Top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue


It is going to increase the number of Professional bloggers and webmasters day by day.It is very easy task to become a blogger or website owner but it is very hard to become professional. Particularly when it comes to bag bread and butters from blog or website. 

Top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue

Website or Blog Portfolio as Niche-Specific Sites For Greater Profits.Today I am going to give top ten legal ways for bloggers to increase blog or website ads revenue.
1. Number of blogs and websites:-
It needs to increase the ads revenue of website or blog,it will eventually need to build more than one website.

2.  Specific Niche for each:-
It needs to create websites based around one specific,central topic,which enables to send more targeted traffic to them.

3.  Real Time Contents:-
Obviously,real time content increases the likelihood that visitors will be interested in the in real time related advertisements and therefore more likely to related clicks.

4.  Relevant multiple Keywords:-
Multiple properties means blogger or webmaster can optimize each site for specific keywords to rank them higher in the search engines.

5.  High lighted keywords:-
Even if blog or website only has one site and manage to rank it on the first page,chances are it is only going to rank that well for one keyword.
6.  Long-term gigs:-

A blog in order to maintain an online presence  or an opportunity for writers to express them.while it is difficult to create a blog of  own self that will replace a full-time income. The secret is becoming a professional blogger is that has to runs a lots far for that. Many blog owners want to find a blogger that will write for the site long term rather than querying an editor every few months,a blogger will post articles on a regular basis. 
7.  Publishing shorter articles:-
As we all know that there are a few time with human beings so short article may be a plus point to bloggers.Most blogging opportunities are long-term gigs,meaning that a blog can get a paycheck every month to supplement of the writing.The timeline can be one of the biggest differences as many blogs update once a day or Some even update multiple times a day.Most blogs focus on publishing shorter articles, with 500 words being a common post length.

8.  Landing the Best Blogging Gigs:-
Writing quickly is another important skill which needs to publish a new post every day or two to find stories,research them,and write them as landing like home page.For this reason, many bloggers choose to only take on writing for blogs that cover a topic they already know well.

9.  Specialization in controversy:-
A little controversial writing can help blog worthy to get more traffic with great attention while most blogging opportunities are responsible less long-term gigs.That flexibility has led to a growing number of traffic in blog or website.This little controversy will bring new tendency to the readers.

10. Promote little known social media:-

Social media has already become hot bed of society so many bloggers also go a step beyond and promote their posts elsewhere like social networking sites,other blogs,and anywhere else a blogger can find relevant readers.But Some freelance writers are uncomfortable with this element of blogging.Because social media sites are having a few quality readers or visitors and these leads low earning.There a little known social media is better for blog or website promotion as those site have only quality users.


Ads revenue depends on quality traffics and ads placing.On the other hand a good blog post routinely gets comments from readers,ranging from questions about the blog's topic to responses to the piece.It builds community and promotes readers to keep coming back. A good writer can learn the mechanics and style of blogging either writing and ads placing to generate more revenue from every words.

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  1. Traffic is important for a website. Equally important is legal and proper ways to generate traffic. Quality content combined with some social marketing will help. Thanks for this post.

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