Pro bloggers & webmasters should bookmark most essential top 10 websites for lifetime

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The virtual world of the Internet becomes a bigger part of everybody’s lives in modern days.The number of internet users are going to increase day by day as well as number of professional bloggers and webmasters too.There are some fantastic resources on the Web for normal internet users as well as internet savvy too,of all ages and all kinds.Be it computer geeks who like to mess around with the insides of machines or those more mainstream geeks who approach things from a more basic angle but then delve as deep as they need to in order to understand.Today I am going to disclose top 10 websites or blogs where where regularly I visit and search new things and ideas for my blogging as these are bookmarked in all browsers of my personal computer have.Professional bloggers & webmasters should bookmark most essential top 10 websites those can bring ideas & inspiration for lifetime.[Images Credit:thebluedino]

Top 10 websites for lifetime bookmark:


top 10 websites for lifetime
Lifehacker is a website which does exactly what its name suggests – provide life hacks.These are anything which can help solve an everyday problem in a new way,or aid productivity and efficiency.
2.How-To Geek
top 10 websites for lifetime
How-To Geek is completely dedicated to computers and how they work.There is a constant stream of articles related to the topic,as well as forums with sections dedicated to all the major operating systems and specialized topics such as building your own PC.
top 10 websites for lifetime
TechRepublic is a vast resource with sections dedicated to blogs,downloads,galleries,and discussions,amongst others.Content is also segregated by the field of technology it belongs to development,IT support,networks, etc.
top 10 websites for lifetime
Ozzu labels itself simply as‘Webmaster Forum‘ and that’s a fitting description.This is news, information and resources for developers, programmers,and designers.There are forums for those with a passion for each of these professions,with a considerable amount of crossover included.
top 10 websites for lifetime
Neowin has tech news,reviews,features,and forums.It was once all about Microsoft and its products,but it has now evolved to cover Mac and Linux amongst other things.
top 10 websites for lifetime
Protonic is a site offering an invaluable service.All timer technical support team for your computer,be it hardware- or software-related,then you can get it for free on Protonic.
top 10 websites for lifetime
ITProPortal delivers 24X7 Tech Commentary & Analysis.This is around-the-clock news with a British bias,with different sections dedicated to different sectors of technology.
top 10 websites for lifetime
Gizmag is the place to spy on invention and innovation.This is geekdom for those who love gadgets.
top 10 websites for lifetime
Stackoverflow is a constantly updating stream of programming-related questions.This is geekdom for those who are bigger geeks than me.
top 10 websites for lifetime
MakeUseOf is awesome,obviously and a place for geeks to hang out.As my own notion that MakeUseOf has something for everyone.This is geekdom for the masses.
My own notion about the top 10 websites in the list may be represent the heaven of techno bloggers and webmasters.These are where normal techno user and internet savvy should be hanging out on a daily basis.If you have any query or correction then must type a few words in the comments section below.
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