Most Essential 33 SEO Tools To Become Successful professional Blogger & Webmaster

Seo is one of the highly discussed matter for professional bloggers and webmasters.Here Most Essential 33 SEO Tools To Become Successful professional Blogger & Webmaster.Most Essential 33 SEO Tools

Most Essential 33 SEO Tools for success blogging:

A.The 3 Most Useful Domain Popularity Tools
Domain popularity tools extremely useful in knowing where you stand within a niche. Webmasters and bloggers use to know how the competition is performing his/her domain in internet.
If you were to be referred to a domain popularity tool Alexa is probably one of the first websites you’d be directed to.It has been running for over 15 years and for a good reason.There are many different numerical statistics that are handy.However the most important and used is the‘Alexa Traffic Rank’ which gives you a relative estimate of the websites traffic compared to others.
While not all websites are quantified under Quantcast,the ones that are certainly benefit. There is a large array of data available for the websites.One of the best things about Quantcast is the customer profiles that it has on its data sheet.
Compete is another nifty tool that allows you to see some estimated traffic data and traffic rank.It will show data for a lot of websites, however for websites with little to no traffic it’s unlikely you will have access to the data. For the websites that do have relevant data it’s very helpful.
B.Top 5 Backlink Analyzers
Analyzing yours and the competitions backlinks is vital to a successful SEO campaign.Backlink Analyzers present business owners and webmasters with a variety of opportunities ranging from partnering with other websites, reviewing website SEO performance and seeing the SEO strength of competition.
4.Majestic SEO
As a free tool Majestic SEO does a great job. It allows you to see the amount of referring domains and also the amount of external links for the page.
5.Backlink Watch
Backlink Watch is a backlink analyzer that is a bit different to others and this helps it stand out. Its main advantage is that it enables you to see if a competitors links are do follow or no follow and gives you the direct link towards them. This is great if you’re seeking an extra source of relevant backlinks that are relevant to your SERP position.
6.Open Site Explorer
It is quite surprising that the Open Site Explorer is free considering what you get with it. Firstly you have the ability to compare your website to the top five within the search engine for your specific phrase.
7.Seo Spyglass
Seo Spyglass is a downloadable tool that allows you to see the anchor text, the page rank and how many external links the links to your website has. One of the best things about this tool is the ability to filter the backlinks allowing you to see only from sources that you want to. This includes filtering for only link directories, blogs, forums, home pages and even the popularity from social media at the click of a button.
8.Link Diagnosis
Link Diagnosis is a backlink analysis tool that is designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox. It takes a while to generate the report but once it’s done it has some useful metrics at your disposal.
C.Top 5 Online SERP Checkers
Checking your Search Engine Result Position (SERP) is important as it allows you to track the success of your SEO efforts.
9.SEO Centro 
SEO Centro is a tool that I especially like due to the fact you don’t have to log in,it is free and you can even compare a keyword to a competitor’s website.SEO Centro is a SERP checker that gives results for Google,Yahoo and Bing as well as the competing pages each search engine has.
10.Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster tools have a tool inside that allows you to see the average position for all of your keyword phrases.Any keyword phrase that is getting impressions but not clicks appears on the table.This gives you the webmaster the opportunity to find keywords which are getting a lot of traffic but you are not ranking very well for.
11.Firefox Rank Checker
The Firefox rank checker is freely available to download from with use from
the Mozilla Firefox web browser.The great thing about this tool once downloaded is that it’s extremely simple to use.One extra feature that is quite impressive is the ability to save your keyword rankings and check them at a later date.
12.Rank Tracker 
Rank tracker is a great SERP checker and one that I use fairly often due to the accuracy and
options available.One of the main selling points of this software is the amount of different search engines that are made available for you to check the rankings for.
13.SEM Rush 
SEM Rush is a reporting tool that allows you to see the different reports and rankings for various keywords.It gives you data on the top 5 keywords bringing traffic to your website and what their current rankings are.
D.Good Black Hat SEO Tools
You should edge on the side of caution if you are to use black hat SEO tools.Although they can produce some pretty good results,Google doesn’t like what they do as they feel it’s ‘gaming the system’.This can cause your web pages to suffer a rank drop thus causing your traffic to fall.
Xrumer is a tool which allows the owner to blast their own website with forum links targeting the selected keywords.This is a way to increase the webmasters search engine rankings as Google sees the new links coming to the website.This is possibly one of the most black hat tools out there.
Scrapebox is a black hat SEO tool which allows you to‘scrape’domains across the web and use
it for competitor analysis or link building acquisition.One of the things you can do with this tool is actually post thousands of blog comments on your own blog to make yours look popular or even post it on other websites to get more links.
16.Traffic Booster Pro V3
