Major Differences Between Microsoft's Socl & Google's Google Plus

Social media network has become one of the hot bed for the companies those are in technology field.Major competitors of the field of social media network business.
Differences Between Socl and Google Plus

Differences Between Socl and Google Plus

This competition has come to the corporate world for the success of Facebook.As we seen that Google is the uncrowned king of internet has entered social media a few times but they fail to create response but last year they has come back again with some new features with name of Google plus.Similarly another classic old horse of internet Microsoft Corporation has launched social networking site named as

Differences Between Socl and Google Plus
Today I am going to find out the Major Differences Between Microsoft's Socl & Google's Google Plus.
1.Company status:-
Google Plus is launched by Big G Google Incorporation on the other hand is launched by the old horse of the software market Microsoft Incorporation.
2.Time of launch:-
Google plus was started June/2011 on the other hand is started May/2012
3.Sign up process:-
Google allows only Google account to complete signup but Microsoft allows Facebook and Windows Live account to complete signup.

Google plus has 15 features in Stream on the other hand has 9 features in activity.
5.Policy updates:-
Joining the Google plus requires mandatory real-name and gender disclosure,which at launch was shared as public information.On the other hand Microsoft advice to hide real to a nick name.
Google+ is a typical Google web application: it uses Java servlets for the server code and JavaScript for the browser-side of the UI, largely built with Google's Closure framework, including the JavaScript compiler and the template system.On the other hand Microsoft uses in by the SNS technology has spread its magic gripping the whole world in its tentacles.
7.Cool factors:-
Combo-plate approach of Google+ is likening the new social effort to a Taco-Bell-meets-KFC.On the other hand Microsoft's FUSE Lab has implemented video party in easy ways for any users.Google normally forces the other product users to sign up for plus but Microsoft fully different domain and never force any users to sign up for
Google plus offers 1 GB storage quota for Google plus users(it is 800×800 pixels for non-Google plus users),creating virtually unlimited storage for mobile users and hangout also another good featured for Google plus users. Microsoft is one of the eldest horse of internet who has a lots of experienced and qualified technology guru who gives unlimited spaces and options to users.

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  1. ;-) thanks! you forgot that we want to experiment with vs I believe in Google, its an official product. Thank you for the very thoughtful comparison. I appreciate and hope you stay and give us feedback to make a great community and place.

  2. Lili Cheng @ thanks for your comment.Actually the article is written in a comparison not for depress any any company or product .If it will be taken any update of your SO.CL then inform me ,I will surely update the article

  3. Sir Main Uddin @ I really impress on your comparison between Google+ and as both are the Great company in the field of technology and internet

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