the employer company or organization(s)in social media.

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Xbox 720 Can Brings New Hopes For Bloggers As Microsoft Says That It Will Not Be Shown At E3 2012

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Game online blogs and websites are getting tons of traffics due to Game online is the newest hobby for the new generation every where in the world.As available data with us says that Microsoft is the pioneer of Game developers. Xbox 720 is one of the major funda in game circle.Xbox 720 Can Brings New Hopes For Bloggers As Microsoft Says That It Will Not Be Shown At E3 2012.
 Xbox 720 Can Brings New Hopes For Bloggers As Microsoft Says That It Will Not Be Shown At E3 2012 
Microsoft's Xbox 720 activities:-

The Fans and Game lovers are expecting Microsoft to unveil the next version of the Xbox 360 console at E3 2012 will be disappointed to note that the Redmond giant has announced that this will not be the case.Speaking to BloggersTech,Xbox spokesman David Dennis explained just where Microsoft's priorities lie this year about Xbox 720 drama "While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future,we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon.For us,2012 is all about Xbox 360-and it is the best year ever for Xbox 360.The console is coming off its biggest year ever-a year in which Xbox outsold all other consoles worldwide.Xbox 360 didn't just outsell other consoles, it also outsold all other TV-connected devices like DVD players,as well as digital media receivers and home theatre systems.And in our seventh year,we sold more consoles than in any other year-defying convention.""This year,we will build on that Xbox 360 momentum.With "Halo4,""Forza Horizon," "Fable:The Journey,"and other great Kinect games on the way,our 2012 Xbox lineup is our strongest ever.This year,we will deliver more TV,music,and movie experiences for Xbox 360-as we will make it even easier to find and control your all entertainment.And this year,Xbox games,music,and video are coming to Windows 8 so people can enjoy their Xbox entertainment wherever they go."

 Xbox 720 Can Brings New Hopes For Bloggers As Microsoft Says That It Will Not Be Shown At E3 2012 
Microsoft's Xbox 720 Plans:-

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has had an outstanding year,ranking as the top console in terms of total sales in NPD ratings for 14 months in a row.Industry experts feel that this is the reason for Microsoft’s decision to delay the Xbox 720(as it is expected to be called),so that they can capitalize on the older hardware in the face of the competition.Nintendo will be showing off the new Wii U console at E3 2012 for sure,however,Xbox 360’s closest competitor,the Sony PlayStation 3,will definitely not be getting an upgrade anytime soon – the PS4 is in fact,expected to be launched in mid-2014.
Conclusion of Xbox 720:-
The Xbox 720 is pegged to be launched only by late 2013,after an official unveiling at next year’s E3 conference.That’s a lot of time for more rumours about just what features Microsoft’s next gaming console will boast of, such as the latest‘no optical drive’ speculation.

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