10 Key Factors Of Google Plus To Become Common Users Choice Via Recent Friendly Updates+

Google Plus is going going to another hot venture of Google Incorporation.Today I am going to give an account of Google Plus Hot topics and latest update mantras to getting more vast and deeper section of the society.
10 Key Factors Of Google Plus To Become Common Users Choice Via Recent Friendly Updates+

10 Key Factors Of Google Plus To Become Common Users Choice Via Recent Friendly Updates.
1.Extension time to Fix Profile Name:-
Allowing only real name by the Google+ and this has been a hot topic since the launch of Google Plus.Recently Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that Google+ is completely optional.In fact, many many people want to get in,if any person do n’t want to use it,then no need to do. Initially Google was closing all the profiles which were violating Google’s common name policy.Now they have started bit linear approach and allowing users to fix the name issue within 4 days grace period without shutting their account.Saurabh explains the policy in details in the video below.For more details check the video here.

2.Easy Chrome extension:-
Google Plus is a great way to share and recommend product or services with family & friends.Because +1 is still new,there are many websites and blogs have n’t installed it yet.
+1 button chrome extension has resolved this issue now and after installing this chrome extension any one can +1 any page on the web. For more details check the video here

3.Google Translate for Google+:-
Google + chrome extension can help you to translate Google + posts and comments into 50 languages using the power of Google translate.
You can get the extension here. For more details check the video here

4.Getting Friends on Google+ Got Easy:-
Google plus is still in beta and you can only join via invite. Previously to invite your friends you required their e-mail ID but now you can invite friends by simply sharing a link.See in the video below how you can do this.For more details check the video here

5.Share directly from the +1 button:-
Now you can share pages on to your Google + stream with out leaving the page, no more copy and pasting of the links is required.See how it works in the video here.

6.Start a Hangout Directly from Youtube:-
Hang out is one of my favourite feature on Google + and it is getting more interesting,any one can start the hang out directly from Youtube.For more details check the video here.

7.Profile verification badges:-
Google + profile verification has been started, currently Google is verifying profiles for public figures,celebrities and people with large following.For more details check the video here

8.Floating Google+ bar:-
This new feature will allow you to access your Google + bar controls no matter how deep and down you are in stream.Google+ bar float at the top of the screen when any one can scroll down. For more details check the video here

9.Collapse and expand comments:-
This feature can be a great time saver to get easily update those want or doesn't want.Now any one can easily chose to expand or collapse comments in your stream,which can really help you to navigate through your stream really quickly.For more details check the video here.

10.Google plus button on the mobile:-
Google plus mobile app is still available only for Android and iPhone.It was really annoying that you could not +1 any update so far when using Google plus via mobile.Now you can use +1 button from your mobile.For more details check the video here.

Google plus recent updates make more familiar and easier towards the common users.No doubt it will be the big big plus point for BIG G.Now more and more internet savvy to common users are shifting to Google plus for own purposes.


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