7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet


There are the trend of growing blogs and bloggers reached at very higher level.Every internet users either internet savvy or normal users maximum want to become blogger as it is the way to express own thoughts towards the world.However a few blogs and bloggers become success in their targets.It is become more hard to find useful and informative blogs now this days.

7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs :

7 key  factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet

Today I am going to determining factors of the blogs parameter as how useful those blogs are and what says the internet para-metering tools.Let see into the 7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet.

1. Facebook Fans:-

At a time when the influence of social media is at its peak,we simply can’t ignore the importance of being affiliated to the two most powerful social media platform in the world, Unfortunately,some of the blogs were missing a Facebook group page- a grave mistake by our measure.A score of 0 has been given to the blogs who didn’t care to open a Facebook group or post the link of the group on its website in case it has one.And no,an invitation to join the friends list of the site owner doesn’t count in this case.

2. Twitter Followers:-

Micro blogging social platform twitter has become one of the most popular social media in the world.So it is easy to find out how many people follow the blog as the blog feeds will appear on their time line which bags a lots of visitors towards the blog.So it is a factor of parameter of blog.

3. Alexa Rank:-

In an effort to correctly evaluate the popularity of the blogs,we have decided to include the Alexa ranking of the blogs in any study.Since the study is based on finding the top tech blogs in any where in the world,it is needed to include the Alexa rank in particular region as a separate parameter.

4. Compete Rank:-

Since a major portion of the visitors are from U.S.,we have included the Compete rank of the sites as another parameter.Those who don’t have a site profile in Compete were given a 0 rating.

5. Popular articles in Digg & Stubleupon:-

With the increasing popularity of digg.com & stumbleupon.com,it is found it hard to resist a parameter where it includes the number of articles that have earned the distinction of being‘Made Popular’in Digg & stumbleupon.

6.Google Indexed Pages and Inbound Links:-

Since there is no way we can exclude the crucial influence of Google in our ranking system,it has been taken the statistics for the Google indexed pages and Google inbound links for the sites.This is how it is done-For finding out the number of Google indexed pages for a particular site,go to the Google page and type“site:<sitename>”in the search bar.You shall get the results.Similarly,for getting the Google links,type“link:<sitename>”.

7.Yahoo/Bing Indexed pages and Inbound Links:-

If Google comes first,can Yahoo be left far behind which packed with MSN's Bing?Rhetorical question,totally.You can use this link to find out the number of Yahoo indexed pages and Yahoo inbound links.


These are the 7 evaluation parameters that we have used for our calculation. The websites hosted directly on free domains like wordpress,blogger or other blog publishing platform normally have been excluded from this parameter system.The reason for this being that sites like Alexa provide the statistics for any blog at domain level.It is not possible to obtain the statistics at sub-domain level.Any one can get data from websitegrader for extracting the data for each blog.However,some time it make you disappointment ,this site was showing marked inconsistency in fetching the proper data for every site.Official Bing blog community says that the link command has been deactivated partially for over a year so clear data can not get from that.

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Top Ranked Russian Search Engine Yandex Is Going To Sell Share Of Face.com To Facebook

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Tom Cheredar has reported that Facebook’s rumored interest in purchasing facial recognition startup Face.com may become a reality thanks to some help from an unlikely source. 
Top Ranked Russian Search Engine Yandex Is Going To Sell Share Of Face.com To Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg is interested in purchasing first emerged on Monday,with a report in Israel’s Calcalist that was then spun up with a potential $100 million price tag by The Next Web.Here the deal of Top Ranked Russian Search Engine Yandex Is Going To Sell Share Of Face.com To Facebook.
1.About Yandex:-
Highest popular Russian search engine Yandex is said to be mulling the sale of its share in Face.com to the social giant,according to the Russian newspaper Vedomosti (Google Translate).Yandex,along with investment firm Rhodium,invested $4.3 million in the startup for a 18.4 percent stake of Face.com and an arrangement to add Yandex’s CEO Arkady Volozh to its board of directors.
2.Present Report from Yandex:-
Yandex is interested in a combination of cash and Facebook stock for its stake in Face.com, according to Vedomosti’s report.Earlier reports indicated that Facebook was willing to spend upwards of $100 million on the startup. Face.com is an Israeli-based company that specializes in facial recognition technology. BloggersTech has speculated that the deal would make sense,considering how well it would fit into Facebook’s overall mobile strategy.
3.Reason behind Yandex deal:-
Whatever the case,it is worth being very,very wary of rumors like this right now.Troubled or not,Facebook’s IPO now means it has a substantial war chest and is likely to make some acquisitions—and that means lots of people have a lot of interest in talking up deals or trying to inflate any potential purchase price.I expect we will see a lot of well-placed rumors and leaks over the next few months as hot startups try to negotiate a chunk of Facebook for themselves.


