5 Key reasons behind using female models by the corporate world and Bloggers to publicize

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Today I am willing to discuss an off time topic but it is related to business either online or offline or print publishing media.Why the big bosses of the corporate world use female model to promote their product(s)? 

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The bloggers and webmasters are not back footed as they also do the same to promote their product(s),service(s)and particular blog post designing.Whenever any one wants to build a business either online or offline publicize is a major factor.The perfect solution of publicize is advertising.Here is the main question why female model are used in any form of advertising ? Normally the field of advertising is made up a system of interacting organizations and institutions.It focuses on analysis,planning,control and decision making. These all are depend on society.Normally what are the things those a society wants that can easily deliver by a female model with in few poses.Here the 5 Key reasons behind using female models by the corporate world and Bloggers to publicize.
1.Effective value of life style:-

Now this days,woman is no longer a subject in the media.She has become an object that is bought or that sells certain merchandise .The media are transmitting prejudices about womanhood,manhood and physical satisfaction.Women are becoming degraded and invisible in such a world,hungry for new sensations and ever-newer stimulations .Although the female gender has a right to adequate representation and presentation in public,it is evident that classical stereotypes regarding the way in which women are presented in the media,as a form of advertising,are predominant in today’s society.It seems that this phenomenon has gained currency in our own midst in recent years,amidst a general devaluation of all ethical values.Media manipulations are most often done out of economic or political reasons ,in order to suggest to consumers the need to buy certain merchandise or services.

2.Economic effects of society:-

The first type is based on advertising messages in which one girl is jealous,as it is seen the the softness of the towels being used by her friend,or on ads in which a newly matured teenager goes on her first date intoxicated with the smell of the newest fabric softener.The second type has numerous subtypes,which mainly assume an emancipated housewife,one who is pretty and well-kept,but at the same time maximally devoted to her household.

3.Softness beauty of the society:-

Another woman called mother who is perhaps the most varied, encompassing mothers-in-law who have no faith in their daughter-in-law’s all-powerful dish washing detergent,elderly mothers who insist on convincing their daughters that they are always poor and alone,young mothers who forgive their offspring the worst transgressions because they have a bag of detergent that washes away all the stains on their socks.

4.Attention and impression:-

Is the physical information in advertising have an effect? Are advertisements with physical attractive content more visited than others? Are these advertisements more liked? Are they better remembered? These questions are connected to one overall question,which is,does physical relations in advertising help or harm the advertising process?If the answer to these questions is positive,that would mean that ads with physical relations are more convincing and result in more transactions,it would mean that advertisers that engage scantily clad models in advertisements, especially when they do not have an obvious link with the product,are actually throwing their money away.Researchers are generally in agreement that physical relations in advertisements is noticed and,thus,remembered.Still,the attention directed towards physical attraction may produce a counter productive.

5.Informational & normative influence:-

Now this days,the context of advertising,there is convincing proof that physical beauty attracts attention.This attention can be viewed,defined as an orientational reaction,an involuntary devotion of focused attentiion.In some studies,attraction was measured by personal reports or through measurements of physiological reactions .Simple recognition or noticing of advertisements was also taken as a measure of the degree of attention. Research results show that ads with physical attractive content engage,occupy and interest consumers more than those that are normal Global rated contents.


My notion is on this matter that these are true in many cases,in reality the physical information of woman is very often an integral component of the transmitted message.In some cases,the physical beauty outcome as the result of using the brand is the actual message.One of these is to build physical beauty attractive content into the reasons why consumers should consider buying a certain product.It was in the very essence of the reason for buying this brand.In order to demonstrate this competitive advantage,the Thomson advertising agency created provocative images of passionate moments.As a result of this physical beauty of woman strategy, company sales increased already during the first year of the campaign. Physical behavior of woman definitely attracted


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Why the number of personal blogs has increased comparison with corporate blogs

Now this days it is seen that the numbers of personal blog has increased than corporate blogs."Why this increment?" Yesterday one of my blogger friend had asked me the question.I have tried my best to reply her and she also agreed with my reply.

