Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics & higher Google rankings for new post or web page

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Professional bloggers and webmasters are always thinking a matter towards their new blog post or webpage as how to promote it and get a tone of visitors on it to boost the SERP and Google Pagerank for that post or web page.Today I am going to discuss top ten key steps to get higher Google rankings for new post or web page.
Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics

These top ten steps are followed by me to boost the traffics from various source.As it is known to all that no one really know what step works best or what steps Google puts more weight on,but what I do know,is if you do them all you will see your blog ranking higher.Here is the top ten key steps to get higher Google rankings for new post or web pagefor boosting tons of unique traffics.Just wait for Top ten key steps to get tons of traffics.

A.Keywords In Title Tags:-
It is noticed that the most important and simplest thing to do no matter what niche your blog is in.Your title tag must be consistent with content in the page or post for best results.This is a less is more kinda thing, since having to many keywords in your title tag will have a negative effect.
B.Quality Anchor Text:-
SEO professionals believe that having quality anchor text links coming into your blog is important and I agree with them.Since that is the link people chose to click to come to your blog.Keep your anchor text targeted to the page the link is going to.If your anchor text link is for SEO Tips,then you want to make sure the page they go too is about SEO Tips.
C.Link Popularity:-
Link popularity basically means,how many links you have coming into your blog.The more incoming links you have the higher your Google rankings will be.But,what is more important then the amount,is the quality of those links. Meaning you want to have high PR sites linking to your site.So if you’re blog is a PR 2 then you want to share all PR links but focus more on PR 2 and above.Quantity is good,but Quality links are best.
D.Keywords In Body:-
Make sure that keywords are within your body, top,middle and bottom.It is important that the keywords used in HTML text on page match with keywords used in the site’s meta data and title tags.Again,less is more likes so DO NOT stuff keywords,Google will slap you hard for this.
E.Promote Internal Links:-
It is better to offer links that direct visitors to helpful,related content.This can be as simple as having a related post plugin to share 3-6 related post links after your readers read a post.You can also have links in your sidebar that shares the most important resources with your readers.Internal linking is important to having your readers easily find the most helpful information quickly,and Google views on-site links as a sign that visitors like what they see and want to learn more.
F.Make Niche Friends:-
Google likes to see links from blogs in your niche.If your blog about blog tips and you share blog tips,then other blogs in your niche will link to you,now if your blog about blog tips,yet you don’t talk about blog tips,then blogs in your niche will not link to you.So Google views this as proof that you are a good resource for blog tips,and a good place to send searchers to get more info on blog tips.
G.Hold Old Links:-
Google likes old links from one site to another,it shows a happy relationship between sites.The older the link,the more trust it has.Usually it takes 3-4 months for Google to see that link as a long term happy relationship .So this is one time when“newer is NOT better”.
H.Drop Page Load Time:-
This is become a big thing lately,getting your blogs page load time down as low as you can will make your visitors happy and now it makes Google happy.Having a page load time of under 3 sec seems to be a all around good time.Again Google likes blogs that offer value to readers ,the more value you offer the better your Google rankings.No one knows how important this is in rankings,but we do know it is now a criteria they look at,so why not drop your load time.
I.Better continuous activeness:-
The longer your blog has been online the better,I noticed a small difference in my rankings when my blog past the 3 year mark.
So be patient,if you can get past that one year mark,your rankings will get better.
J.Social media share and bookmarking:-
Social media one of the hot bed of traffics so it is better to share more and more social media website and bookmark as much possible. such as facebook,twitter,digg,stumbleupon, pinterest etc.    

These are my personal experience which are found better result for my blogs and websites.I am not sure either it will work for your site or blog.But I am sure it will help to get promoted you as a blogger or webmaster.

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