Easiest top 10 Steps To Promote A blog Post & getting thousands of unique visitors free

It is known to all professional bloggers that any one can become blogger with in few minutes with out spending a single penny but it is much more hard task to become professional blogger. Because it is the hardest task to get visitors towards those blog which is established with in over night.Today I am trying Simplify Easiest top 10 Steps To Promote A blog Post & getting thousands of unique visitors free. 10 Steps To Promote A blog Post

10 Steps To Promote A blog Post :

We all know how important quality content is, and I been known to write some here and there
But no matter how great your content is,no one will see it unless you promote it.I am not going to share mind blowing secrets here,but what I will share is EXACTLY what I have done to get my 5 years old blog to a PR3 and Alexa 147,000 and Ranking on first page for some big keywords.So if what I am sharing has worked for me with 4-10 post a week think what it would have done if I was on a consistent 14-21 posts a week.
1.Submit To Twitter:-
This should be a no brainer for you by now. Twitter if used correctly WILL send people back to your blog to read your post! Period!
Now more then ever,Twitter should be first place to send your new post,Read Why.

2. Submit To 20 Social Sites:-
I use Hootsuite and Ping.fm to send out my post to over 20 other social sites.Go here is to be as efficient as you can be,using Ping.fm let’s you do that without having to sign into each and every account.Facebook tip,is to post your link directly on facebook at least once before using Ping that way will get more SEO juice from it as a direct link back to your blog.

3. Bookmark To 30 Sites:-
Bookmarking works and with Onlywire I send my new post out to 30 sites with the exception of a few Capcha codes it is automatic.Added to this I use firefox add on Shareholic to submit to another 15 sites that Onlywire doesn’t have.So in about 15min of time I have my post out to about 45 sites.Lately I been testing Bookmark Demon to go crazy with bookmarking,to over 200 possible sites,so far I am very happy with it.Both options work great Onlywire and Shareholic or BookMarking Demon,but if you have a little bit of money to spend then I Highly recommend BookMarking Demon software it is awesome.

4. Submit To Blog Carnivals:-
Blog carnivals are a great way to get quality back links and to get targeted traffic.It is free to submit to carnivals and the more targeted the post to carnival is the higher your chance your post will be excepted.I did this manually for a few weeks and bitched and moaned the whole way thru lol but in the end the effort is worth the hard work.I have been using a blog carnival submitting software called Xingla Pro that pretty much automates the process to 1 or 30 carnivals at once.Have used it for 3 weeks and makes life A LOT easier.Especially if you have a lot of old posts that you would like to submit.

5. Post To Bloggersbase:-
I been posting on BloggerBase for few months see my BloggersBase Profile and each my post have been read(each my post get read 200-400 times).Not bad for a site that lets you post on for free as many times as you like and let you read readers you may never have before.

6. Post To BlogEngage:-
BlogEngage is a new site I was invited to join a few weeks back.Brian at BlogEngage has a nice system setup to let bloggers reach other bloggers,connect and share in the promotion of each others blogs.I have been very happy with the luv my posts have gotten and the comments, traffic and ReTweets I been getting all from BlogEngage.You have to be invited to be part of the community,which is Brian’s way of keeping things at a high quality and a benefit to all members.

7. Post link at Bloggers.com:-
Connect with Peer Bloggers and get your Bloggers ID and network with best bloggers around the world.Bloggers Community to Know the best bloggers around the world,discover them and connect yourself with this friendly bloggers community.

8. Comment On Related Blogs:-
I have talked about how I use blog commenting before so I won’t go to far into it,but I comment on blog posts that fit what my most recent post was about.Also I learned recently is if you are blog commenting for a back link, then don’t waste your time commenting on a post with over 40 – 50 comments.Google only spiders the first 60 links on a page top to bottom,so if you comment 55 plus the links on that page beside the comment links,then you wont get credit for that back link.Now you SHOULD comment FIRST to offer something to the conversation,and back link benefit should be a bonus not your primary reason to comment.That’s it,simple to read and simple to do if you take the time and do it for each and every post you write.

9. Share in Pinterest.com:-
Pinterest is an online pinboard.Organize and share things you love.Get thousands of free traffic from pinterest by sharing new blog post via pin.

10. Share blog post in quora.com:-
Quora is a question-and-answer website created, edited and organized by its community of users. Quora connects you to everything you want to know about.so ask queries and reply queries with blog post references.

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