I think that the reply may be useful to others blogger too.So the summery of our discussion of the query "why the number of personal blogs has increased?" has given for our value able readers.Here the Advantage of Personal Blog than corporate blogs.
1.To make own identity:-
One of the biggest reasons to having a personal blog is that'To make our identity in the virtual world of the internet.'It may be a major factor for the increasing of the number of personal blogs
2.Introduce customize product or service:-
To introduce our new product or service,to promote our product or service,to increase sell of our product or service for all things personal blog is a very effective and tremendous way to marketing.
3.Most Impactful method:-
Personal blogs are easiest and most impactful way to build strong relationship with our customers.Having a personalized relationship with our customers increases more chances to achieve our goal.I think that it will be understood this point.Means what,it can increase the sells rate through this activity.
4.Easy To monetize the contents:-
Personal blogs are very helpful in creating additional income coming through affiliate programs.Marketing of products under affiliate programs becomes simple when you are considering the marketing links that produce a great amount of income.
5.Virtual Ads networks:-
Bloggers can connect the blogs with Google Adsense like many more advertisements to earn from contents.There will be two chances to make money,through adsense and also from affiliate programs.
6.Express own minds to the world:-
And last thing,personal blogs is a platform in that we can share our personal crucial or pleasant experiences in our own style not much professional or corporate style.Keep in mind this thing,people interacts with those blogs which are looking so true so simple not with corporate style blogs.
7.Trust worthy ness of personal blog:-
It is always heard that one of the biggest complaints of most people surfing the internet is the integrity and trust of the information they have in front of them by any website or blog.Personal blog can develop that trust,and keep that trust,Blog subscribers stay with the author if he or she is reliable.Its very easy to betray that trust so opportunity too.If blog subscribers feel that the author is pushing products on them,instead of helping them,they will unsubscribe or the information that the blog is providing is not valued to the subscriber,they will unsubscribe or never visit the blog again.There first have to build the trust with the readers and subscribers.
8.Precautions to avoid Failure:-
A lots of bloggers are seen online who have the high profile corporate jobs but they have left and have started personal blogging.The author is one among those people who are looking towards online programs to earn their live hoods.It is known to all that no need to worry about success or failures in any business as we have to just continue the works.It is true that most of the people fail in earning well through such personal blog,but that doesn't mean the author can n't do good.For getting success with online earning programs,it needs to make a wise selection and observation about the virtual world to real world.So make a bold research before starting personal blogging career.
The importance of having a personal blog vary from one person to another but real target or goal is the same every where and every person. If any body will have been something looking attractive and he/she would like to create a personal blog with in few minutes.

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5 Key Factors Behind of leaving corporate life by the professional bloggers

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Recently I have conducted a research on bloggers and web page writers which covers the career,education and private life too.Due to the mission of discovery of bloggers mind is not a very simple task which has taught me a lots. 

