12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster To Do Same For Clients

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It is seen that all most all bloggers and webmaster are get hired for others which become a fashion and earning option too.But there are thousands of webmasters,web developers, bloggers,designers and programmers in the world .Everyone virtually offers like services with low cost or some one at fully free.Now the question arise that why client(s)choose you to do blogging or webmastering for him/her? My 7 years experienced has collected 12 points about the reply above question get hired as bloggers or webmaster.Bloggers and webmasters must feel good about own confidence towards the client(s) "Client will get"for choosing him/her.
12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster To Do Same  For Clients

12 Points To Get Hired As Professional Blogger & Webmaster By Others To Do Same for clients.
1.Client will get a real professional:-
When any client hire you then the client will get a real live developer that knows how to design,write,debug,deploy and support the right solution for the right problem,not somebody that sticks together pieces they do not understand just to"make it work".From proposal to completion client shall have an experienced professional.
2.Client will be glad you did:-
Clients must be glad they checked their options and are making good returns on their investment.If they were n't you wouldn't be in business.
3.Client will get quality code:-
You must pride yourself on the quality of your work.Clients' deliverables are of the utmost quality and that any issues may have will be dealt with quickly.You do not use"workarounds" unless unavoidable and write all code with the ability to be expanded on in the future by anyone.No secret variables or hard to read scripts.
4.Client will get options:-
You approach your clients with a focused set of options and their consequences so that they can make the right decision for their business. Client will always have the luxury of a clear set of choices in a language client understand. So client can take the right steps with confidence.
5.Client will get an honest guy:-
If clients'problem can be fixed with 10 minute conversation instead of thousands of dollars for work that doesn't really need to be done then client will get the 10 minutes,not the headache client don't have.
6.Client will get Plain English:-
Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with terminology they don't understand.You will always make sure to communicate clients' options,what they mean to clients'business and the solutions you deliver in a language that is clear and straightforward.
7.Client will get direct access:-
Clients don't get bounced around layers of sales people,reps and managers.Client can get you directly,the guy who will actually fix the problems.Every time.All the time.
8.Client will get someone who takes the time:-
Before you do anything you must understand clients'business,problems and goals.The result is a clear plan that will keep client and clients'customers happy.
9.Client will get realistic solutions:-
Describe well defined goals that will enable you to deliver a realistic,affordable and efficient solution.
10.Client will get something you can use:-
Never frustrate your clients by giving them fancy solutions that do everything except solve their problems.Client can get the advice,code and documents that can actually use by any one.
11.Client will get satisfactory return:-
Every one wants feedback or return the money which is invested for any project(s)either small amount or huge.So you will do the right things which gives the client ROI.
12.Client will get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with your works:-
Client will satisfied with the end result of our project together.If not you will do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation within reasonable means.


My experience says that it will work good to get more and more clients which can increase your earning with in a few moths or years.All the things are depend on your own confidence and working availability in the virtual world of the internet. 

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