We are trying to reach out to both Facebook and Yandex for further comment about the deal but till no official confirmation comes yet.I am sure it will be update the post with any new information.
[Source:Gigaom & Image via Face.com]

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Micro Payments Service Flattr Works Fairly In Mobile Apps But Apple Has Rejected Application

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It is known to Most of professional bloggers and webmasters about Support great web content via Flattr.The Social micro-payments platform Flattr is taking an unkind hit in terms of its future growth opportunities on mobile,the company details on its blog today.After being integrated into popular third-party podcast manager Instacast back in February,Apple decided at the beginning of May to reject the app from the iTunes App Store due to its Flattr integration.

Micro Payments Service Flattr Works Fairly In Mobile Apps But Apple !

Micro Payments Service Flattr Works Fairly In Mobile Apps But Apple Has Rejected Application

The only way Instacast could get back into the app store was to change the user flow in the app to direct the actual flattr to take place in the Safari web browser instead. Not an ideal user experience,Apple admits,but it is as required by the App Store Review Guidelines. Here Micro-Payments Service Flattr Works Fairly In Mobile Apps But Apple Has Rejected Application.
1.How Flattr works:-
Flattr,for those unfamiliar,lets users click to donate funds directly to a content creator. It is a like button with cash as Mike Butcher the co founder of the TechCrunch has said of the service of Flattr.To use Flattr,a user decides how much they want to spend per month,then, whenever they see a Flattr button on the web or mobile,they click to donate.At the end of the month,Flattr counts up all your clicks and distributes the funds evenly.With the Instacast integration,the Flattr feature allowed listeners to flattr(donate to)podcast creators after having finished listening to a show.There was also an“auto-flattr”option,which allowed users to automatically flattr podcasts after the episode began playing.
2.High profile partnership:-
The company scored a high-profile partnership with web video giant Dailymotion at the beginning of this month,which targeted Dailymotion’s top content creators in its Motionmakers category.With the Instacast integration,the Flattr feature allowed listeners to flattr(donate to)podcast creators after having finished listening to a show.There was also an“auto-flattr”option,which allowed users to automatically flattr podcasts after the episode began playing.
3.About Rejection of Apple:-
According to Flattr’s community builder Siim Teller,Apple rejected Instacast on May 6th, citing the App Store Guideline 21.2,reading: “The collection of donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS.”Flattr,of course,was permitting in-app donations.Apple itself says that they understand that it is directing the user outside the app may not be the user experience that prefer to offer the users.However it is a common experience in a variety of iOS apps.Apple’s final ruling on May 24th was not in Flattr’s favor.Vemedio, Instacast’s maker,was forced to remove the in-app Flattr integration in order to push their critical bug fixes for their app into the App Store.

Micro Payments Service Flattr Works Fairly In Mobile Apps But Apple Has Rejected Application
Image credit:Sarah Perez

4.Why it’s not the end:-
Although the Flattr blog post is in-party titled 'it’s not the end'the goings look rough –at least in terms of iOS.The guidelines are clear.Despite Teller’s reporting that Vemedio will“continue a dialog with Apple regarding their Flattr integration,”and his promises that Flattr will continue testing different ways of integration,it’s probable that Apple will not change its mind here.As pointed out on the post burning up Hacker News today,Apple,after dealing with fallout from angry parents whose kids racked up huge iTunes bills through in-app purchases,may just be protecting its back here.Although Flattr users themselves set the monthly donation amount,and would have to manually enable the integration,there’s a chance that confusing dialogs or UX flow could lead to unintended donations.
More importantly,however,is the idea that Flattr could become an alternative to Apple’s own in-app purchasing system,allowing users to “flattr”in exchange for virtual goods,perhaps. That would be ahuge no-no,considering Apple’s 30% cut of in-app purchases are a key revenue generator for its app business.Rather than police all future apps with Flattr integration, Apple has decided to break the user experience instead.Developers,users,and content creators may not be happy with the decision,but the end result is worse news for the Flattr ecosystem than it is for Apple’s.

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Interact communication to write a blog post or web page with error less


Blogging and webpage writing has become most searched fashion trends on now this days.But a few of our bloggers and webmasters knows the actual method of Interact communication.

Interact communication to write a blog post or web page with error less

Interact communication to write a blog post or web page with error less

Today I am trying to analysis the Interact communication to write a blog post or web page with error less. 
I.Right Fact:-
Post message must reveal the necessary fact(s) for which the user(s)come to the particular blog post or webpage. 

II. Avoid time waste:-
Avoid waste of time and thought for both in large for a single post.It is seen that a lots of webmasters and bloggers take a lots of time to write a blog post because they think first then write in pen paper later virtually there after finally in web page.It is a long process.So directly write to the web server and post immediately. 

III. Acquired Vocabulary:-
Vocabulary level of the receiver must be considered. Use the correct phrases and registers as the environment is formal of a blog post or web page. 

IV. Maintain manner,style & temperaments:-
Must check and maintain the manner,style,temperaments.Style of a blog post in correct manner with temperaments is more attractive to the users of the blog or website. 

V. Appropriate fitting words:-
Choice of appropriate fitting of words is another major factor of blog post or we page which easily brings more visitors either from search engine or repeat visit to the particular blog or website. 

VI. Short sentence:-
Short sentence is on of the highlighted factors because people has little time to read a large sentences or blog post.Normally when it is written long sentence then it bears the complex meaning which has been puzzled the users to understand the searching fact(s). 