To day i am trying give a summery of the bloggers minds expressions as most bloggers and web page writers are really highly educated and most of those previously working in high profile jobs in corporate world.Here the question has raised that why they have left the high profile job ? on the other hand they enter a job where 100 per cent uncertinity lives.There are a lots of possibilities to fail as a professional blogger.Even though they have entered the world of professional blogging career!Some of major factors are short listed here as 5 Key Factors Behind of leaving corporate life by the professional bloggers:-
1.Professional bloggers are over ambitious:-
Highly positioned corporate personals have migrated to blogging due to become their own boss or having ambition to become like their previous boss.Some time they are busted and insulted very poorly from their seniors.What they need to acknowledge is that there will be light at the end of the tunnel,it may be a long tunnel,but there will be light.So they come to the filed of professional blogging world.
2.Professional bloggers ego factor:-
Often there are a lots of managers or 2nd Line managers or VP's who have observed it closely and seen their potential and performance over time but they are being busted for miss the target or poor feedback from customers or seniors.
3.Death in sedentary in corporate jobs:-
Stress is as much a part of our corporate careers as death is a fact of life.Still,it is best to keep the two(career and death)separate. The reason for death in sedentary jobs is the insidious condition called deep vein thrombosis .This condition develops because of extended hours spent sitting,when a blood clot forms in the lower limbs.The clot then travels to the vital organs in the upper body,where it wreaks havoc including death.
4.Over materialistic culture in corporate world:-
In the corporate world,when considering career progression,there is an element where merit and performance alone will only get you so far.Such melancholy long hours are best left to workaholics,they keep working because they cannot help it.It is not so much a career aspiration,but a force of habit coupled with a fear of social life.
5.Work-life unable balance:-
Undermining work-life balance are a few factors.One is the materialistic culture we live in.It is hard to fight that trend.Second is a misguided notion that it can make first, then sit back and enjoy life.That point in time when it is free from worldly worries rarely materializes.Thirdly,it may have a career-oriented partner.Even when it is ready to take a balanced approach,partner may not be,thereby diminishing the value of putting it in practice .To strike a work-life balance in today’s dog eat dog world,it may have to sacrifice a few upper rungs of the proverbial corporate ladder. Raging against the corporate machine with no regard to the consequences ultimately boils down to one simple realization,that making a living amounts to nothing if the life is lost in the process.
Professional bloggers are normally become super brain due to their life struggle either in corporate world or in the virtual world of internet.So they have earned the all experiences of life which bears happiness and sorrows.They try to express own notions ideas and creativity.It is also seen that some professional bloggers invented great things too.

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Brainstorming mechanism of Creativity Theory on professional bloggers &webpage writers

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Professional Bloggers and web page writers normally creative people but they are called creative people.Today I have to recall my memory in those days when I was student MBA in Madurai Kamaraj University where our respected teacher Dr.V.Chinniah sir had stated few lines about creativity and related matters.He had stated a name of a think tank who is the founder of the creative theory is John M. Keil.As John M. Keil was the executive creative director of Dancer Fitzgerald Sample Advertising Agency where it was learned through experience how to work successfully with creative people in a business setting either online or offline.His thesis is that every creative project needs clearly stated objectives, an identification of the target audience, and defined thought(or theme) to be conveyed. 

However, Keil has clearly written in his first book, often entertaining, and has well-stated objectives that are expanded upon with effective illustrations in the business of any form either online or offline.Here is my finding of the Brainstorming mechanism of Creativity Theory on professional bloggers & webpage writers.

A.Creativity theory:-

Idea generation comes easier in a group, from which more infor­mation and associations are collectively available.The difficulty here is to over­come the inhibiting aspects of group behavior.One technique to encourage the free flow of ideas is brainstorming.The cardi­nal rule is that criticism is prohibited.All evaluation is withheld until later.The wilder the idea that survives, the better, for it may stimulate a new association that will trigger a more useful idea.The participants are encouraged to build on ideas that appear, combining and improving them.The atmosphere is positive.The ob­jective is quantity.Once it is seen that one such session generated 144 ideas on how to sell the products in markets.

B.Keil's creativity notions:-

John Keil,in his book on creativity, argues that there are several myths about creativity and creative people, none of which is really supported by the facts.Keil's six myths of creative people are as follows:
1.Creative people are sophisticated and worldly.They are cultured.well, read, and snobbish.
2.Creative people are more intelligent than others.
3.Creative people are disorganized.
4.Creative people are witty and seldom boring.
5.Creative people are more involved with liquor and drugs than others are.
6.Drugs and alcohol stimulate creative thinking.

C.Review of Keil's notions:-

Like the social stereotypes of any profession, Keil essentially cautions against such stereotyping and argues that creative people have a wide variety of habits, styles, and values.There are boring creative people, as well as witty ones.The incidence of alcoholism and drug abuse in this profession appears no greater than in others such as law or medicine.The creative process culminates in the specific activities of writing copy, illustrating, and layout.Each of these activities is briefly described in the very clearly one each section of the book.

