Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Can Offer Blogging Consultancy To Newbie Bloggers as Career Supplement

Blogging has already become a fashion to common internet users to internet savvy where content is king and SEO is the queen.It is seen recent days that a lots of bloggers by writing a few articles and claim as fully professional blogger but very few bloggers know the real facts of professional blogging.So they don't know the methods of blogging but hesitated to ask in public.Today i am going to discuss the professional bloggers consultancy which can help those bloggers to understand professional blogging to continue in large challenging career of the virtual world.Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Can Offer Blogging Consultancy To Newbie Bloggers as Career Supplement.
Blogging Consultancy To Newbie Bloggers
Professional bloggers consultancy can offer the facilities to a blogger via online and offline. Professional Bloggers & Webmasters Can Offer Blogging Consultancy To Newbie Bloggers as Career Supplement to earn more from online. 
A.Scope of  Blogging Consultancy :-
1.How to Beat Google Panda
2.How to Research Keywords
3.How to optimize Keywords
4.How to generate Backlinks
5.How to reach Social media
6.How to Deal Business in Blog
7.How to Monetize blog
8.How to blogging platform(WordPress,blogger, webly,webs etc training).
B.Methods of 
Blogging Consultancy:-

A Blog consultant can give one on one interaction to easily understand the real facts .A blog consultant will be doing it live or via will be sharing desktop,where blogger can learn all about Keyword research,optimization and learn some of the case studies which has done to others bloggers by the experienced consultant.He/She will give the chance to blogger to write post instead of worrying about search engine optimization. 

C.Reach of Blogging Consultancy:-

The knowledge which A blog consultant will be sharing won’t find in the book or some guides. That includes Blog marketing,Blog optimization, Keyword research,SEO and blog monetization and revenue generation methods.

D.Benefit of Blogging Consultancy:-

Every Blogger has the most common problem which is faced is by taking the blog to next level and it is not going to be easy and failing and learning is not an option every-time.A blog consultant can help Bloggers to learn all basics of Blogging and SEO,and become a professional like the consultant.

E.Conclusion Blogging Consultancy:-

Bloggers Consultancy can open two ways benefits to the bloggers.One is that help newbie to learn and earn more and secondly experienced professional can earn more via consultancy fees from newbies fellow bloggers.
[N.B.:-Newbie bloggers can contact me for blogging consultancy for free **condition apply]

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  1. Really A very Nice Article and one can make good money by offering such services...

  2. Blogging consultancy has a bigger scope in virtual world to earn more money and fame as almost 70% bloggers need to learn how to do it.

  3. Khawaja Muhammad AdilNovember 14, 2012 at 9:29 AM

    Great idea Mian uddin. I really liked this idea.

    We often see that websites marketing blog learning through recorded videos and PDF's. But providing customized consultancy is really great. Main Uddin, Can you suggest the way of consultancy. Should we use simple emails or skype for live consultancy or there any advanced ways which can be utilized for this Purpose.

    Following this post to get your valuable suggestion about this.


  4. Thanks brother , You can use Skype free and premium service , msn live and Facebook is also a great platform to consult with clients.

  5. I Have Sent U My Blog Url Plzz help mee :)


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