VII. Clarity of words:-
Clarity of words is another factors of interact communication via blog post or web page. 

VIII. Distinct utterance of syllables:-
Distinct utterance of syllables bears a good pronunciation in interact communication via blog post or web page. 

XI. Acronyms:-
Acronyms may be good for net users as common user to internet savvy normally helpful. Acronyms may be in traditional or non traditional but both are helpful to interact communication media for blog post or web page.
Interact communication is one of the important fact of E-human resource management now this days.So these factors must be eyed when write a blog post or webpage because it will give measurement of a webmaster or blogger as how much skilled he/she is !!!

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The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World

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Now this days,MIS is come applicable every where either online or offline any business establishment.An individual’s personal knowledge is only what can be acquired and stored in his or her memory and then retrieved and manipulated as necessary,and although many mangers insist on operating with only the information stored in personal memory,it is essential nowadays to augment this capacity with other storage media.Conceptually,the transfer of information from human memory and other media to the memory of a computer. The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World.

The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World
To understand and appreciate the concept of central storage and the acquisition of information from a data bank,it is helpful to review an elementary sample of storage under a manual system.The point has been made repeatedly that the most basic element of a management information system,and indeed the element vital to the management process,is knowledge information about the goals and objectives of the organization,its policies, resources,operations and environment .Books magazines,forms,records,and a variety of other media assist us in storing information until it is needed.However,in today’s complex managerial environment it is becoming more and more necessary that the organization turn to the computer for storing,processing,and retrieving information.In developing an information system to serve the divers needs of today’s organization,knowledge and information relative to the organization’s management and operations can be stored in the memory of the computer. This knowledge can be described and labeled as a data bank.
Advantages of Bloggers Data Bank:-
i.Easy to store in computer memory
ii.Easy to use in future.
iii.Easy to edit necessary update.
iv.Simplest Resources & review method
v.Simplest Posting & updating formulas
Blogging has already become a business so it also follows the rules of business and corporate world.It seen that a lots of IT professional already become successful business personnel via their blogs and website.Using Bloggers Data Bank is one of their success factors as recent survey carried by the Big G Google.

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Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto

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Social media marketing is going through the tough weather as it is stated one of my best American fiend,Heather Kelly says in her recent article.She has stated with me in our last chat season that every big hunter of social media marketing filed is trying their best to capture the market such as Google+ is succeeding in small bursts,features by features.As a social network competing with Facebook it’s a flop,but its video-chat tool Hangouts is a winner of the thousands of members users heats.

Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto:

Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto
Now Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto.Photo sharing is poised to be the service’s next breakout hit,thanks to an enthusiastic community of photographers who like the focus on attractive full-size images,Google+’s new photo-centric iPhone app,and a uniquely Google passion for meta data.Because it is normal to users if some thing special then users stay long time long in to that particular social media other wise stay there where they are.
1.Google+ eyes on Flickr:-
There is no doubt that the Flickr has captured the major portion of virtual photography market.In fact,Google+ is pushing hard on the photography front and is in a great position to dominate the floundering Flickr.
2.Google+ Team plans over Flickr:-
The Google+ team teamed up with Kelby Training for a two-day Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francisco,or as it was adorably called, Hangout in Real Life.Vice president of product for Google+ Bradley Horowitz,who led Yahoo’s purchase of Flickr in 2005,kicked off the event Tuesday by talking about the future of photography,how Flickr changed his outlook,and whether ads will ever make an appearance in Google+.
3.Camera records blood pressure:-
Bradley Horowitz says that Photos are the lifeblood of G+ service as those are the way they can most immediately and viscerally connect as human beings in real life impact.For the past four-plus years,Horowitz has pushed his passion for social computing at Google, combining photos,algorithms,and human interaction.While some of us may see the rising flood of images and data from camera settings to GPS location as overwhelming,Horowitz sees it as an opportunity.He thinks the future lies in capturing even more data,sharing more information,having more sensors,and recording more dimensions.He likes to inform more detailed information about the roll,pitch,yaw of the camera.About the lens optics,about even the blood pressure of person whose hand is on the camera,even the galvanic skin response.
4.Google glass supports Google+:-
Tools like Google’s own Google Glass could be a great start for capturing all of this information,but of course there are a few kinks to be worked out first.Horowitz has doubted of Google’s Vic Gundotra,who sometimes sports the augmented reality glasses during meetings.They are trying to capable of so much more than Instagram.Capturing pixels is just the beginning of a photo.How it’s processed and used after it’s on a computer is becoming even more important.Google has multiple properties that dabble in photos,including Picasa,Google+ ,Drive,and even email.The next step is to combine those tools together,something Horowitz admits is still an issue.
5.Realistic plan for Google+:-
Horowitz says that ultimately the brand distinction between those needs to go away hardship of developing the tools at one place for Google+.The fact that Picasa and Google+ is a failing on same part to deploy for Google+ to stay in social media field.Eventually Google aims to blur the line between the device and the cloud,so all the data you generate is automatically backed up,archived,and secured in a nice non-obtrusive manner.Automating this synthesizing stage would free up time for photographers to focus on the more enjoyable process of manipulating the data.
6.Google+ professional photographer:-
Horowitz wants to increase the power its own post-processing tools,making image editors scalable so that an amateur can use them as easily as a professional photographer.Replacing the very segmented image editing market and creating a tool that is equal parts Instagram, Lightroom,and Photoshop is an especially ambitious(perhaps naive)idea.
7.A few ads presents on Google+:-
The absence of ads in Google+’s lightbox,the tool that shows the images,is part of what appeals to the many photographers who use the service.But certainly it’s only a beta perk. After all,a whopping 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising.Google’s philosophy when it comes to ads is that they can be a very useful part of the user experience.However,it doesn’t want to serve them where or when they don’t belong and won’t be the most effective. They don’t think of ads as punishments the users must endure as Horowitz said in the seminar.
8.Started with Flickr:-
Horowitz has a background in photography,like many others on the Google+ team.As a grad student,Horowitz worked on some of the earliest image-processing programs and algorithms that analyzed images.Eventually he landed at Yahoo as the head of multimedia search,which is where he met the founders of Flickr,a fascinating, tiny little company in Canada.They asked why, instead of writing complex algorithms to analyze images,he didn’t just ask people to volunteer their knowledge,à la Flickr’s tagging.People can just look at an image and say if it’s a dog,a person,or even if its funny or snarky.
9.Horowitz experience for Google+:-
Horowitz went on to oversee Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr,and eventually moved on from the company.But now,many years later,the idea of social computing that Flickr planted in his head is being used to turn Google+ into real Flickr competitor.
My personal notion about the matter of Google+ competition with Flickr may be fruitful for Google Incorporation because Horowitz is the man behind for the success of Flickr.Just see what the coming days says about the competition of Google+ and Flickr.