D.Bloggers & Creativity:-

Bloggers and web pages writers are more creative than any others because they have to maintain real-time and genuine information via their blog posts or articles.Such as it should be maintained all the features like design, graphics, post fonts, video, cartoons and much more.Another most important factor is that bloggers have always ready to give feedback to their readers or visitors.The new creation is the only way to become a success in the blogging world.


Bloggers and web page writers also target audience and visitors or readers of their articles, no doubt this theory obviously fall on their activities.Bloggers and web page writers are more sensitives than any other professionals in the corporate and noncorporate world even political think tanks too.

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IT Professionals choice Best 15 Companies In The world Give Benefits To Employees

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It is known to all that professional bloggers and webmasters are normally IT professionals and also seen that a lots of such bloggers and webmasters have failed to rise in blogging careers.So they are in hunting of good jobs but where they work with full security and working benefits.Recently my wife has raised the question to me. 

IT Professionals choice Best 15 Companies In The world Give Benefits To Employees

So friends I have tried reply her the question with my best knowledge and research for a few hours on this matter.Where the IT professional have to join for their bright future ? I have listed for IT Professionals choice Best 15 Companies In The world Give Benefits To Employees.
It gives its employees a ton of responsibility and support.The best part of working at Guidewire is that its corporate values are embraced at all levels,even all the way to the highest levels of executive management.Also, Guidewire is a very egalitarian company.The company truly values all contributors.

2. Facebook:-
It is impacting a seventh of the world's population,and it has fantastic culture.The ability to take an idea and turn it into a reality without the need for level after level of approval.Only really massive changes require any significant oversight at all.

3. LinkedIn:-
It is starting to feel like a big company,but it's still the most transparent and fun place out there.It has a rewarding and challenging role for an innovative,dynamic and fast paced company.The recognition of individuals success and aptitude is a fundamental aspect within LinkedIn.The motivational culture and values make this company a genuine pleasure and inspirational place to work.

4. MITRE:-
It handles a lot of exciting,next-generation science projects.The best things are the benefits,the work-life balance,the ability to move around and find interesting and new challenges,and the quality of the technical staff.

5. Google:-
It is really Doodle of any one as Big G.Really smart people,great benefits,amazing level of transparency and access,people,especially at the top are really committed to getting it right.

6. CareerBuilder:-
It is still a fun job,and you can finish up your degree.Many career opportunities and trainings for professional development.Offer great tuition reimbursement program and health and wellness program.

7. Apple:-
It is still makes some of the best products in the world,if you can handle the competitive culture.Exciting work that impacts a LOT of people.Operates more like a(collection of) startups rather than a big company.

8. Rackspace:-
It is still run by relaxed rackers,though new management is mixing things up.The fellow administrators(Rackers)are amazing people and the company does a lot to foster that family feeling.The building has a lot of perks and makes it somewhat comfortable place to be.If you happen to work first shift,there are lots of opportunities to train and such.And of course you have a lot of freedom in how you dress,etc.

9. Wayfair:-
It is a young,fast-moving company that's great if you can keep up.Short individual and interesting projects gives responsibility to take the project from the beginning to the end. Very open environment where people are willing to share information and help out.

10. National Instruments:-
It has a lot of office perks,but doesn't pay as well.NI has some bright people.They recruit at very good universities,especially UT Austin, and they focus more on technical interview questions than most other companies.This focus helps ensure that they hire people who can solve problems creatively,instead of just automatons with high GPAs who thrive within the school system.

11. NetApp:-
It has a beloved executive,but it is a bit of an old company.Culture,highly collaborative, focus on customers,focus on growth.Company values are lived out across the organization. Company is not afraid to take risks to advance with customers & grow.

12. Morningstar:-
It makes sure its employees feel welcome and has a lot of room for upward mobility. Morningstar does not pay competitively.It is a great place,but the salary makes it hard to not look at positions outside the company.