Auto blogging is a black hat area that a few have used successfully while others have failed.The Traffic Booster Pro V3 is a tool which allows you to get content from many different sources(including different languages)and use it as an auto blogger.This means you can generate content quickly and easily.
17.The Best Spinner
The Best Spinner allows you to spin your content so it won’t be deemed as duplicate and will thus appear in the SERPS. This is useful when you’re submitting to different article directories and are looking for different links back.There is no guarantee how long this tool will be functional due to the fact search engines are placing less and less importance on directories.On the other hand it may still be useful for other blogs that you wish to publish to.
18.SE Nuke
SE Nuke is a tool that has different black hat aspects inside. The first one includes a built in spinning engine which bypasses Google’s duplicate content filter,the second is one a tool which allows you to submit your video to the top 14 video websites.
19.Sick Submitter
Sick Submitter allows webmasters to submit their websites automatically via forums, bookmarks,directories and RSS feeds.Due to this the tool uses many proxies and allows users to actually swap the ones they are using.
20.Tweet Attacks
Tweet Attacks is a black hat tool that allows users to tweet people who have spoken about your specific product.
21.Unique Article Wizard
Unique Article Wizard is a piece of software that is used a lot within the internet marketing community.This is because it submits all of your articles to thousands of directories providing your website with thousands of backlinks.Having this amount of backlinks is good if your website is established,but if it’s new then it’s best to take it slowly and make it submit at a lower rate.
22.Bookmarking Demon
Bookmarking Demon allows the webmaster to create backlinks by utilizing the power of social bookmarking.Many webmasters have stated it can be pretty effective at gaining a few ranks but isn’t as effective when it comes to the top spots.
23.Market Samurai
Market Samurai could be considered black hat due to the fact it allows you to do so much. There aren’t too many shady tricks with this tool but it has excellent keyword research tools and also a fantastic SERP checker that enables you to keep track of your websites on a daily basis.
D.The Best 5 Keyword Research Tools
Proper keyword research can mean the difference between success and failure,especially when it comes down to niche websites.
24.Google Keyword Tool
The Google Keyword tool was always going to be mentioned in this list and this is notably due to two main factors. The first factor is that since it’s owned by the largest search engine in the world most of the data is going to be extremely reliable.This means that all your results will be more likely to be correct and applicable to the specific search engine. The second factor is that it’s free and allows for even more scope if you have a Google Adwords account.
Wordtracker is a great keyword research too that gives estimates into the amount of competition each phrase gets while also estimating the daily searches.
26.Market Samurai
Market Samurai is a keyword research tool popular with internet marketers.
27.SEO Spyglass
Even though some webmasters may state SEO spyglass is mainly a backlink tool it does offer something with regards to keyword research as well.It gives a unique experience and gives you keyword suggestions for your site based on the anchor text and current backlinks that are pointing to it.
28.Keyword Discovery
One of the great things about Keyword Discovery is that it compiles data from across all the different search engines and puts it in its database.One of the key benefits of this software is the‘analyse’function where you can view a percentage of searches that generated a click, this will give you great insight into the potential of a keyword.
E.5 great SEO forums
Forums can give you a vast array of knowledge on specific topics,and that’s no different when it comes to SEO.Many knowledgeable people gather on the forums and share advice and many new discoveries are made by the members.
29.V7N Forums
The V7N forums are a great spot for webmasters to learn SEO related things.It’s a forum for webmasters but its SEO section is one of the most helpful around.With many members being there for many years there’s plenty of rich advice to be given out freely.
30.SEO Chat Forums
When you want a SEO forum that has many different topics and categories then the SEO chat forums is where you should be heading.One of the great things about the SEO chat forums is that it has many sticky threads that help webmasters such as‘Google Crawling and Indexation 101.This can be great for beginners looking to get information quickly.
31.Warrior Forum SEO Discussion
The Warrior Forum is known to be the hot spot for all things to do with marketing and that includes search engine optimization as well. New threads are created there daily and most of the threads have many replies.
The SEO forums have a large user database that frequently interact there.Many of the threads have plenty of views and always have at least a couple of answers to the question.
33.Digital Point Forums
The Digital Point Forum is one of the most popular webmaster forums on the internet. It has a large span of topics to help the webmaster and most categories usually have to do with Marketing or SEO. There are many experienced members here that can help with large aspects of SEO ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Link Development. One of the main benefits of being a Digital Point member is that helpful threads such as lists of directories or tools are often created.
Here you have the top 33 SEO tools based on helpfulness,activity and scope of topics.Using these tools wisely can grant you to a whole new host of information on SEO.They can also be great on certain topics where you’re stuck to gain great success in search engine optimization,search engine marketing and social media optimization.