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Major Differences Between Microsoft's Socl & Google's Google Plus

Social media network has become one of the hot bed for the companies those are in technology field.Major competitors of the field of social media network business.
Differences Between Socl and Google Plus

Differences Between Socl and Google Plus

This competition has come to the corporate world for the success of Facebook.As we seen that Google is the uncrowned king of internet has entered social media a few times but they fail to create response but last year they has come back again with some new features with name of Google plus.Similarly another classic old horse of internet Microsoft Corporation has launched social networking site named as So.cl.

Differences Between Socl and Google Plus
Today I am going to find out the Major Differences Between Microsoft's Socl & Google's Google Plus.
1.Company status:-
Google Plus is launched by Big G Google Incorporation on the other hand So.cl is launched by the old horse of the software market Microsoft Incorporation.
2.Time of launch:-
Google plus was started June/2011 on the other hand So.cl is started May/2012
3.Sign up process:-
Google allows only Google account to complete signup but Microsoft allows Facebook and Windows Live account to complete signup.

Google plus has 15 features in Stream on the other hand So.cl has 9 features in activity.
5.Policy updates:-
Joining the Google plus requires mandatory real-name and gender disclosure,which at launch was shared as public information.On the other hand Microsoft advice to hide real to a nick name.
Google+ is a typical Google web application: it uses Java servlets for the server code and JavaScript for the browser-side of the UI, largely built with Google's Closure framework, including the JavaScript compiler and the template system.On the other hand Microsoft uses in So.cl by the SNS technology has spread its magic gripping the whole world in its tentacles.
7.Cool factors:-
Combo-plate approach of Google+ is likening the new social effort to a Taco-Bell-meets-KFC.On the other hand Microsoft's FUSE Lab has implemented video party in easy ways for any users.Google normally forces the other product users to sign up for plus but Microsoft fully different domain and never force any users to sign up for so.cl.
Google plus offers 1 GB storage quota for Google plus users(it is 800×800 pixels for non-Google plus users),creating virtually unlimited storage for mobile users and hangout also another good featured for Google plus users. Microsoft is one of the eldest horse of internet who has a lots of experienced and qualified technology guru who gives unlimited spaces and options to users.

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5 Cool Factors Of Microsoft Silently Launches Social Media So.cl An Attempt To Enter Social Media Market

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Microsoft Corporation is one of the old horse in the technology sector but till they are in progamming sector.Here 5 Cool Factors Of Microsoft Silently Launches Social Media So.cl An Attempt To Enter Social Media Market. 
5 Cool Factors Of Microsoft Silently Launches Social Media So.cl
It has enter the market of social media very silently and officially launched an experimental social networking site called So.cl,which combines facets of social networking,search,and media sharing with a user interface resembling Google+.

5 Cool Factors Of Microsoft Silently Launches Social Media So.cl:-

1.Cool factors of So.cl:-

When we last heard about it,So.cl(pronounced “Social”) was being billed as an experimental research project and was only available to students studying information and design at the University of Washington,Syracuse University, and New York University.While the project is still billed as experimental,it is now open to anyone who wants to give it a shot.
2.How Sign Up in So.cl:-
To get access to So.cl,you sign up using your Facebook or Windows Live ID.When you sign in for the first time,the site describes the experience clear.

