Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine

Search Engine is the main way to receive the success in blogger career or online marketing field.It is going to hard to harder to get notice by the search engine specially Google the Big G.Today I am trying to discuss the ways and steps to get notice by the search engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Rediff etc.Here the ways and steps are carried by myself to boost my website and blog traffics from search engine.Check out about Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine .
Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine

My opinion in this matter that the proper ways to execute them correctly other wise it can bring bad impact the targeted website or blog.Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Must Follow 15 Steps To Get Attention Of Search Engine.
1.Add blog or website to all directories:- Submit your blog or website to all directories either free or paid but free is better in the categories most related to blog or website niche.

2. Add blog or website to all search engines:-
Submit blog and website to all search engines that accept submissions and get indexed.

3. Add blog or website to all free review sites:-
Submit website or blog to free website review sites.These site will honestly review blog or websites and link back to targeted site.

4. Add blog or website to Social Media:-
Submit each and every post to social bookmarking sites such as Twitter,Facebook, Digg,stumble,Google+ etc.

5. Add blog or website to article directories:- Submit articles to article directories like article base and associated content.This will help get backlinks,traffic and if the article is unique it will be ranked high in search engines with a link to targeted website.
6. Write Guest Posts to higher PR blogs or websites:-
Some people say that writing articles related to a particular topic like WikiPedia,Wikimapia ,squidoo,Hubpages etc with blog or website url in the article can increase traffics a lot and can be very beneficial for website or blog.

7. Create pages for website or blog in social media:-
Crate a page on social media like myspace, facebook,Google Plus,Bebo and add blog's new posts to the update stream on the home page of all fans.

8. Add website or blog in Ping roll rss:-
Ping the blog or website in various ping sites which will inform the search engine about updates of the site.

9. Add blog or website in Video community:- Video community websites like youtube,metacafe, videofy,dailymotion and upload related how-to videos and other videoes related to targeted websites or blog with targeted site url to description.


10. Add blog link to forum signature:-
Join various related forums and add blog or website link to signature option. Make as many posts as it can and build targeted backlinks.

11. Give Feedback to comments:-
Comment feedback will notify the updated comment on the post and any replies and this will bring a lot of users back to targeted blog or website.

12. Add Social Share button:-
Add social bookmarking button to make it easy for readers and visitors to submit blog post to social bookmarking sites like Google+,twitter, stumble,digg,facebook etc.

13. Add Blog or website to Free classified sites:-
Free advertising website such as craigslist, clickindia,olx,backpage to post ads about blog articles or blog in related categories.

14. Add Interview of successful bloggers and webmasters:-

Publishing of successful bloggers or webmasters interview will bring a lots of traffics with quality readership.
15.Leave comment on others blogs or websites:- Leaving comments on blogs in related niches or any niche is now a fashion but do not spam any where.Never mention about own blog or website.
These 15 are not the end.It has a lots of things to do by a blogger or webmaster to get attention of Google Search engine as well as others too.

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  1. Informative blog post for newbie as well as experienced bloggers and webmasters too.

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  4. Thanks for sharing a nice and great informative post about attention of search engines , I sure if any blogger act upon these 15 steps he can be successful in creating many back links and he can promote his blog very well in search engines.


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