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Social Media Share Through Visibli Gives Identity Of Bloggers & Webmaster Of The Links

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Social media has become more powerful than any other form of publicize.Visibli is one of such Social media networking site which insights to target any audience/visitors/customers. Visibli is a Social Marketing and Analytics platform that helps you optimize your social media engagement.In simple words,it provides detailed statistics including number of clicks each link receives giving you insights about what your audience like the most and helping you in optimizing and streamlining your engagement with them.All the features that I am going to discuss are available for free use.It has a Paid version also but that just goes over the top,only for those that are like very deep into Social Media.
Social Media Share Through Visibli
It known to all bloggers and webmasters that sharing is the most fundamental act which drives traffic to blogs or websites.The only beneficiary in this process is the content being shared and not the person sharing it.This is exactly what Visibli does which is known to a few bloggers and webmasters.It creates links with a fixed bar present on the top of the content,something similar to Digg and StumbleUpon.That bar can include a loads of things including Links,Like button,Twitter button,RSS Feed tickers and many more.It also has some really interesting options which can make you a shareaholic by heart.Today I am trying to know about Visibli and it's working methods?

Process to get started started with Visibli:-

A.Go to

Login(In case you have not registered then register firstly either using Facebook or Twitter account)
Social Media Share Through Visibli  

B. Facebook Login option:-

Click the Sign In with Facebook button and give all the necessary Permissions,It is redirected to the main settings page of user account.
Social Media Share Through Visibli

C. Customize Bar option:-
Social Media Share Through Visibli

D. Choose Bloggers Bar:-

Now a array of options will appear to choose from.Firstly select a general format like for Bloggers or Agencies,etc and then choose the widgets to include in it.Lets choose the Bloggers Bar
Social Media Share Through Visibli

E. Enter URL:-

Now comes the part about choosing the widgets to be included in the bar,firstly the Link to your blog,hover over the Name and click the Edit option.Now enter your URL

F.Choose widget:-

For inserting any widget from the gallery , just drag it to your Bar.When you are Done just click the Save and Continue button and you will be redirected back to your main Settings page.
Social Media Share Through Visibli

G. Link Facebook & Twitter accounts:-

Now comes the task of linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts.The reason being so that you don't have to come back again and again to convert your URL.So from Now onwards,whenever a URL is posted on your Twitter account,it will automatically contain the Engagement Bar beforehand.
Social Media Share Through Visibli

H. Authorize the Applications:-

We will be connecting the Twitter Account in the example,Under the Social Settings click the Connect Twitter Account option and you will be redirected to a page to Authorize the App.Now your Twitter account is connected.Now you will be presented with options like whether to Change links from services like Foursquare,etc and also whether you want the bar to appear in the first place or just want the statistics. Save after you are done.Now all links(expect ones present in tweet beginning with(@)will have this Bar in them and a custom URL.
Social Media Share Through Visibli

I. Start Sharing:-

Now you are all set and start sharing what ever you want to share.

J. Check Analytics:-

You can monitor the sharing and take a performance report of your shares.
Social Media Share Through Visibli
One of the Core functionalities provided by Visibli ,it keeps tracks of all the links shared via Visibli (And the Connected Social Networks) and also provides the number of clicks each of these receives.It also has some other interesting features like Top Reshared and Real-Time stats.To access it,go to Analytics Tab present in the Top Menu
Connect your account
Social Media Share Through Visibli
In case you want all your URLs turned into short URL,you can directly connect your account with Visibli.To do that just go to the following URL and enter your Bit.Ly login and Bit.Ly API Key(In case you don't know them, refer this ).Similarly you can connect Visibli directly with Tweetdeck and Seismic
Autopost Tweets to Facebook
Social Media Share Through Visibli
The normal option to post Tweets to Facebook (present in FB settings)will cause problem of double posting,To solve that go to Twitter to Facebook option and select the Facebook page to post your Tweets to.


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Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics & higher Google rankings for new post or web page

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Professional bloggers and webmasters are always thinking a matter towards their new blog post or webpage as how to promote it and get a tone of visitors on it to boost the SERP and Google Pagerank for that post or web page.Today I am going to discuss top ten key steps to get higher Google rankings for new post or web page.
Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics

These top ten steps are followed by me to boost the traffics from various source.As it is known to all that no one really know what step works best or what steps Google puts more weight on,but what I do know,is if you do them all you will see your blog ranking higher.Here is the top ten key steps to get higher Google rankings for new post or web pagefor boosting tons of unique traffics.Just wait for Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics.

A.Keywords In Title Tags:-
It is noticed that the most important and simplest thing to do no matter what niche your blog is in.Your title tag must be consistent with content in the page or post for best results.This is a less is more kinda thing, since having to many keywords in your title tag will have a negative effect.
B.Quality Anchor Text:-
SEO professionals believe that having quality anchor text links coming into your blog is important and I agree with them.Since that is the link people chose to click to come to your blog.Keep your anchor text targeted to the page the link is going to.If your anchor text link is for SEO Tips,then you want to make sure the page they go too is about SEO Tips.
C.Link Popularity:-
Link popularity basically means,how many links you have coming into your blog.The more incoming links you have the higher your Google rankings will be.But,what is more important then the amount,is the quality of those links. Meaning you want to have high PR sites linking to your site.So if you’re blog is a PR 2 then you want to share all PR links but focus more on PR 2 and above.Quantity is good,but Quality links are best.
D.Keywords In Body:-
Make sure that keywords are within your body, top,middle and bottom.It is important that the keywords used in HTML text on page match with keywords used in the site’s meta data and title tags.Again,less is more likes so DO NOT stuff keywords,Google will slap you hard for this.
E.Promote Internal Links:-
It is better to offer links that direct visitors to helpful,related content.This can be as simple as having a related post plugin to share 3-6 related post links after your readers read a post.You can also have links in your sidebar that shares the most important resources with your readers.Internal linking is important to having your readers easily find the most helpful information quickly,and Google views on-site links as a sign that visitors like what they see and want to learn more.
F.Make Niche Friends:-
Google likes to see links from blogs in your niche.If your blog about blog tips and you share blog tips,then other blogs in your niche will link to you,now if your blog about blog tips,yet you don’t talk about blog tips,then blogs in your niche will not link to you.So Google views this as proof that you are a good resource for blog tips,and a good place to send searchers to get more info on blog tips.
G.Hold Old Links:-
Google likes old links from one site to another,it shows a happy relationship between sites.The older the link,the more trust it has.Usually it takes 3-4 months for Google to see that link as a long term happy relationship .So this is one time when“newer is NOT better”.
H.Drop Page Load Time:-
This is become a big thing lately,getting your blogs page load time down as low as you can will make your visitors happy and now it makes Google happy.Having a page load time of under 3 sec seems to be a all around good time.Again Google likes blogs that offer value to readers ,the more value you offer the better your Google rankings.No one knows how important this is in rankings,but we do know it is now a criteria they look at,so why not drop your load time.
I.Better continuous activeness:-
The longer your blog has been online the better,I noticed a small difference in my rankings when my blog past the 3 year mark.
So be patient,if you can get past that one year mark,your rankings will get better.
J.Social media share and bookmarking:-
Social media one of the hot bed of traffics so it is better to share more and more social media website and bookmark as much possible. such as facebook,twitter,digg,stumbleupon, pinterest etc.    