3.What can do in so.cl:-
So.cl is an experiment in open search.That means your searches on So.cl are viewable by other So.cl users and will also be available to third parties.So.cl does not automatically post your searches,comments,or likes to your Facebook stream unless you choose this option.Also,we don’t contact your Facebook friends unless you invite them.

4.How it looks So.cl:-
After logging in you’ll notice the layout closely resembles Google+’s layout,but it also takes ideas from Facebook,Twitter,and Pinterest.You can follow other So.cl users or follow interests like food,art,or movies.There is also a bookmarklet feature that adds a Share on So.cl button to your bookmark bar so you can share content anywhere around the web with other So.cl users.Additionally,So.cl naturally appears to have close ties with Bing’s recently revamped social search.

5 Cool Factors Of Microsoft Silently Launches Social Media So.cl
5.Problems in So.cl:-
Looking at the Everyone feed,it is easy to see what all So.cl users are searching for and sharing with the world.But alas,one of the biggest problems with social search is that we don’t always want to see what everyone else is searching for.It takes a lots of time to post any thing or any link to the social media site.

As my own notion that if Microsoft does n't fix the problems then it will be another flop show in the name of social media such as Google created history except Google+.You can read more about So.cl at the site’s FAQ page.

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Red Carpeted Chinese regulatory authorities Has Approved The Google's Acquisition of Motorola To Start Business With Fair Conditions.

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Google Incorporation shortly Google.com has failed to satisfied Red Carpeted country Chinese Government but finally they has got approved form Chinese regulatory authorities have approved Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility,paving the way for the deal to close within the week,company officials confirmed Saturday.Google has acquired mobile phone and tablet maker Motorola Mobility for about US$12.5 billion. Motorola spokeswoman Jennifer Erickson said Saturday that they are pleased that the deal has received approval in all jurisdictions,and they expect to close early next week. 
Google China office
A Google spokeswoman Niki Fenwick confirmed the deal was approved early Saturday and that it should close within the week as Red Carpeted Chinese regulatory authorities Has Approved The  Google's Acquisition of Motorola To Start Business With Fair Conditions.
1.Motorola Mobility ship phone:-
Motorola Mobility ships phones and tablets with Google's Android operating system.The close of the deal means that Google has a hardware manufacturing arm with which it can closely work to develop Android.Google will also have control of Motorola's massive patent portfolio. Motorola Mobility has said that it owns or has applied for more than 24,000 patents.The deal has already been approved by antitrust authorities in the U.S.and Europe.Chinese authorities have approved the deal on condition that Google keep Android free and available to other mobile device manufacturers for five years,according to a source close to the deal.
Other conditions include a commitment by Google to meet obligations to license patents for industry standard technology on FRAND(fair, reasonable,and non-discriminator)terms, according to the source.FRAND terms typically involve licensing obligations required by standards-setting bodies for members that get involved in the standard-setting process,and for companies whose technology is approved as part of industry standards.

2.Competition with Microsoft:-
Google will also compete with Microsoft as Microsoft promotes new versions of Windows in the tablet and smartphone market.An open question is whether mobile device manufacturers thatcurrently use Android will see Google as a competitor,and possibly be drawn to the Microsoft camp.

3.Google's Hopes:-
Google,a Silicon Valley giant that built its business on Web services,startled the tech industry last August by saying it would buy the company,a much older,Illinois-based maker of mobile devices and other hardware.Motorola already produces a number of phones and tablets based on Google's Android mobile software.
New updates or brand new versions of Android might go directly to Motorola,while taking much longer to reach other smartphone manufactures.
Google defended itself saying it has no intentions of giving Motorola special treatment over other Android-running OEMs such as HTC, Samsung,and LG.Apparently the argument was enough for Google it get over all of the regulatory hurdles it needed to close the deal.
4.Behind the Google Motorola Deal:-
Google is interested in purchasing Motorola mostly for its patents.Motorola holds 17,000 patents and 6,800 pending patent applications, many related to smartphone technology.Now that Google is duking it out in court with Oracle over Java-related patents,its more important than ever for Google to have a large patent shield so it can defend itself against future Android lawsuits.

Data Source:-
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Easy Way To Career In Wipro Technologies Via India Gateway Internship Program 2012

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Azim Premji owned Wipro Technologies,the Global Information Technology,Consulting and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited(NYSE: WIT),has announced it will launch its‘India Gateway’Internship Program for UK university students in July,2012.

