Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity


Google Incorporation is going to set another hot product named as Google Drive for users.The news broke earlier today stating that Google was set to launch the much-rumored Google Drive service as early as next week.The service is said to offer 5GB of storage space although that is also an unconfirmed rumor.Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity. Another Hot Product Google Drive Ready To Launch With 5 GB of Free Storage Capacity

Google‘s foray into personal cloud storage, Google Drive,is about to launch next week, according to a report from The Next Web. TechCrunch has discovered a Google Drive OS X app,which currently does nothing,but it’s also another indicator of an imminent launch.Citing a draft release from one of Google’s launch partners for the service,TNW claims the service will initially be free,giving out 5 GB of storage to every user.The details on how,exactly,Google Drive will integrate with your PC are scarce“desktop folder”integration on Mac and Windows machines is mentioned,but not explained.The launch date could very well be real.In February 2012,a report(with screenshots )said that the service is already live for some users,which usually means the official launch is coming soon.
Google’s biggest competitor in this field is Dropbox,which currently offers 2 GB of free storage to users.What do you think:Does Google Drive have what it takes to compete with Dropbox? What other features would you like to see from Google’s online storage service? As my own notion in this matter is that it will not fulfill the demand of Google users in near future. 

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  1. its really a very good news and new to me !! This is very good gift :)

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