These are my personal experience which are found better result for my blogs and websites.I am not sure either it will work for your site or blog.But I am sure it will help to get promoted you as a blogger or webmaster.

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Top Ten Behaviors To Become Successful Social Media Marketer By Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

It is known to all the bloggers and webmaster as well as common internet users that social media has become one of the best media of communication in present world.In fact,all of us bloggers and webmasters are supposed to be the masters of this furry.Social media marketing is a new concept of business world.  

Become Successful Social Media Marketer

Become Successful Social Media Marketer ::

So I am trying to point out the Behaviors of a social media marketer to develop a social media footprint for small or medium business valuable lessons.Top Ten Behaviors To Become Successful Social Media Marketer By Professional Bloggers & Webmasters.
A.Friendly and non judgmental:-
Never care who or what your audiences are?Such as white,black,tall,short,a celebrity,etc. Always think as all are the same.There is no better way to develop trust portals,grow your reputation,and build your small business social media footprint than being open and honest.

B. Consistent:–
If you are attempting to develop your small or medium business reputation in the social media, consistency is key for the success.

C. Eager:–
Always be excited on your works that is akin to someone who is being tasered.If you are passionate and excited about what you are doing it’s going to resonate with your followers, friends,and fans in social media.

D. Happy:–
Always be happy either your business going good or bad days,but very few brands and small businesses pull off sulky and desultory well.

E. Helpful:–
Bloggers and webmasters have to be helpful and obliging others before seeking assistance for yourself.No matter how big you get,always try to be helpful towards the world.

F. Smart:–
Original,smart,and thought provoking ideas will help spread awareness of your small business in social media towards fans and friends.

G. Playful:–
Never become too much seriously and you should not either in social media marketing strategy.

H. Loyal:–
If you have followers and fans who continually support your work,repay them by being loyal in return.Simply we can say that feedback is one of the major factor.

I. Persistent:–
Failures are the pillars of the success.So never become dis hearted with any fail attempts to achieve the target.

J. Short listed review:–
Review of any work is one of the another major factor.Review can help to find out the negative and positive points if bloggers and webmasters.

Social media marketing is one of the high job in the virtual world of internet.Social media marketers should have to follow the above top ten personal Behaviors.

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Easy Five Steps To Get More Traffic & Become Popular Bloggers With Syndication of Posts

Some most important queries are come normally from the bloggers such as “What are the things makes a blog popular?,What drives page views? Why visitors come to your blog?,"These are the questions that we have been trying to answer over the last few months.We were on a mission to dig into the data and analyze the strongest parameters that influence the flow of visitors to WordPress blogs.
Easy Five Steps To Get More Traffic 

Free and Easy Five Steps To Get More Traffic :

Out of the 40+ million blogs on, they are randomly selected a sample of almost 100,000 blogs to perform a regression analysis. Here are our findings,together with a few recommendations.Here 5 tips are given to the professional and non bloggers.Easy Five Steps To Get More Traffic & Become Popular Bloggers With Syndication of  Posts
1.Create a blog easy to follow:-

It almost sounds obvious,but the simplest way to build more awareness is to make it easier to do so.Make sure that you have the follow widget as visible as possible.If your readers receive a notification every time you post,or see your post in their reader,there is a much higher chance that they will revisit your blog.
2.Comments others posts:– 

The most successful blogs,we found,created and encouraged a dialogue with their readers.The best way to make people more engaged with your writing is for you to engage back and start a conversation.In your posts,encourage people to comment.Also,make sure that you reply to people’s comments and continue the dialogue. This back and forth conversation is a significant driver of page views,holding all else equal,every additional comment can potentially drive up to 18 incremental page views!