13. Accenture:-
It is a huge company,but it's attacking a lot of interesting problems.Lots of interesting projects in my industry and specialization. Great pipeline of work.Most importantly,workers feel that by working hard and smart,by networking,and through a little luck,the opportunity for advancement is high.

14. Barracuda Networks:-
It is great if you are a young gun,but feels a bit clique-y.Good team mates,nice atmosphere, lots of things to learn for someone who is new to networking or application side networking.

15. Microsoft:-
It is still affects millions of people and is a great place to work right out of college. Welfare is good and enough.It also has benefit of scale.If you change one feature or ship one new product,it has the chance of changing the lives of millions of people.That is what some small companies can't offer.They also have very rich resource for career development.
Every company has own procedure to appoint employee.So you have check their career list time to time and fulfilling their criteria any one can take a bright chance in future career. Friends there may be a lots of such good companies which are left out of my notice,if it is in your knowledge then kindly share with us.No doubt your comment or suggestion will be updated in the article.

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Apple Siri button will be available with better cheaper and faster on Car's cockpit

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Apple is one of the leading Boss in software and internet market.Apple is getting into the navigation business with iPhones and iPads, odds favor a smartphone or tablet with conversational voice recognition being with next car navigation system.Apple Siri button will be available with better cheaper and faster on Car’s cockpit

It will be cost a lot less than car navigation does now.Some automakers are forging alliances with Apple to embed a Siri button on the steering wheel to retain some control over their future.So the arrival of $600-$800 integrated navigation from Nissan,Ford and GM may be too little,too late.Just the article about the Apple Siri button will be available with better cheaper and faster on Car's cockpit.
1. Apple's announcement:-
Apple’s WWDC has announced on Monday at the three-quarter-inch thick MacBook Pro and news that Siri,as of iOS 6,is coming to the iPad. The auto announcements may be more far-reaching.Apple said it will move from a mostly-maps offering(it shows your destination and a highlighted route currently but has no spoken directions) to a full navigation system with spoken,turn-by-turn directions.

Apple Siri button will be available with better cheaper and faster on Car’s cockpit
TomTom stock jumped because TomTom is partnering with Apple while shares of other PND makers and Harman,one of the makers of pricy in-dash navigation, fell. 
2. Previous notification:-
Later this year,you will be able to use your iPhone or,if you can find a sturdy mount,iPad as a navigation system.Actually,you can now if you add third-party software such as Telenav, MotionX,or VZ Navigator.Apple handicapped them, however,by not allowing Siri to interact with them.Apple calls it'eyes free'technology because much of the interaction will be voice-based and you won’t need to look at the display that much.There will also be crowd-sourced real-time traffic information(RTTI).Rather than build from the ground up,Apple apparently is partnering with Waze,as it’s partnering with TomTom(and dumping Google)on maps.Even the best commercial RTTI isn’t all that accurate, so if you are not perfect,at least be free. 

3. Auto makers respond:-
How are automakers responding to the Apple announcement? For sure,they will remind you of the same old same old,built-in navigation means a bigger display,better display location,no cords and wires clutter the cockpit,convenient steering wheel controls,and increasingly secondary navigation displays in the instrument panel or head-up display.This may play better in the luxury segment,where $2,000 extra on a $60,000 car may be palatable.Of course,that’s also the segment most likely to own both an iPhone and iPad and know how good Siri is. 

4. Leading auto makers business:-
Some automakers are going to make their peace with Apple and play along.General Motors,Honda and Toyota have said they will employ Siri technology.Audi,BMW,and Mercedes-Benz say they are considering it.

