Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto

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Social media marketing is going through the tough weather as it is stated one of my best American fiend,Heather Kelly says in her recent article.She has stated with me in our last chat season that every big hunter of social media marketing filed is trying their best to capture the market such as Google+ is succeeding in small bursts,features by features.As a social network competing with Facebook it’s a flop,but its video-chat tool Hangouts is a winner of the thousands of members users heats.

Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto:

Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto
Now Google Plus Is Making Another Strong Tools To Competitive With Flickr's Photo Sharing Motto.Photo sharing is poised to be the service’s next breakout hit,thanks to an enthusiastic community of photographers who like the focus on attractive full-size images,Google+’s new photo-centric iPhone app,and a uniquely Google passion for meta data.Because it is normal to users if some thing special then users stay long time long in to that particular social media other wise stay there where they are.
1.Google+ eyes on Flickr:-
There is no doubt that the Flickr has captured the major portion of virtual photography market.In fact,Google+ is pushing hard on the photography front and is in a great position to dominate the floundering Flickr.
2.Google+ Team plans over Flickr:-
The Google+ team teamed up with Kelby Training for a two-day Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francisco,or as it was adorably called, Hangout in Real Life.Vice president of product for Google+ Bradley Horowitz,who led Yahoo’s purchase of Flickr in 2005,kicked off the event Tuesday by talking about the future of photography,how Flickr changed his outlook,and whether ads will ever make an appearance in Google+.
3.Camera records blood pressure:-
Bradley Horowitz says that Photos are the lifeblood of G+ service as those are the way they can most immediately and viscerally connect as human beings in real life impact.For the past four-plus years,Horowitz has pushed his passion for social computing at Google, combining photos,algorithms,and human interaction.While some of us may see the rising flood of images and data from camera settings to GPS location as overwhelming,Horowitz sees it as an opportunity.He thinks the future lies in capturing even more data,sharing more information,having more sensors,and recording more dimensions.He likes to inform more detailed information about the roll,pitch,yaw of the camera.About the lens optics,about even the blood pressure of person whose hand is on the camera,even the galvanic skin response.
4.Google glass supports Google+:-
Tools like Google’s own Google Glass could be a great start for capturing all of this information,but of course there are a few kinks to be worked out first.Horowitz has doubted of Google’s Vic Gundotra,who sometimes sports the augmented reality glasses during meetings.They are trying to capable of so much more than Instagram.Capturing pixels is just the beginning of a photo.How it’s processed and used after it’s on a computer is becoming even more important.Google has multiple properties that dabble in photos,including Picasa,Google+ ,Drive,and even email.The next step is to combine those tools together,something Horowitz admits is still an issue.
5.Realistic plan for Google+:-
Horowitz says that ultimately the brand distinction between those needs to go away hardship of developing the tools at one place for Google+.The fact that Picasa and Google+ is a failing on same part to deploy for Google+ to stay in social media field.Eventually Google aims to blur the line between the device and the cloud,so all the data you generate is automatically backed up,archived,and secured in a nice non-obtrusive manner.Automating this synthesizing stage would free up time for photographers to focus on the more enjoyable process of manipulating the data.
6.Google+ professional photographer:-
Horowitz wants to increase the power its own post-processing tools,making image editors scalable so that an amateur can use them as easily as a professional photographer.Replacing the very segmented image editing market and creating a tool that is equal parts Instagram, Lightroom,and Photoshop is an especially ambitious(perhaps naive)idea.
7.A few ads presents on Google+:-
The absence of ads in Google+’s lightbox,the tool that shows the images,is part of what appeals to the many photographers who use the service.But certainly it’s only a beta perk. After all,a whopping 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising.Google’s philosophy when it comes to ads is that they can be a very useful part of the user experience.However,it doesn’t want to serve them where or when they don’t belong and won’t be the most effective. They don’t think of ads as punishments the users must endure as Horowitz said in the seminar.
8.Started with Flickr:-
Horowitz has a background in photography,like many others on the Google+ team.As a grad student,Horowitz worked on some of the earliest image-processing programs and algorithms that analyzed images.Eventually he landed at Yahoo as the head of multimedia search,which is where he met the founders of Flickr,a fascinating, tiny little company in Canada.They asked why, instead of writing complex algorithms to analyze images,he didn’t just ask people to volunteer their knowledge,à la Flickr’s tagging.People can just look at an image and say if it’s a dog,a person,or even if its funny or snarky.
9.Horowitz experience for Google+:-
Horowitz went on to oversee Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr,and eventually moved on from the company.But now,many years later,the idea of social computing that Flickr planted in his head is being used to turn Google+ into real Flickr competitor.
My personal notion about the matter of Google+ competition with Flickr may be fruitful for Google Incorporation because Horowitz is the man behind for the success of Flickr.Just see what the coming days says about the competition of Google+ and Flickr.

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