The selection process will begin in July 2012 and the first batch comprising 20 students is expected to arrive in India in the second week of September 2012.It can say that Easy Way To Career In Wipro Technologies Via India Gateway Internship Program 2012.
1.Wipro says about India Gateway:-
Wipro’s talent transformation group has been instrumental in tapping and nurturing over 100,000 talented individuals.They will hunt the talent with a systematic approach towards career development as it was stated by Deepak Jain,Senior Vice President and Global Head-Work Force Planning,Wipro Technologies.
2.How to qualify for India Gateway:-
In order to qualify for the program,students should have a strong academic record,with Mathematics as a key subject.They also need to be engineering graduates or be completing the engineering degree in 2012.Candidates will be selected through a rigorous process where they will be tested for problem solving capabilities and business communication skills.Wipro’s Talent Acquisition team will interview shortlisted candidates before inviting twenty top performers to join the program.
3.What benefit from India Gateway:-
This one-year UK-India collaborative training program will involve a three-month rigorous technology induction course followed by a six month on-the-job training with Wipro teams.In the last three months,the students will work with live project teams.The course–a mix of classroom and practical training–is aimed at making students employable anywhere in the globe.
4.India Gateway host Wipro Technologies:-
Wipro Technologies,the global IT business of Wipro Limited(NYSE:WIT)is a leading Information Technology,Consulting and Outsourcing company, that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better.Wipro Technologies delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of "Business through Technology"–helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses.A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services,a practitioner’s approach to delivering innovation and an organization wide commitment to sustainability,Wipro Technologies has 131,000 employees and clients across 54 countries.For more visit here wipro.com.
5.Terms and Cautionary Statements:-
Certain statements in this release concerning our future growth prospects are forward-looking statements,which involve a number of risks,and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements.The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include,but are not limited to,risks and uncertainties regarding fluctuations in our earnings,revenue and profits,our ability to generate and manage growth,intense competition in IT services,our ability to maintain our cost advantage,wage increases in India,our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals,time and cost overruns on fixed-price,fixed-time frame contracts,client concentration,restrictions on immigration,our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas,disruptions in telecommunication networks,our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions,liability for damages on our service contracts,the success of the companies in which we make strategic investments,withdrawal of fiscal governmental incentives,political instability, war,legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India,unauthorized use of our intellectual property,and general economic conditions affecting our business and industry.Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.These filings are available at www.sec.gov.We may, from time to time,make additional written and oral forward-looking statements,including statements contained in the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders.We do not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by us or on our behalf.
6.Place to meet India Gateway team:-
London,United Kingdom and Bangalore,Karnataka, India.
7.Media Contact Details:-
a.Dirk Lewis,India,Wipro Technologies,
mail id:dirk.lewis@wipro.com
b.Eric Belove,US,Wipro Technologies,
Phone:+1 732 216 6242,
Mail id:eric.belove@wipro.com
c.Rahul Kadavakolu(UK),Wipro Technologies,
Phone:+44 7920205496,
Mail id:rahul.kadavakolu@wipro.com
2.Wipro to Launch'India Gateway'Internship
3.'India Gateway'Internship-The Telegraph
4.India Gateway'Internship-Efytimes
5.Internship for engineering graduates
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Indian IT professional can win 10 lakhs in Super Techies Show arranged by Capgemini

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Indian IT professional can win 10 lakhs in Super Techies Show arranged by CapgeminiCapgemini,one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting,technology and outsourcing services announced the launch of Capgemini Super Techies Show a first-of- its-kind reality television show for Information Technology(IT) professionals,brought to you in association with ET NOW
win 10 lakhs in Super Techies Show arranged by Capgemini
The show gives the contestants an opportunity to battle it out with India’s brightest minds and solve real business challenges faced by some of India’s largest enterprises.The winning team will win a grand prize of Rs.10lakhs.
1.Capgemini India says:-
Aruna Jayanthi,CEO,Capgemini India said that in an industry that is constantly evolving, innovation is critical to a company to serve its customers better and to stay relevant in the competitive landscape.India has a rich technology community which is constantly ideating,innovating and delivering technology solutions thus bringing in business benefits. Capgemini’s Super Techies Show is a platform to bring together these ideas and stimulate innovations in response to business demands and recognize the contribution of this community which has helped India,become a global IT superpower.For the first time in the history of Indian Television,real life technology-business challenges of companies will be addressed by 21 teams of two young IT professionals each,through their proposed technology solutions.These 21 teams will be arrived at through a stringent selection procedure based on the applicant’s technological skill sets and business-problem solving abilities.
2.Super Techies Show air time:-
Capgemini Super Techies Show will air on ET Now in the month of July and will comprise of eight episodes.Each episode will feature three teams, presenting their technology solutions in response to a company’s business challenge.
3.About Super Techies Show India:-
The jury,comprising of senior management representatives from the participating companies,established technologists and subject matter experts from Capgemini will award points to each team based on their solution.At the end of each episode,the scores of the team are recorded on a leader board and accordingly the top three teams on the leader board,after the seventh episode,will compete in the Grand Finale of Capgemini Super Techies Show.
4.Criteria to Join Super Techies Show:-
Any Indian national who is 21 years & above and has experience of working on technologies in a business environment is eligible to apply online at capgeminisupertechiesshow.com
5.About Capgemini India:-
Capgemini in India is more than 35,000 people strong across 7 cities(Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad,Kolkata,Chennai,Pune and Delhi).A pioneer in the IT industry,Capgemini has over 43 years of global expertise collaborating with leading corporations and now brings the Consulting,Technology and Outsourcing experience to India.With dedicated teams to service the local markets,Capgemini has strong domain experience to assist clients across the Government and Public Sector,Energy and Utilities,Manufacturing, Telecom and Financial Services sectors and help them advance in their respective industries.Know more at in.capgemini.As it is mentioned that with around 120,000 people in 40 countries, Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services.The Group reported 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7 billion.A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working,the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM,and draws on Rightshore®,its worldwide delivery model.Know more details at capgemini.com
6.Capgemini press contacts for Super Techies Show India:-
Merrin Netto John
Capgemini India
7.Important link to download Capgemini Super Techies Show India:-

a.Download the press release
b.Apply online capgemini super techies show

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Mobile Phone Blogging Option & Tutorials Of The Top 3 Blogger Platforms

