Mobile Phone Blogging Option & Tutorials Of The Top 3 Blogger Platforms

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Present scenario of internet shows that maximum savvy users and as well as normal users are starting to write blogs to explore themselves. It is also seen that a lots of users use mobile phone to browse the internet.Here is the good news for the bloggers that they are no longer confined to their desktops or laptops.Mobile Phone Blogging Option & Tutorials Of The Top 3 Blogger Platforms.
Mobile Phone Blogging Option

Mobile Phone Blogging Option tutorials:-

Technology has optimized a blogger’s ability to share their view on the world in words,photos or videos with just the flick of their wrist. Bloggers can write a post on their daily commute,or snap a photo and post it to their blog feed within seconds.They can also browse other blogs or manage comments from anywhere.When it comes to blogging from your mobile phone,the possibilities are endless.Here’s a breakdown of the blogging platforms that are most compatible with mobile blogging,including the types of phones that these apps are most compatible with.Most blogging platforms offer an SMS text or e-mail option,but some downloadable applications from these blogging platforms offer user-friendly features that are also fun to use. 


Read more to learn which platforms are best for video-blogging,posting photos,updating chatter or interacting with friends.The Most Tech-Savvy Blog Platforms.

Mobile Phone Blogging Option   

You don’t need a smartphone to post a blog when using the Google-owned platform Blogger.This blogging platform may not have a lot of bells,whistles or even a smooth design,but it does have one thing-user-friendliness.Simply register your blog with the Blogger mobile service,and then text BLOGGR(256447).Your text will automatically be added as a new post on your blog.Want to post a photo with a caption? No problem.E-mail photos from your phone to,and the website will automatically upload them for you.
Mobile Phone Blogging Option 

This blogging platform is a favorite among the“micro-blogging” community.The Tumblr community boasts that is has “the most creative bloggers in the world,”and Tumblr’s mobile blogging options are made to optimize creativity and microblogging on-the-go.Tumblr allows you to post quickly and easily from any phone,via e-mail SMS or through a downloadable application.One of the best parts of this system is that Tumblr automatically detects what kind of post you are trying to create,whether it is a quote,a series of photos,a single-photo upload,a“chat”or a“tag.”You can upload posts via e-mail,or download the Tumblr app for the iPhone,Android or Blackberry smartphone systems.

Mobile Phone Blogging Option 

WordPress now has one of the best support systems for blogging across the iPhone,Blackberry and Android platforms.Like Blogger and Tumblr,WordPress offers simple e-mail-to-post options for people who don’t use smartphones.The WordPress iPhone application just reached its second version,and Blackberry and Android were launched in February 2011.For those who download the WordPress application, users aren’t just limited to creating a post on the go—they can also manage their blog.This provides the unique advantage of being able to sort through your post archive,edit other posts,manage comments,or browse other WordPress blogs,with just the touch of your finger.For Blackberry users,WordPress offers the unique option of VideoPress,which allows users to record a video with their phone and then post it on-the-go.This application is also available for people who externally host their blogs on the system,and open-sourced applications are available for modification,making it one of the most dynamic and adaptable systems available.
Mobile blogging is starting stage till date but days are coming only uses of cell phone blogging.These platforms,the possibilities for blogging on-the-run are endless.See the video for clear & easy way to mobile blogging.

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