Most Essential 33 SEO Tools To Become Successful professional Blogger & Webmaster

Seo is one of the highly discussed matter for professional bloggers and webmasters.Here Most Essential 33 SEO Tools To Become Successful professional Blogger & Webmaster.Most Essential 33 SEO Tools

Most Essential 33 SEO Tools for success blogging:

A.The 3 Most Useful Domain Popularity Tools
Domain popularity tools extremely useful in knowing where you stand within a niche. Webmasters and bloggers use to know how the competition is performing his/her domain in internet.
If you were to be referred to a domain popularity tool Alexa is probably one of the first websites you’d be directed to.It has been running for over 15 years and for a good reason.There are many different numerical statistics that are handy.However the most important and used is the‘Alexa Traffic Rank’ which gives you a relative estimate of the websites traffic compared to others.
While not all websites are quantified under Quantcast,the ones that are certainly benefit. There is a large array of data available for the websites.One of the best things about Quantcast is the customer profiles that it has on its data sheet.
Compete is another nifty tool that allows you to see some estimated traffic data and traffic rank.It will show data for a lot of websites, however for websites with little to no traffic it’s unlikely you will have access to the data. For the websites that do have relevant data it’s very helpful.
B.Top 5 Backlink Analyzers
Analyzing yours and the competitions backlinks is vital to a successful SEO campaign.Backlink Analyzers present business owners and webmasters with a variety of opportunities ranging from partnering with other websites, reviewing website SEO performance and seeing the SEO strength of competition.
4.Majestic SEO
As a free tool Majestic SEO does a great job. It allows you to see the amount of referring domains and also the amount of external links for the page.
5.Backlink Watch
Backlink Watch is a backlink analyzer that is a bit different to others and this helps it stand out. Its main advantage is that it enables you to see if a competitors links are do follow or no follow and gives you the direct link towards them. This is great if you’re seeking an extra source of relevant backlinks that are relevant to your SERP position.
6.Open Site Explorer
It is quite surprising that the Open Site Explorer is free considering what you get with it. Firstly you have the ability to compare your website to the top five within the search engine for your specific phrase.
7.Seo Spyglass
Seo Spyglass is a downloadable tool that allows you to see the anchor text, the page rank and how many external links the links to your website has. One of the best things about this tool is the ability to filter the backlinks allowing you to see only from sources that you want to. This includes filtering for only link directories, blogs, forums, home pages and even the popularity from social media at the click of a button.
8.Link Diagnosis
Link Diagnosis is a backlink analysis tool that is designed specifically for Mozilla Firefox. It takes a while to generate the report but once it’s done it has some useful metrics at your disposal.
C.Top 5 Online SERP Checkers
Checking your Search Engine Result Position (SERP) is important as it allows you to track the success of your SEO efforts.
9.SEO Centro 
SEO Centro is a tool that I especially like due to the fact you don’t have to log in,it is free and you can even compare a keyword to a competitor’s website.SEO Centro is a SERP checker that gives results for Google,Yahoo and Bing as well as the competing pages each search engine has.
10.Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster tools have a tool inside that allows you to see the average position for all of your keyword phrases.Any keyword phrase that is getting impressions but not clicks appears on the table.This gives you the webmaster the opportunity to find keywords which are getting a lot of traffic but you are not ranking very well for.
11.Firefox Rank Checker
The Firefox rank checker is freely available to download from with use from
the Mozilla Firefox web browser.The great thing about this tool once downloaded is that it’s extremely simple to use.One extra feature that is quite impressive is the ability to save your keyword rankings and check them at a later date.
12.Rank Tracker 
Rank tracker is a great SERP checker and one that I use fairly often due to the accuracy and
options available.One of the main selling points of this software is the amount of different search engines that are made available for you to check the rankings for.
13.SEM Rush 
SEM Rush is a reporting tool that allows you to see the different reports and rankings for various keywords.It gives you data on the top 5 keywords bringing traffic to your website and what their current rankings are.
D.Good Black Hat SEO Tools
You should edge on the side of caution if you are to use black hat SEO tools.Although they can produce some pretty good results,Google doesn’t like what they do as they feel it’s ‘gaming the system’.This can cause your web pages to suffer a rank drop thus causing your traffic to fall.
Xrumer is a tool which allows the owner to blast their own website with forum links targeting the selected keywords.This is a way to increase the webmasters search engine rankings as Google sees the new links coming to the website.This is possibly one of the most black hat tools out there.
Scrapebox is a black hat SEO tool which allows you to‘scrape’domains across the web and use
it for competitor analysis or link building acquisition.One of the things you can do with this tool is actually post thousands of blog comments on your own blog to make yours look popular or even post it on other websites to get more links.
16.Traffic Booster Pro V3
