Professional Bloggers & Webmasters major factors in Global Strategic Partnerships


Professional Blogging is a part of global marketing management as Professor Warren J. Keegan has stated in his book “Global Marketing Management”.He has dedicated one of the chapters to cooperative strategies and Global Strategic Partnerships (GSP).Initially Mr. Keegan refers to Kenichi Ohmae“In a complex, uncertain world filled with dangerous opponents,it is best not to go it alone”. However,that is followed by Michael Porter’s “Alliances as a broad-based strategy will only ensure a company’s mediocrity,not its international leadership”.Today I am going describe the global strategy of Blogging on GSP factors to create influence on visitors and readers.Check it out about Professional Bloggers & Webmasters major factors in Global Strategic Partnerships.

Professional Bloggers & Webmasters major factors in Global Strategic Partnerships

I think that Professional Bloggers & Webmasters major factors in Global Strategic Partnerships will help the bloggers to start co venture(s).
1.Local partnership making:-
It is not very easy task to making partnership with local.The word reflects for particular niche expert individual(s)or company(s).It seems that it is much easier to penetrate the blogging market with the help of a local partner.Definitely,under such an agreement New Entrant can overcome some barriers to enter like local distribution channels and relationships with local authorities and suppliers to make and promote contents.
2.Upside of an alliance:-
Upside of an alliance is that a New Entrant will get not only a partner but also somebody who has knowledge of the local culture and is aware of the local practices that are clearly beneficial.Finally,some of the blogging business-related tasks can be at least partially delegated to a local partner at a no or significantly low cost.
3.Limited access agreement:-
Professor Warren Keegan has stated that each party must will to sacrifice some control,but the whole venture may lead to strengthening a competitor.In many cases a local partner in emergent markets seeks to get access to a global blog/website resources and technology. Each party should understand that alliance is a long-term relationship.A proper management is one of the key success factors of any GSP.That is why the divisive issues between the partners must be identified in advance.Clear lines of authority must be established and formalized. Some conflict is to be expected even among successful collaborators. Recent publications in media highlight the situation which is unfolding around the relationships between the parties.
4.Right to decision:-
Decision depends on some major considerations. The decision makers will take into account an industry(s),an individual country(s),corporate values and social issues.By the same token,the journal raises a major question about the division of responsibility between corporate and political factors.Although authors may agree that the energy blogging business does not reward squeamishness,the central idea is stated explicitly – professional blogging job is to make money for its shareholders legally The Economist.
5.Tends to coverage and globalize:-
In modern world the blogging business tends to converge and globalize. The point we want to make is that bloggers should assess the situation and make their choices thoroughly. From Operational Risk Management’s perspective. Nevertheless,bloggers must have effective business continuity plans to respond to potential threats to their operations,visitors and traffic chains.Those threats can be embedded either into specific industry, dominated by 'unsavory state firms' or stem from a geopolitical situation in a given emergent virtual market.
6.Business continuity management :-
Recent survey carried by Marsh Risk consultancy said that business continuity management had given them a better understanding of their business Marsh Consulting.Many make decisions under the uncertainty.The political risks and local partners can interrupt the operations and even threat to overall business continuity. Only by compiling a massive data of each individual partnership and analyzing those can we answer the question of whether it is worth partnering in one meaning.So far it is a job of each blogger to assess the situation and to learn from each individual case they come across.

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  2. Things are changing. More and more people are becoming professional bloggers. In order to become more professional, things have to be done and the main one is partnership.

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