The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World

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Now this days,MIS is come applicable every where either online or offline any business establishment.An individual’s personal knowledge is only what can be acquired and stored in his or her memory and then retrieved and manipulated as necessary,and although many mangers insist on operating with only the information stored in personal memory,it is essential nowadays to augment this capacity with other storage media.Conceptually,the transfer of information from human memory and other media to the memory of a computer. The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World.

The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

The Data Bank Concept of Professional Bloggers & Webmasters In Corporate World
To understand and appreciate the concept of central storage and the acquisition of information from a data bank,it is helpful to review an elementary sample of storage under a manual system.The point has been made repeatedly that the most basic element of a management information system,and indeed the element vital to the management process,is knowledge information about the goals and objectives of the organization,its policies, resources,operations and environment .Books magazines,forms,records,and a variety of other media assist us in storing information until it is needed.However,in today’s complex managerial environment it is becoming more and more necessary that the organization turn to the computer for storing,processing,and retrieving information.In developing an information system to serve the divers needs of today’s organization,knowledge and information relative to the organization’s management and operations can be stored in the memory of the computer. This knowledge can be described and labeled as a data bank.
Advantages of Bloggers Data Bank:-
i.Easy to store in computer memory
ii.Easy to use in future.
iii.Easy to edit necessary update.
iv.Simplest Resources & review method
v.Simplest Posting & updating formulas
Blogging has already become a business so it also follows the rules of business and corporate world.It seen that a lots of IT professional already become successful business personnel via their blogs and website.Using Bloggers Data Bank is one of their success factors as recent survey carried by the Big G Google.

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