Auto blogging is a black hat area that a few have used successfully while others have failed.The Traffic Booster Pro V3 is a tool which allows you to get content from many different sources(including different languages)and use it as an auto blogger.This means you can generate content quickly and easily.
17.The Best Spinner
The Best Spinner allows you to spin your content so it won’t be deemed as duplicate and will thus appear in the SERPS. This is useful when you’re submitting to different article directories and are looking for different links back.There is no guarantee how long this tool will be functional due to the fact search engines are placing less and less importance on directories.On the other hand it may still be useful for other blogs that you wish to publish to.
18.SE Nuke
SE Nuke is a tool that has different black hat aspects inside. The first one includes a built in spinning engine which bypasses Google’s duplicate content filter,the second is one a tool which allows you to submit your video to the top 14 video websites.
19.Sick Submitter
Sick Submitter allows webmasters to submit their websites automatically via forums, bookmarks,directories and RSS feeds.Due to this the tool uses many proxies and allows users to actually swap the ones they are using.
20.Tweet Attacks
Tweet Attacks is a black hat tool that allows users to tweet people who have spoken about your specific product.
21.Unique Article Wizard
Unique Article Wizard is a piece of software that is used a lot within the internet marketing community.This is because it submits all of your articles to thousands of directories providing your website with thousands of backlinks.Having this amount of backlinks is good if your website is established,but if it’s new then it’s best to take it slowly and make it submit at a lower rate.
22.Bookmarking Demon
Bookmarking Demon allows the webmaster to create backlinks by utilizing the power of social bookmarking.Many webmasters have stated it can be pretty effective at gaining a few ranks but isn’t as effective when it comes to the top spots.
23.Market Samurai
Market Samurai could be considered black hat due to the fact it allows you to do so much. There aren’t too many shady tricks with this tool but it has excellent keyword research tools and also a fantastic SERP checker that enables you to keep track of your websites on a daily basis.
D.The Best 5 Keyword Research Tools
Proper keyword research can mean the difference between success and failure,especially when it comes down to niche websites.
24.Google Keyword Tool
The Google Keyword tool was always going to be mentioned in this list and this is notably due to two main factors. The first factor is that since it’s owned by the largest search engine in the world most of the data is going to be extremely reliable.This means that all your results will be more likely to be correct and applicable to the specific search engine. The second factor is that it’s free and allows for even more scope if you have a Google Adwords account.
Wordtracker is a great keyword research too that gives estimates into the amount of competition each phrase gets while also estimating the daily searches.
26.Market Samurai
Market Samurai is a keyword research tool popular with internet marketers.
27.SEO Spyglass
Even though some webmasters may state SEO spyglass is mainly a backlink tool it does offer something with regards to keyword research as well.It gives a unique experience and gives you keyword suggestions for your site based on the anchor text and current backlinks that are pointing to it.
28.Keyword Discovery
One of the great things about Keyword Discovery is that it compiles data from across all the different search engines and puts it in its database.One of the key benefits of this software is the‘analyse’function where you can view a percentage of searches that generated a click, this will give you great insight into the potential of a keyword.
E.5 great SEO forums
Forums can give you a vast array of knowledge on specific topics,and that’s no different when it comes to SEO.Many knowledgeable people gather on the forums and share advice and many new discoveries are made by the members.
29.V7N Forums
The V7N forums are a great spot for webmasters to learn SEO related things.It’s a forum for webmasters but its SEO section is one of the most helpful around.With many members being there for many years there’s plenty of rich advice to be given out freely.
30.SEO Chat Forums
When you want a SEO forum that has many different topics and categories then the SEO chat forums is where you should be heading.One of the great things about the SEO chat forums is that it has many sticky threads that help webmasters such as‘Google Crawling and Indexation 101.This can be great for beginners looking to get information quickly.
31.Warrior Forum SEO Discussion
The Warrior Forum is known to be the hot spot for all things to do with marketing and that includes search engine optimization as well. New threads are created there daily and most of the threads have many replies.
The SEO forums have a large user database that frequently interact there.Many of the threads have plenty of views and always have at least a couple of answers to the question.
33.Digital Point Forums
The Digital Point Forum is one of the most popular webmaster forums on the internet. It has a large span of topics to help the webmaster and most categories usually have to do with Marketing or SEO. There are many experienced members here that can help with large aspects of SEO ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Link Development. One of the main benefits of being a Digital Point member is that helpful threads such as lists of directories or tools are often created.
Here you have the top 33 SEO tools based on helpfulness,activity and scope of topics.Using these tools wisely can grant you to a whole new host of information on SEO.They can also be great on certain topics where you’re stuck to gain great success in search engine optimization,search engine marketing and social media optimization.

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