3.Post Frequently and Regularly:–

Your readers want to know that you are there for them and that you are“on it”.If you post frequently and regularly and have enabled the follow feature as we mentioned above,checking your blog could become a daily routine for your readers.Even if it’s a short post,write something new as frequently as possible,and at regular intervals.(The Daily Post can help with ideas,as can the advice on how to get more traffic)

4.Conclusion part asking:-

You can start by simply asking follow-up questions at the end of each post:”have you ever done X?do you think Y is acceptable?”.You can read some more thoughts on how to build your audience and how to get more comments.

5.Syndication to social media:-

significant effect of syndicating your post to Twitter and Facebook,Google+,Pinterest(using Publicize),for example,could lead to additional page views.


While these five tips were shown to be the most important drivers of page views in our analysis ,you might consider other parameters,which I have found as having a partially helpful to drive traffics.  
Special Thanks from Admin:-

I want to give special thanks to Kristina Chang,Evan Moore,Tony Xu,and Omer Rabin those are students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business who help to prepare this blog post.

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Major 7 Factors of Manual Link Exchanges are bad for Search Engine Ranking

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Major 7 Factors of Manual Link Exchanges are bad for Search Engine Ranking.This post may cause some controversy as some people still indulge in manual link exchanges.However,much evidence suggests that they are inconvenient,time consuming and ineffective.

[caption id="attachment_1421" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Amit Agarwal :: Major 7 Factors of Manual Link Exchanges are bad for Search Engine Ranking"]Manual Link Exchanges are bad for Search Engine Ranking[/caption]

Below are 7 reasons you should think twice before using manual link exchanges.Specially Google normally penalized manual link exchanges.

1.Extremely Time Consuming:-

There is no doubt finding quality links from websites can be hard.Many won’t respond and more often than not you’ll find yourself feeling frustrated. In business time is money and you need to make sure you’re making as good as a return as possible. If the return is likely to be low then you could be finding time to do activities which could bring in more money instead.

2.Links Can Be Lost Easily:-

Unfortunately web pages aren’t on the internet forever. Web owners could sell their domains, have it expire or have an error with their content management system.In some cases they may not even be aware of it! This is an issue for you as you’ve spent time to contact the owner and also put a link out from your website.If you’re putting a link out to an expired website,the search engines might even go as far to think your site is of low quality.

3.Most Are Low PageRank:-

Just because a websites homepage has a PageRank of 4 doesn’t mean that all of its pages are going to carry that rank as well.Pages are assessed individually on a website and only carry the link weight of the specific page when a link is passed.This means most pages you get a link from will be PageRank 0 meaning little to no influence on your SEO rankings.Automatic Backlinks only gives you PageRank 1 backlinks and above,and these are all from context relevant pages.

4.Site Could Take Part in Spammy Practices:-

Looking at a websites exterior won’t be enough justification as to whether they are legitimate.Some websites take part in some real dodgy activity that you must keep an eye out for.If you’re getting a link from a bad neighbourhood or even linking out to one,it could do you more harm than good.

5.Website Owner Could Be Untrustworthy:-

As well as taking part in spammy link practices,website owners could be untrustworthy and not give you what you expected.This will be most common with competitors who will use sneaky tactics such as cloaking or blocking the page. Examples of this would be using the no follow tag in the html or blocking the page to search engines using the robots.txt file.

6.The Need To Manage All Links:-

When you get to a certain stage of manual link exchanges you’re going to have a large list that you both get links from and link to. The downside of this is that you’re going to have to manage all of it,you’ll also have to ensure that the webmasters that you have on your list are still playing fair.If you own a large array of websites and use this SEO practice,it could turn out to be a real headache.

7.Google Isn’t A Fan Of Reciprocal Links:-

It’s been known for a while now that Google has caught onto reciprocal links,Matt Cutts talks about SEO mistakes on his blog.Making sure your links are coming from context relevant websites that have trust is still as important as ever.
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The world population of the internet users and the growth of twice in a gap of 5 years

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Virtual world of the internet now has become one of the major media of communication across the world.Similarly the number of Internet users is growing worldwide and it has reached 2.27 billion,almost exactly twice what it was in 5 years ago,1.15 billion.It is known to all that the Internet is big,but this kind of growth really puts things into population of the internet users

The world population of the internet users :

Today I am going to give an account of the world population of the internet users and the growth of twice in a gap of 5 years.The Internet population has been swelling rapidly since the arrival of the World Wide Web (www).It is human nature to get used to changes ,so most of us have a tendency to forget how rapidly the world has changed,and keeps changing.And as the Internet population grows,so does the potential size of online services.One example of this extreme evolution is Facebook.Last year we noted that Facebook now has more users than the entire Internet had back in 2004,the year the social network was founded.
Let’s see what has happened with the Internet population in the last five years as it is doubled.Where did the changes come from,and what observations can we make.A closer look at the Internet population growth.It is a big world map at the start of this article tells much of the story,but if you like digging into the details you might want to read on.Since 2007,the global Internet population has grown by 1.1 billion.Where did those new Internet users come from?Here is a look:-
world population of the internet users

One of the big take-aways from this chart is that Asia not only has the largest Internet population, but that it is also growing the fastest by quite some margin.Here is how the number of Internet users has changed per world region in the past 5 years:-
1.Africa has gone from 34 million to 140 million,a 317% increase.
2.Asia has gone from 418 million to over 1 billion,a 143% increase.