Apple Siri button will be available with better cheaper and faster on Car’s cockpit
By pressing the Siri button,you talk to your Apple device via Bluetooth,and it would set up a navigation route,recall calendar appointments,or dictate texts.(The missing automakers are those aligned with Microsoft,including Ford,Hyundai,and Kia; along with Nissan and VW.Some may be considering but have n’t come out of the closet yet.).GM is hedging its bets.It’s working with Siri,but GM earlier this year announced GoGo Link,a $50 smartphone app from EnGIS Technology of South Korea,that would link any smartphone to the car’s dashboard LCD display.It’s especially for entry cars such as the Chevrolet Sonic and Chevrolet Spark.Chevrolet rolled out the Sonic last fall without a navigation option and with a USB jack included only on the costliest model.GM is adding a touchscreen LCD called MyLink to 2013 Sonics and Sparks that will be required to use GoGo Link. 
5. Reason behind Apple in car:-
What’s wrong with in-dash navigation. Everything,other than the fact that it’s built-in and displays on a big screen.Most automakers charge $1,500-$2,000.There’s no way to swap out the hardware when it’s out of date.Map updates cost $150-$300.The POIs (on the disc) get dated quickly.Even the best car-navigation voice control requires some knowledge of syntax, while with an Apple or Android phone you just say “Take me to Miami Beach.'Most automakers lock out the address-input controls when you’re under way,so if you have to change or correct an address when you’re driving a busy road with no place to pull off, you’d better hope you’ve memorized that part of the manual.It may be too little too late,but navigation is standard on the $30,000 Hyundai Azera,it’s $595 in the 2013 Nissan Altima,and an increasing number of Fords such as the Ford Escape and GM cars such as the GMC Terrain offer SD Card navigation for $795.

6. Apple's mindset:-
The automakers have been caught in a mindset where new cars come out every 5-7 years and they may not put in a new navigation system if the model has only three years left.They have also believed every aspect of their vehicle has to be different from the competition even if proprietary designs and low volume help jack up the cost of things like navigation.The $200 dashtop navigation system and smartphone navigation had a sobering effect.The quality of Apple Siri embarrasses automakers,most of whom use the same underlying software(from Nuance)as Apple does.
7.Apple or Android voice recognizer:-
The question of whether Ford Sync or Cadillac CUE is a better interface is irrelevant compared to how much better they’d both be using the Apple or Android voice recognizers. No small part of the Apple-Android quality comes from doing voice recognition off-board, at a server in the cloud.Every automaker with a telematics module(built-in data modem)such as OnStar could do that,too.It takes a couple seconds to get a result back and automakers felt that would annoy customers.Instead,they have chosen to annoy users with imperfect voice recognition.
Ironically,all this is happening just as automakers have the ability to sell navigation for less than $500.Nissan is almost there with a premium offering (Bosch hardware,Navteq maps) at $595.The problem will be that even if everything else is better with a built-in,non-Apple/Android voice recognition may seem in ferior.

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Facebook apps monetize method become more easier with local currency

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As such it is known to all that Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world of internet.Facebook has declared in latest blog article that Facebook Credits will be gone in favor of local currency to the virtual byers and sellers.Now it is cleared that Facebook is taking on payments providers PayPal,Google Wallet,perhaps preemptively,Apple’s iTunes too.Here the top story of the Facebook apps monetize method become more easier with local currency.

1.Experts talk about Facebook payment:-

Plink co-founder Peter Vogel says in his article at TechCrunch that Facebook to become a dominant player in the Payments space,similar to a PayPal.
local currency sample
2.Facebook previous balance:-
The article has confirmed that it is now being transformed into a full localized standard-currency payments platform but People can still redeem gift cards and store unused balances in their account.
3.Users friendly:-
The company has hoped to simplify the purchase experience,gives users more flexibility,and make it easier to reach a global audience who want a way to pay for depelopers apps and games in their local currency.
4.Reason behind local currency:-
Those are great reasons.Pricing a game on Facebook at 10 credits costs an American about a buck,which might take the average person a few minutes to earn.But the same game costs someone in India almost 300 rupees which takes the average person a couple of hours to earn.Easily it can say local currency pricing can reduce that discrepancy.