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Present scenario of internet shows that maximum savvy users and as well as normal users are starting to write blogs to explore themselves. It is also seen that a lots of users use mobile phone to browse the internet.Here is the good news for the bloggers that they are no longer confined to their desktops or laptops.Mobile Phone Blogging Option & Tutorials Of The Top 3 Blogger Platforms.
Mobile Phone Blogging Option

Mobile Phone Blogging Option tutorials:-

Technology has optimized a blogger’s ability to share their view on the world in words,photos or videos with just the flick of their wrist. Bloggers can write a post on their daily commute,or snap a photo and post it to their blog feed within seconds.They can also browse other blogs or manage comments from anywhere.When it comes to blogging from your mobile phone,the possibilities are endless.Here’s a breakdown of the blogging platforms that are most compatible with mobile blogging,including the types of phones that these apps are most compatible with.Most blogging platforms offer an SMS text or e-mail option,but some downloadable applications from these blogging platforms offer user-friendly features that are also fun to use. 


Read more to learn which platforms are best for video-blogging,posting photos,updating chatter or interacting with friends.The Most Tech-Savvy Blog Platforms.

Mobile Phone Blogging Option   

You don’t need a smartphone to post a blog when using the Google-owned platform Blogger.This blogging platform may not have a lot of bells,whistles or even a smooth design,but it does have one thing-user-friendliness.Simply register your blog with the Blogger mobile service,and then text BLOGGR(256447).Your text will automatically be added as a new post on your blog.Want to post a photo with a caption? No problem.E-mail photos from your phone to go@blogger.com,and the website will automatically upload them for you.
Mobile Phone Blogging Option 

This blogging platform is a favorite among the“micro-blogging” community.The Tumblr community boasts that is has “the most creative bloggers in the world,”and Tumblr’s mobile blogging options are made to optimize creativity and microblogging on-the-go.Tumblr allows you to post quickly and easily from any phone,via e-mail SMS or through a downloadable application.One of the best parts of this system is that Tumblr automatically detects what kind of post you are trying to create,whether it is a quote,a series of photos,a single-photo upload,a“chat”or a“tag.”You can upload posts via e-mail,or download the Tumblr app for the iPhone,Android or Blackberry smartphone systems.

Mobile Phone Blogging Option 

WordPress now has one of the best support systems for blogging across the iPhone,Blackberry and Android platforms.Like Blogger and Tumblr,WordPress offers simple e-mail-to-post options for people who don’t use smartphones.The WordPress iPhone application just reached its second version,and Blackberry and Android were launched in February 2011.For those who download the WordPress application, users aren’t just limited to creating a post on the go—they can also manage their blog.This provides the unique advantage of being able to sort through your post archive,edit other posts,manage comments,or browse other WordPress blogs,with just the touch of your finger.For Blackberry users,WordPress offers the unique option of VideoPress,which allows users to record a video with their phone and then post it on-the-go.This application is also available for people who externally host their blogs on the WordPress.org system,and open-sourced applications are available for modification,making it one of the most dynamic and adaptable systems available.
Mobile blogging is starting stage till date but days are coming only uses of cell phone blogging.These platforms,the possibilities for blogging on-the-run are endless.See the video for clear & easy way to mobile blogging.

Data & Photo credit:-
1.Missy Barnadoy
2.Shazida Khatun

3.Angel G
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5 Key Factors Of Success in Sustainable Technology Of The Top 10 Brand In The World

Business of sustainable technology means the Technic via which easily comfort the tasks. There is not enough for a company to offer a mere one or two services to be a contender in the business of sustainable technology.Here 5 Key Factors Of Success in Sustainable Technology Of The Top 10 Brand In The World.

5 Key Factors Of Success in Sustainable Technology

5 Key Factors Of Success in Sustainable Technology

Green IT concept report:-

"The leading global firms must offer a range of solutions that go well beyond the initial vision of green IT in the context of data center applications",said David Metcalfe,CEO of the independent analyst firm Verdantix."There's now really a race on who is going to build the largest practice group globally that delivers the broadest portfolio of sustainability services."He was speaking about the results of his company's latest report,"Green Quadrant Sustainable Technology Services 2012."Released this morning in the U.K.,the report summarizes Verdantix's analysis of 17 global IT services firms based on their offerings,services they have delivered,the nature and scope of projects they've completed and customer perceptions.The report identifies Accenture,Deloitte,IBM and Logica as the current leaders in the field and,in doing so,highlights five key success factors among the companies setting the pace for the IT industry.

