Most Essential 6 Tools for WordPress Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

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Professional bloggers specially who are blogging in self hosted wordpress platform,they must have some tools for analyzing performance,editing text files and images,optimizing images and transferring files and images.I have been working on the WordPress optimization stuff for quite some time now.Let's do some preparation works and get our bloggers'toolbox in order.6 Tools for WordPress Professional Bloggers

6 Tools for WordPress Professional Bloggers

Today I am going to discuss most essential top 6 tools for WordPress bloggers to website development,website optimization included search engine friendly scripting and plenty of alternatives and optional tools as well as my past experienced based.This list is my personal preferences,which over the years have been heavily influenced by the information from my choiced on Lifehacker's'Hive Mind'lists as I am one of the regular reader.As a WordPress blogger you need tools for analyzing performance,editing text files and images,optimizing images,transferring files and images.Here the Most Essential 6 Tools for WordPress Professional Bloggers & Webmasters.
1.Get a FTP Program:-

A FTP program to connect to the web/file server.A FTP program FileZilla is my choice. FileZilla is the BEST and the easiest way to access the files we need to modify and edit. FileZilla is available for all platforms, including Windows,Linux and Mac.Get FileZilla at
Get an Awesome Text Editor:-

A text editor to edit files.A powerful code- and text-editor Notepad++ on Windows.Any text editor will do,but download and install one of these if you don't have a good one yet then get here Windows-Notepad++ and Mac/Linux-Bluefish Editor .

3.Get Firefox/Google Chrome and Addons:-

A browser with addons for website performance analyzis.A good browser Firefox /Google Chrome for the addons.In order to make the most out of the challenge and learn stuff,you also need Firefox /Google Chrome browser.Install the website performance analyzing addons.

4.Get image editor & optimizer tools:-

Image editing and optimization tools.An image editor and a viewer GIMP and IfranView.Image optimizers Image Magick and RIOT.Primary purpose(from WordPress speed point of view)for an image editor is resizing and scaling the image.For that simple purpose,and for super-simple processing of images,you can use Shrink O'matic and IfranView.We can take care of optimization inside WordPress with a plugin, but sometimes you will want to crunch images to minimum size by compromizing the quality a bit. Advanced image optimization,command line tools

This is somewhat optional,but for command line ,and more advanced image optimization,you should get Image Magick and possible PNGcrush and jpegtran as well.
Get a stop watch and a egg timer:- Productivity timers such as stop watch and a egg-timer(Optional).Get a timer so you can see how much time it takes for you do stuff,and to set yourself a time frame to work on.Here get it a"egg timer"to set how long you want to work on a task and finish until the timer runs. 

6.Get a frosty beverage:-

A frosty beverage and /or cup of something hot( Optional). Get a frosty beverage before we you start doing the optimization steps(coming in the upcoming posts),or get cup of coffee/tea if you prefer something hot.Personally,I prefer to save the ice-cold beer after things are done and consume cups of Tea when I am doing stuff.There is no need any fancy tools for blogging or to optimize your WordPress blog.All the tools listed on this post are free,with the most of the tools being open source as well - with the exception of the frosty beverage and other drinks,which probably costs a bit.But the drinks are optional anyway,and not included in the"must-have"category.

Make sure you have the tools(all free)in order to get stuff done for your blog,and also to follow through the WP Speed Challenge.The WordPress Speed Challenge was announced.All the tools are mentioned here fully my own experienced based so these may be useful to you but I am not sure to all bloggers.

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