Major highlighting points of the keywords in success for the bloggers & webmasters to optimize blog posts & webpages

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Keyword optimization is one of the highest grossing word for bloggers and webpage writers.A lots of cheges have come out recent days by the search engines algorithms.But most of our bloggers and webmasters don’t know the meaning of keywords as it is seen that bloggers and webpage writers have dropped a few words neither relevant to the post nor having any positive impacts on content.Recently it is carried a survey on keywords for bloggers by the Admin of Perfect BloggersTech.keywords in success

Here the survey report for the bloggers and webmasters on use of keywords in blog post or WebPages.Major highlighting points of the keywords in success for the bloggers & webmasters to optimize blog posts & webpagesare summarized here thoroughly.
1.What is key words:-
Keywords are words or phrases that are anticipated searchers would use to find any topic or product from targeted blog or website.They describe what the site or post is about,and help search engines find the targeted post.It means that when someone types that word into a search engine,targeted site will appear somewhere in the results.
2.Use of keywords:-
Keywords can help search engines find targeted blog/blog post and understand what it’s about.Search engine crawlers check first the keywords only to understand the blog or website.
3.Keywords in a number of places:-
Keywords can place in various places such as blog name,meta tags,meta description,article headline,sub headers within blog post and words in blog post body section.
4.Seamless use of keywords:-
Keywords should be woven in as seamlessly as possible.It may be difficult at first,but with practice will get the hang of it.Don’t use so many keywords that it looks unnatural to blog post readers.Don’t write post only for search engines,but continue to write blog post to read well for readers which gives a blow jobs for future permanent visitors.
5.Better Rank Keywords:-
Use keyword /keyword phrases that have less competition.Google’s keyword tool is one of the best tool to search for different words and phrases and see how competitive they are. Aim for phrases that are less competitive so that can get ranked higher for those words and thus attract more visitors. One thing remember that never choose such keywords which has a few searches globally per month.
6.Mix Up keywords:-
Mix up keywords are less competitive so go to any keyword tool and find the relevant keywords such as Google’s keyword tool and also try flipping phrases around. Look up synonyms to see if they are less competitive.
7.Long tail keywords:-
Longer and more focused your phrase is,the higher chance will convert the reader into using the site.The longer someone has been searching for something,the more focused his search phrases will be.And the more serious he is about finding and buying something.So it should try to use a phrase(at least two words) because the visitor wants the website is also probably using a longer phrase.
8.Overload keywords:-
Use natural keywords has the better chance to crawling by the search engine spider.Using keywords in head and sub headers help the spider crawling post or pages understand what it is about.Here it remember that it doesn’t look like it was trying too hard to get picked up in a search engine. Moderation is key and it wants to look natural and Be careful not to litter blog or website with keywords, as this can have a negative effects and might make the blog/website appears spammy.
9.Limitation of keywords:-
Over stuff of blog post may cause bad impact on search engine or readers or both. Over stuff covers post title or meta tags with a lots of keywords.Meta description makes sense for visitors to read. Keyword optimization is only a part of good search engine optimization, others factors such content,layout,niche etc also impact on SEO.
10.Real Time genuine keywords:-
Real time keyword is one of the most essential factor of search engine optimization but maximum bloggers and webmaster don’t much more about real time keywords.“What is now and what was” is the main base of real time keywords.So choosing real time keywords to get speedy attention of search engine.
Professional bloggers and webmasters backs bread and butter from blogging so they must take attention to get speedy attention of search engine of their blogs or website as well as posts and articles.Well geneuine search engine optimization can brings more traffics to the blogs or websites.Blog and website stability depends on visitors and visitors are come for real time data as they are in search. It needs to give attention pick up more traffic with a good layout,good content,and backlinks.

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