3.Europe has gone from 322 million to 501 million,a 56% increase.
4.The Middle East has gone from 20 to 77 million,a 294% increase.

5.North America has gone from 233 to 273 million,a 17% increase.
6.Latin America(South & Central America)has gone from 110 to 236 million,a 114% increase.
Oceania (including Australia) has gone from 19 to 24 million,a 27% increase.

7.A few additional observations:-
Asia’s Internet population is now almost as large as the entire Internet population was 5 years ago.Looking at just relative growth,Africa and the Middle East have increased the most,quadrupling the number of Internet users in each region.2012 heralded two nicely even milestones.Europe passing 500 million Internet users,and Asia passing 1 billion.Europe is now twice as large as the United States in terms of Internet population.
8.A Moore’s Law for Internet user numbers:-
After reading this article,you might ask yourself if the Internet population doubles every 5 years?Kind of a Moore’s Law for the Internet.There is actually a kind of Moore’s Law for the Internet which states that the Internet doubles in size every 5 years,but it refers to infrastructure and not people. This was reported back in 2009,a discovery made by Chinese researchers.To see if something similar applies to Internet user numbers,we’ve examined Internet population changes from the past decade,and it does seem to indicate that we are following this pattern,at least roughly.For example,the jump from 2002 to 2007 was also roughly a doubling of the number of Internet users.That said,this is not really a law that scales.We are limited by the actual world population,which is not growing at the pace necessary to maintain such a trend in the long run.If we assume it works until every man,woman and child on the planet has Internet access,we would reach the limit before the end of this decade.
Though,it looks to be a rule of thumb we can use when trying to make future estimates,as long as those estimates are not too far into the future.After all,only one third of the world’s population has access to the Internet today.Just wait and see the what next!!
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Android is important But not the Business Pathway Says By the Google Incorporation's Chief Executive Officer(CEO)Larry Page

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Now this days the un crown emperor of the internet Google facing one to another legal battle with either home country base or aboard.Recent legal battle with Oracle due to Android service.The guardian reported that Google co-founder and chief executive officer(CEO)Larry Page spent nearly an hour in a federal courtroom(Wednesday)deflecting questions about his role in a copyright dispute over some of the technology in his company's Android software for smart phones. 
Android is important But not the Business Pathway

Android is important But not the Business Pathway ::

Page further proclaimed that he would have preferred to enter a business partnership with Sun Microsystems rather than going down their own path.Android is important But not the business pathway says by the Google Incorporation's chief executive officer(CEO) Larry Page.
The lawsuit stems from Google’s use of certain parts of Java in their Android mobile operating system.Oracle,who acquired Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion a few years ago,claims that Google didn’t obtain the necessary licenses to use Java in Android.The search giant says that Oracle can’t copyright certain parts of the open-source programming language.When asked if he could cite another company that had used the free part of Java without licensing,Page replied that he is not an expert on the subject.
Oracle was initially seeking damages as high as $6.1 billion but Google narrowed the claims down from seven to only two patent violations. Oracle is now seeking around $1 billion in total damages from the search giant.In a bit of related news,Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was on the stand the day before where he told the court that his company considered entering the smartphone market but didn’t have the in-house expertise to create their own device.They looked at RIM and Palm as acquisitions but determined the BlackBerry maker was too expensive and Palm wasn’t competitive enough. In hindsight,those decisions likely were the right ones.
Reuters expects the trial to last up to eight weeks under US District Judge William Alsup in the District Court,Northern District of California.Page left the courtroom smiling,but still didn't look completely relaxed.Maybe that's because the judge told him that Oracle would probably call him back to testify before the trial is over.

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Key methods to escape from Over-Optimization Penalty and linking by the Google Search Engine

Professional Bloggers and webmasters normally spend more time in Search Engine optimization than writing blog post.So normally it has gone over SEO by the nature.But recent update by the Big G (Google)over-optimization penalty and linking policy.Today,I want to change gears a little and expound on the over-optimization penalty and linking.By discovering what NOT to do,you can gain a better understanding of what TO do and find out specific SEO strategies that will make sense for your website or blog.Here the Key methods to escape from Over-Optimization Penalty and linking by the Google Search Engine.
escape from Over-Optimization Penalty

Key Methods to escape from Over-Optimization Penalty :

