Top ten ways to improve CTR of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize

Affiliate marketing one of the best way to monetize website or blog.But affiliate marketing success depends on some special factors.The affiliate product,either by placing banner,running PPC campaign,article marketing, or any other promotion method.It is all about click-through rate(CTR).Here is the Top ten ways to improve CTR  of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize.
Top ten ways to improve CTR  of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetizeThe power to attract potential buyers to the landing page lies in the ability to improve blog or website CTR in the affiliate promotion .Today I am going to discuss the Top Ten quick and valuable ways to improve CTR in of the affiliate promotion in blog or website monetize .  
1. Add testimonial:-
Testimonial works best to hook the visitors to ad,because it is a social proof that the product is delivering real result for real users.This method is best to be used with banner ads to get higher CTR.

2. Simple ad design layout:-
Make ad looks simple,yet inviting.Use only one or two colors in ad design.Make sure the layout is simple as well.This type of ad will stand out and people will tend to respond better with simple ad design.

3. Simple animation will boost CTR:-
Static banner ad can give you a good CTR,but animated banner will give more.However,keep the animation simple.

4. Never use merchant’s default ads:-
Always create a new ad for own affiliate promotion.Merchant’s default ad banners usually don’t deliver good response because there are too many people using them.

5. Match ad with website’s niche:-
Choose ads as own website or blog niche demands then it will give good response from visitors.

6. Address target audience:-
An ad message that addresses the targeted audience.Direct connectivity will respond better to ads.

7. Good landing page support:-
Landing page is one of the major factor to achieve higher CTR.Make sure to support the ad with a good landing page that will add more curiosity and interest in the visitors towards the affiliate product(s).

8. Emotional affect with ad:-
Most people act based on emotion.So try to touch visitors'emotion then they will usually respond better with the ad.

9. Placement analysis of ads:-
Ad placement will significantly affect the CTR, so find the best ad placement in own website or blog.Just open the homepage of own website and see which part of the website catches attention first.Place ad in that area.
10.Text link Ads:-
Text link with high relevancy will do the best for many promotion.In this way,the link will be a part of the site content,and people will click on it more easily than banner ads.
Those quick and valuable tips can be quick guide to get high CTR for the affiliate promotion to monetize blog or website.If any one wants to get more response from ads and eventually get more sales from the campaign, which means more money to bank account.I am not sure all times these tips work well but maximum cases have shown good results.Just apply those tips in affiliate marketing promotion to earn more from website and blog.

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