7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet


There are the trend of growing blogs and bloggers reached at very higher level.Every internet users either internet savvy or normal users maximum want to become blogger as it is the way to express own thoughts towards the world.However a few blogs and bloggers become success in their targets.It is become more hard to find useful and informative blogs now this days.

7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs :

7 key  factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet

Today I am going to determining factors of the blogs parameter as how useful those blogs are and what says the internet para-metering tools.Let see into the 7 key factors have used to determine the top blogs in the virtual world of the internet.

1. Facebook Fans:-

At a time when the influence of social media is at its peak,we simply can’t ignore the importance of being affiliated to the two most powerful social media platform in the world, Unfortunately,some of the blogs were missing a Facebook group page- a grave mistake by our measure.A score of 0 has been given to the blogs who didn’t care to open a Facebook group or post the link of the group on its website in case it has one.And no,an invitation to join the friends list of the site owner doesn’t count in this case.

2. Twitter Followers:-

Micro blogging social platform twitter has become one of the most popular social media in the world.So it is easy to find out how many people follow the blog as the blog feeds will appear on their time line which bags a lots of visitors towards the blog.So it is a factor of parameter of blog.

3. Alexa Rank:-

In an effort to correctly evaluate the popularity of the blogs,we have decided to include the Alexa ranking of the blogs in any study.Since the study is based on finding the top tech blogs in any where in the world,it is needed to include the Alexa rank in particular region as a separate parameter.

4. Compete Rank:-

Since a major portion of the visitors are from U.S.,we have included the Compete rank of the sites as another parameter.Those who don’t have a site profile in Compete were given a 0 rating.

5. Popular articles in Digg & Stubleupon:-

With the increasing popularity of digg.com & stumbleupon.com,it is found it hard to resist a parameter where it includes the number of articles that have earned the distinction of being‘Made Popular’in Digg & stumbleupon.

6.Google Indexed Pages and Inbound Links:-

Since there is no way we can exclude the crucial influence of Google in our ranking system,it has been taken the statistics for the Google indexed pages and Google inbound links for the sites.This is how it is done-For finding out the number of Google indexed pages for a particular site,go to the Google page and type“site:<sitename>”in the search bar.You shall get the results.Similarly,for getting the Google links,type“link:<sitename>”.

7.Yahoo/Bing Indexed pages and Inbound Links:-

If Google comes first,can Yahoo be left far behind which packed with MSN's Bing?Rhetorical question,totally.You can use this link to find out the number of Yahoo indexed pages and Yahoo inbound links.


These are the 7 evaluation parameters that we have used for our calculation. The websites hosted directly on free domains like wordpress,blogger or other blog publishing platform normally have been excluded from this parameter system.The reason for this being that sites like Alexa provide the statistics for any blog at domain level.It is not possible to obtain the statistics at sub-domain level.Any one can get data from websitegrader for extracting the data for each blog.However,some time it make you disappointment ,this site was showing marked inconsistency in fetching the proper data for every site.Official Bing blog community says that the link command has been deactivated partially for over a year so clear data can not get from that.

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