The internet is ablaze after nearly every internet marketing and SEO blog has been talking about Google’s recent changes and how the un crown emperor of the internet is annihilating sites and reaping the spoils.It is sure that no one knows Google’s exact algorithm or what Google is ready to penalize. All we can do is take what we know and apply its principles to the best of our ability.
And to help you in this endeavor,I have researched with three different experts who all had similar views on Google’s over-optimization penalty.We have discussed and reached a conclusion how they manage to increase rankings for their clients in the wake of the recent changes.
1.Cyrus Shepard:-
Cyrus Shepard,SEOMoz associate,created a video where he discussed,from personal experience, what causes sites to drop in rankings as it relates to over-optimization.
a.Keyword stuffing:-
Keyword stuffing is using too many keywords in text,images,and navigation links.According to Cyrus,there are also three areas to which Google pays attention,especially when marketers use too many keywords in these areas simultaneously.If your keywords are similar for all three,you will most likely see a decrease in rankings because it does not look natural.Title tag,URL,Inbound anchor text.
b.Link Profiles:-
Link Profiles one of the minus point of over SEO.Google announced it would be de-valuing administrative links which come from common sites linked to each other.Years ago,it was a normal SEO practice to buy dozens of keyword-rich urls and create mini-sites that linked to each other and to the main money site.According to Cyrus,this is over-optimization and website owners could face possible penalties or even de-indexing.
c.Link Balance:–
Any technique done excessively will be categorized as over-optimization.Cyrus suggests varying article directory links,blog commenting,and others to make it more natural.
As you are transitioning from beginner SEO to more intermediate SEO,Cyrus recommends not giving in to the temptation to over optimize, but instead creating great content.
d.Content Calendar:–
Whether daily,weekly or monthly,set a content creation schedule and stick to it.The constant flow of content will produce new long tail keyword opportunities.New content tells Google your site is relevant and it contributes to the freshness factors, which is one of the more recent Google algorithm updates.As you create new pages with new content,you have the opportunity to link back to your main site and older pages more often which tells Google to crawl them and to see them as relevant.Of course,this is not as crucial as external links,but it is still important.Creating content gives you what Cyrus calls Link Assets which refers to content to which webmasters want to link.
2.Carson Ward:-
Carson Ward,SEO consultant with Distilled, talks about building a legitimate link portfolio by eliminating low-quality links and avoiding over-optimization of anchor text.
He uses this image to discuss his reasoning:
over seo
Image Source:Seomoz
According to Carson,low-quality sites are, sites(and pages)that have little or no relevance,few incoming links,unnatural link portfolios of their own,and few branding signals.Having too much exact-match anchor text from legitimate domains is a hard thing to do,but it has happened through things like widgets with unnatural anchor text.Carson suggests building links with methods and strategies that are scalable and effective for the long term.Think about what makes you different from your competitors,discover your unique selling point,and ramp up your content marketing.Carson also mentions that building links from legitimate sources is hard and requires a lot of time and creativity.Because of the effort investment required,SEOs often turn to spammy techniques.At Distilled,content marketing is united with SEO efforts and looks like this:
a.Researching & identifying influencers and communities
b.Keyword research & analysis
c.Competitive content research
d.Creative content generation
e.Outreach and promotion
f.Analytics,measurement and tracking
g.List taken from the Distilled Blog

3.Jim Boykin:-
Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas sat down with Aaron Wall,founder of SEObook,to discuss linking and how SEO is changing in reference to over-optimization.Both Jim and Aaron are strong proponents of link building and they still believe it is one of the premier methods to gaining rankings.However,there is a right and a wrong way to build links.
Jim strongly believes in the power of the long tail.In his analysis of his clients’websites, in nearly 98% of the cases,no more than 5% of their traffic comes from short tail phrases. And the more content-rich pages they have,the more long tail keywords they get.He said that he wasn’t surprised by Google’s recent takedown of link networks since this activity is always going to happen as something gets too big or too popular.According to Jim,the popular short cuts of today are the popular penalized networks of tomorrow.There will always be someone who will create a network(of others sites they control,or their new friends control,or of near expired domains,or blogger groups,etc)and that someone will start selling links,and advertising,and it will catch on,and they will sell to everyone and it will become so interconnected that it will cause its own algorthymitic penalty,or it will get popular, and get the eyes of Google on it,and then it will get filtered,or there will be exact match penalties,or entire site penalties.Jim mentioned that quality link building takes a lot of time and effort and marketing,but that is the price to pay for rankings.Below is one of the exchanges where Jim talks about the role of content in getting high quality links.
over seo
Image ource:Seobook

Some marketers are chanting the death of SEO, but my notion that we can surmise that link building is still very much alive even with Google’s over-optimization penalty.

Admin's Vote of Thanks:-
Special thanks to Jenna Scaglione and Site for the cordial corporation in preparing this article.

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Top Ten Key Points of Professional Bloggers Personal Attributes To Become Successful


It is taking to every where in virtual world of internet about blog and bloggers but a few of us know what exactly means of blog.A blog is a personal journal which is published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first.Blogs are usually the work of a single individual,occasionally of a small group,and often are themed on a single subject.Blog can also be used as a verb,meaning to maintain or add content to a weblog or blog.Justin Hall,who began personal blogging in 1994.[Source: Wikipedia].

Top Ten Key Points of Professional Bloggers Personal Attributes To Become Successful

Now this days many people start blogging by assuming that if they follow the methods of successful bloggers,they hope that they will also become successful.Unfortunately,it is not that easy.It needs some personal attributes to become a successful bloggers.Today I am going to discuss a few personal attributes of a successful professional blogger.Top Ten Key Points of Professional Bloggers Personal Attributes To Become Successful.
1.Must be confident person:-
A confident person is not shy to approach and communicate with other people.They believe in themselves strongly.Although they can look around for role models,they also believe they can achieve those same results.

