Advantage and Disadvantage Of Google Adsense For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

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Google Adsense is one of the highest popular Advertising network in the virtual world of internet.It is known to all that every professional bloggers and webmasters never miss to try it once but a few get over come from these juicy money earning programme served by the Google Inc.When ever any website or blog is generating good amount of hits then it may be think about to use Google AdSense advertising on it to generate income.AdSense has definitely hit the Internet like something never before and people are very excited about it.
Advantage and  Disadvantage Of Google Adsense

Advantage and Disadvantage Of Google Adsense ::

Today I am going to discuss a few Advantages and Dis advantages of Google Adsense.Here is my experiences about Advantage and Disadvantage Of Google Adsense For Professional Bloggers & Webmasters.
A.Advantages of Google Adsense
1.Great tool for small publisher:-
Google AdSense is generally a great tool for webmasters and bloggers who are looking for little income.Those have nothing to worry about how to raise enough money to keep their sites profitable,or at least keep them on-line those worries are gone.AdSense allows webmasters to forget about those worries and concentrate on creating good content for their sites.
2.Easy to customize:-
Google AdSense can also very well integrated with any website or blog and it is easily customizable in terms of colors,size and position which means it can experiment with it in any way as like to maximize income.
3.Non stop revenue:-
Google AdSense is a very good means of generating a constant revenue on site or blog. Just it needs to do is create some quality contents and keep it updated constantly.A lot of people are doing just that nowadays with AdSense,so it is become sort of a business in itself.
4.Unlimited use of Single account:-
Google Adsense program allows the same account advertising on all website and blogs'pages.This is great for webmasters with a lot of content because it means they do not have to create many accounts unnecessarily.
5.Normally easy payment method:-
Google Adsense allows directly bank deposit to the publishers(limited)and standard check delivery to door steps of the publishers.

Advantage and  Disadvantage Of Google Adsense    

B.Google Adsense has some disadvantages

1.Direct disabled:-
Normally there is no warning system in Google AdSense program.If Google Adsense finds any serious term violation then directly it closes publishers accounts forever.Most of the time this happens because of so called‘click fraud’which means somebody would be producing artificial clicks on blog or web pages.Either this is done by any individual(s)or competitor(s).
2.No direct customer support:-
Google Adsense has no direct customer support help line.If any publisher wants to clarify any thing then no one can say confirm the particular asking.Only help line is email contact but which is so long waiting reply even it needs upto 30 days.
3.No fixed revenue:-
The earning AdSense brings the site owner is by no means constant.It is a kind of pressure on the publisher(s)that has a negative impact on webmaster and blogger.If any site fail to attain traffic then it has no AdSense revenue.
4.Strict Landing page policy:-
Major problem is that blogger or webmaster constantly has to feed blog or website with better and better content.A few websites and blogs are very well geared towards doing this but with some types of content this is rather hard to achieve.Normally it not allowed any redirect visitors where Adsense ads are placed.
5.Auto approval & Disable system:-
Normally Google Adsense uses bot to approve new account and disabled existing account.It is clear that more than 50% approval and disabled are considered mistakes by the Google Adsense experts.
Google incorporation has a lots of products but Adsense is the one of the major source of income.Google allows other website owners to earn money from it's programme.Any blogger or webmaster wants to earn from Adsense then must Follow the Terms Policy of Google Adsense.My notion in this case is that before become a publisher surely learn the terms of policy from a to z which can help the publisher to stay long time with BIG G.

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