1.Pure Dedicated Practices:-
The four companies have practices dedicated to energy and sustainability services."It's no longer feasible for companies to compete in this market without a dedicated corps," Metcalfe said.
2.Self styled Broad Portfolios:-
Each of the five offer services and solutions in at least 11,if not all 12,of a dozen key areas says the latest survey:-

i.Energy and carbon management
ii.Facility energy management
iii.Sustainable data centers
iv.Environmental compliance
v.Sustainability performance management
vi.Renewable energy
vii.Low carbon transport
viii.Climate change IT services
ix.Smart meters
x.Smart grid
xi.Water stewardship
xii.Sustainable cities

3.Over Skilled Consultants:-
The firms also have a deep and experienced bench when it comes to strong sustainability consulting skills.
4.Sustainability Track Record:-
They actively market their corporate sustainability performance.The study also identifies five IT systems integrators-Capgemini,CSC,Fujitsu,Steria and TCS-that have achieved success in one or two market segments and are building breadth into their lines of business.

5.Reliable report analysis:-
In addition,the report identified the top 10 most identifiable brands in the field.Here is Verdantix's chart of top 10 global brand awareness of sustainable technology services offerings of the financial year 2011-2012:
5 Key Factors Of Success in Sustainable Technology
The report released today is the second that Verdantix has compiled on sustainable technology services,the first was released about a year ago.Later this year,the firm plans to release a report on the market size of the industry."Green Quadrant Sustainable Technology Services 2012"is available to Verdantix subscribers.An executive summary is available free at verdantix.com.

Information technology has become the backbone of any country's economy via MIS.So Sustainable Technology has become more important for any one citizen to internet savvy around the world.

2.Leslie Guevarra 

3.Shazida Khatun

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9 Latest Trends of the Social Media to magnify the Brand,Blog,Website or Company

Modern life has entered fully through social media into various platforms has given an all new dimension to the social media networking. Product Brand,Blog,Website or Company promotion has gone completely online as it is easy to reach the target customer segment in virtual world as well as physical world. 

This platform also promises a higher return on investment than other high expenditure avenues for promotion.As the average time spent on social networking platforms continues to rise,it is only expected that organizations make the most of the current trends in social media to build brand equity and to bring in interested people to events.Today I am trying to show that how organizations can capitalize on the power of social media.Here 9  Latest Trends of the Social Media to magnify the Brand,Blog,Website or Company.

1.Discounts Promotion:-
The use of social media ensures that people are quickly able to form a group of the requisite number to avail discounts.This not only works to get your product,brand or event marketed on social media but also brings in sales in large numbers.An initial push from you through a promotion of the group discount paves the way for a promotional cycle that people participate in to make a group for them to avail the discount from you.
2.Graphics with text:-
The success of Pinterest brings to the fore an interesting aspect of promotion while providing an avenue for internet marketing at the same time.Focus on leveraging the power of pictures and graphics.This can also act as the starting point for you to make your campaign go viral. Use humor and creativity to create a buzz around your campaign.Try to capture the interesting and little know aspects of your business in the graphical form.Work towards grabbing the attention of potential buyers.
3.Video sharing:-
The success of Vimeo and YouTube tells us something about people’s penchant for the visual medium.Links to an interesting video are shared by people on other social networking platforms.The power of video based campaigns has not faded over the years.The traditional advertisements are passé.Connect to your target audience via the video.Put forth an aspect of your business that people find intriguing.
4.Use smartphones:-
Digital barcode scanner applications are being billed as the ones that will completely change the landscape of our shopping experience and the subsequent sharing on social media.In addition,the kind of apps that are available for installation on phones allow for people to compete and collaborate and instantly share information on a product or event depending on their experience with the product.Make sure you are on the positive side of the reviews.
 Build a community:-
Do not let go of the opportunity to make a mark for lack of information.Make sure people are able to share their apprehensions and get answers from a community rather than a company representative.Build a community around your products or brands.Encourage people to review products,share information and give their opinions.
6.Freebies on social media:-
A free app,a discount on a purchase or free content download against a post on social networking portal has been around for long but it does work as the perfect mode of creating a buzz around your product.The latest trend of customized currency on social networking portals which can be redeemed in the form of discounts against purchases is the one to look out for.

7.Simultaneously Share:- 
Allow people to check-in digitally and to share the information simultaneously on various social networking platforms.This creates brand awareness,product visibility and gets more people interested in knowing about the product and using it.A recommendation from a friend or acquaintance builds the reliability quotient for a product.

8.Query feedback:-

Social media members or fans normally ask queries or comments on brand,blog post or product inquiry as those are interested.So it is better way to get directly connect with them by replying their queries as soon as possible. 

9.Review Success theory:-

Social media promotion normally takes a little time to spread out but it is normally get success finally.So you must review social media success or fail story with expert(s).
Social bookmarking platforms continue to emerge and the existing ones keep scaling the heights of popularity with millions of users being added every month.This gives a glimpse of the ever increasing popularity of social media. There is virtually no other avenue for a wider reach over the long term and a continued association with potential and existing clients.It is only appropriate that new features being implemented on social media networks and the impact of technological advancements be taken into account to reach out to the clients in the manner they find easier to relate to.

A.Image Credit
B.Alia Haley

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