2. Let things bother around:-
It is seen that someone tells that the blog sucks,what would be owners reaction?Would owner get annoyed and discouraged,or would rather grow a tick skin and try to understand what could have caused such criticism.

3. Must finish works:-
There are many abandoned blogs over the Internet now this days.These are blogs mainly started by people who can’t handle the hard work.So,blogger must finish what bloggers have started.

4. Never give up easily:-
It is very easy to give up any work but hard to continue such work and solve the problems and rethink of the blog projection.It would be try different methods until blogger find the solution of the problems.

5. Must be disciplined:-
Blogger must finish a collection of tasks in a certain period of time.A blogger mind must be organized and able to follow through a plan.

6. Willingness of blog:-
Blogging is a very demanding process.Many people jump into it and fail miserably.It is seen only a few bloggers are making money with it,then the failure is imminent.

7. Entrepreneurial quality manner:-
A lot of people get into blogging for this sole reason of making money online and brand himself or herself as an 
Entrepreneur.It is hard to be in the blogging world and hear about how others are making money online and not want to have a piece of the pie. 
8. Communicator to help others:-
A blog is basically a means by which we can communicate with our readers.Communication is not only good for the blogger but also hopefully for the reader.A successful blogger wants to connect the audience.Replying to comments is very important and how methods of compassionate and helpful even high profile bloggers can be.

9. Creative mind to accept any result:-
Any one can make a blog anything which he/she wants it to be.But those are should be creative and unique and it will make the world of blogging great for the owner blogger.No blog is the same and it is simply up to the creativity of the blogger to make it that way.But the result may be positive or negative which easily can be accepted by the professional blogger.

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Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity


Google Incorporation is going to set another hot product named as Google Drive for users.The news broke earlier today stating that Google was set to launch the much-rumored Google Drive service as early as next week.The service is said to offer 5GB of storage space although that is also an unconfirmed rumor.Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity. Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity

Google‘s foray into personal cloud storage, Google Drive,is about to launch next week, according to a report from The Next Web. TechCrunch has discovered a Google Drive OS X app,which currently does nothing,but it’s also another indicator of an imminent launch.Citing a draft release from one of Google’s launch partners for the service,TNW claims the service will initially be free,giving out 5 GB of storage to every user.The details on how,exactly,Google Drive will integrate with your PC are scarce“desktop folder”integration on Mac and Windows machines is mentioned,but not explained.The launch date could very well be real.In February 2012,a report(with screenshots )said that the service is already live for some users,which usually means the official launch is coming soon.
Google’s biggest competitor in this field is Dropbox,which currently offers 2 GB of free storage to users.What do you think:Does Google Drive have what it takes to compete with Dropbox? What other features would you like to see from Google’s online storage service? As my own notion in this matter is that it will not fulfill the demand of Google users in near future. 

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Key Points Of Search Engine Optimization Ranking Signals For Bloggers & Webmasters

Search Engine Optimization Signal may be new words for the newbie bloggers and webmasters but experienced bloggers and webmasters doing it with more effective ness.Today I am going to discuss about major criteria of the Search Engine Optimization Signals.Key Points Of Search Engine Optimization  Ranking Signals  For Bloggers & Webmasters.
Key Points Of Search Engine Optimization  Ranking Signals  For Bloggers & Webmasters
It is a hard pill to swallow,but one that every blogger or webmaster must learn that sometimes brilliant high quality content will go absolutely nowhere.Every blogger is always looking for that magic ingredient that makes a piece of content go viral,but think of the millions upon millions of pieces of content that go live every day,most of them get hardly any attention.How much content did you consume in your quest to educate yourself before spending $800 on a new computer?You wanted to make sure you were making the right decision, so you turned to various forms of content to help your blog along the way.

Search Engine Optimization Ranking Signals

1.Uncover the Keywords That Deliver Traffic:-
Do you know which keyword phrases your visitors are using to search for your blog or services? It is very easy to make the mistake of coming up with a list of keywords that You would search for,but are they really the ones your potential visitors are using?Since keyword phrases are crucial for the entire optimization process,choosing the right keywords is essential.Rather than guessing and then optimizing your website for the wrong phrases, use Keyword Analysis to get them right the first time.
2.Expert Optimized Website Code:-
The keywords identified in the Keyword Analysis are used to optimize all important meta tags, producing keyword-rich title tags,description tags and keyword tags.SEO experts will also go through images Alt tags and text link tags to include your important keywords.It will be needed check your HTML for errors,ensuring that your website code can be indexed correctly by search engines.
3.New Links to Website Every Month:-
Google and other search engines use incoming links to measure the importance and credibility of your website.Each link to your website acts like a vote,the more sites voting for your web page,the more popular your website will appear to Google SERP.
4.SEO Reporting and Analysis:-
Detailed weekly or monthly reports will help your upcoming projection and content writing.It will aslo help to Keyword analysis breakdown including the search volume for each keyword
Details of the optimized Title,Description, Keywords,Alt and Text tags.A report detailing the profile links which were created.

SEO pioneer Mike Grehan reviews how keyword placement,then links,and now social signals have affected rankings on the search engines and what you should be doing now to boost your rankings.See the video for details here.

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