local currency keypad 5.Review of Facebook new payment:-
As frequent VentureBeat contributor Rocky Agrawal pointed out,Apple’s Passbook is scary for PayPal,which has only 100 million customer accounts.But Facebook could be threatening for both PayPal and Apple.In his editorial,Vogel said,'Facebook is PayPal on steroids,with the strength of a billion members.'
It is not clear what the thinking is going over the mind of Mark Zuckerberg which knows where fact.As my own notion says that the payments space is going to get much more interesting before it gets boring.And that Facebook’s monetization options just grew significantly towards their own goals and targets.
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8 Natural ways to bring High quality traffics to targeted Websites & Blogs

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It is known to all professional bloggers and webmasters that traffics is the heart of any online presence.As traffics are the feedback of any website or blog.No doubt it is agreed that 'Content is the king' but contents are useless if targeted websites and blogs have no traffics.Traffics are normally targeted by the owner webmasters or bloggers in particular communities or systems those are relevant to the niche.
8 Natural ways to bring High quality traffics to targeted Websites & Blogs
Some proven method that can help the bloggers and webmasters to build up the 8 Natural Ways to Bring High quality traffics to targeted Websites & Blogs.
1.Institutional approach of profile:-
Always article must approach in institutional ways such it can use 'we' instead of 'I'and it will make the article more responsible and reliable for any readers.
2.Subordinate approach of contents:-
Blog post or website article is full of value, it will naturally attract a lot of links because people will want to tell others about it.They will email it to their friends,link to you from their site,blog,myspace,facebook,etc. resulting in tons of exposure for you and create a community for your niche.
3.Organizational relationship with readers:-
Bloggers and webmasters must be maintained good relationship with readers as those are commented or directly contact via contact form or support form of the blog or website.It should be real time or as soon as possible.
4.Personal acceptance of article:-
Bloggers and webmasters must accept their own articles theme first their it should delivered to the readers.Such as any programme or service has been tested by the article author first.
5.Social Identification:-
Social media profile and social media bookmarking are another most important factors for the genuine to blogs or websites.But here must remember that profile should be reliable and genuine in nature.
6.Sanctions to readers:-
Sanctions to readers means bloggers and webmasters may be allow some readers to contribute articles with terms and conditions. Normally this type authors are called guest bloggers.
7.Authority of situation:-
Article should be verified by the authors own and other reliable sources which create trust worthy shadow to the readers.
8.Legal decree of articles:-
Blog and websites should follow the local and international norms which may be useful to get more traffics.

Many Other ways also available to bring natural traffics towards any website or blog.Here the fifty ways to bring genuine traffics to blogs and website. 

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Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix

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Recently I have visited a lots of High Page Rank blogs and websites to prepare a list of hunting high page rank blogs and websites those allow guest post and comment luv backlinks. Normally I subscribe the comments on those blog with a real time comment.When I saw my email inbox then a lots of replies come from the bloggers and webmasters where I had commented. Maximum bloggers and webmasters have reported that they are enjoying heavy decrease of Google Search Engine traffics in recent days.They have asked me to solve the problem regain their lost place in Google Search Engine.I have given them a solution as my best of effort to increase Google search engine traffic.
Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix
Today I want to share a few key ways to increase the Google Search Engine traffics for blog and websites those are recently losses the pillar.My suggestion in this matter you too can take help of Google's spam team head Matt Cutts' video in Youtube or my site here.Here the Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix.
1.Analysis search:-
First thing you have to do that enter “site: yourdomain.com” in Google search box to find out the list of all your indexed pages in cache.

Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix
Here check it that your listing is increased or decreased or fully deindexed.There after see a snippet which may be cause of robots.txt blocking crawlers.Check if there is any "This site may harm your computer" malware warning message appearing below your post title in search results.
2.Domain Verify search:-
It is very important factor is that your blog ranks for your domain name or not such as searching www.example.com and Check if your blog does n't appear or if it ranks poorly in search results.If the result is so then it is clear that a manual spam action is taken against it for violations of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
3.Webmaster Tools Guideline:-
It is normally seen that if there a malware notice then the warning messages on violations of Google quality guidelines like hidden text, doorway pages etc.It is also seen that Google has been noticed no index tag or rel canonical link tag that points to a page unknown to the target blog or websites.
4.High SERP Site check:-
You have to confirm that only your site or blog is affected due to terms of policies or other sites also affected too due to Google’s algorithm change.So you can easily come to confirm decision.
5.Other Search Engine Check:-
It is most import to check your website or blogs in other search engines such as Bing,Yahoo,Rediff,AOL and many more.If it is found that they too are n’t listing your site or blog then it strongly indicates the problem is on your site or blog.Maybe you ran some test on robots.text or no index meta tag,and forgot to reset it.
6.Fix problems of Google Search:-
It is the main factor of the Google search result that how to fix the Google Index matters.You have to revised the findings and very smoothly make your site or blog error less in the eyes of Google Crawler.Fixing the causes you have remember that your all the previous submission in Google Webmasters tools have to delete and re enter new sitemap.xml.Now I am sure your website or blog will be ranking to go up again.
Some times it needs a reconsideration request to Google then Google will tell you if it has taken a manual action on your site and should be able to advise you what further action to take for your site or blog.There are a lots of forums which can help you to fix your problems but personally use Google webmasters Tools Forum for further help or suggestions.

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Key Factors Of Hunting High Page Rank Blogs & Websites By The Professional Bloggers & Webmasters

Professional bloggers and webmasters are normally hunters of high PR blogs and website than their own blogs or website have.The reason for hunting high PR blogs and websites which I have described in my Backlinks articles.It is known to all bloggers and webmasters that guest posting and blog commenting are main cause of this hunting.This techniques can drive high quality traffic to the hunter bloggers' blog.
Bloggers technology

Technology niche is the second highest grossing niche in blogging world where Make Money Online is the most widely used blogging niche.You are actually a geeky writer or blogger and want to comment high PR blog then must check the list of blogs bellow.Here is the Key Factors Of Hunting High Page Rank Blogs & Websites By The Professional Bloggers & Webmasters.It is mentioned that most of these blogs accept guest post as well as comment luv too.
1.List of High Page Rank blogs websites:-
2.Beneficial of the list:-
Using of the list will feed backed with high quality backlinks which helps to get it ranked well on search engines.On the other hand it will give reliability of the bloggers or webmasters.It is mentioned that websites and blogs are n’t listed here according to PR and Alexa or any other ranks.
Traffic is the main factor of any blog or website.So it is trust worthy about build a loyal traffic community.Knowledge of what the niche is saying but that can’t be in other niche such as make money online and other hard to understand niches out there.

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Top ten solid factors of the tweets stream to keep live for generating huge traffics

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Twitter is one of the hot social media for bloggers ,webmasters, professionals,celebrities as like common people.No doubt Twitter is one of the best micro blogging social media for content marketing tools.It is needed to built up a respectable following,engage with people,send out a steady stream of diverse original content and re tweets,and occasionally attend a Twitter chat.Everything is going well and good,until the Twitter account is blocked.It is most important that it needs 140 characters to express your minds of business or any things.Naturally it covers the contributing a reasonable number of Tweets throughout the day.As we maximum twitter users know that the average lifespan of a Tweet is supposedly only one hour as it is said by ReadWriteWeb.So I think that the number of Tweets per day is somewhere around 5-10 for the normal users to internet savvy. 

Top ten solid factors of the tweets stream

Top ten solid factors of the tweets stream to keep live for generating huge traffics

Today I am going to discuss top ten solid factors of the tweets stream to keep live for generating huge traffics.
1. Changing words:-
Tweet an important piece of content 2-3 times in one day,at different times as only change the Tweet wording up a bit to keep it fresh.

2. Auto time fix:-
There are applications like Buffer or Crowdbooster those allow auto tweet with pre fix time.

3. Respond to re tweets:-
It is needed to respond to them who are re tweeted the targeted tweets.Just look for 5 people who recently re tweeted and give real time feedback to them.

4. Related Image:-
Twitter has allowed to take a pretty picture and add a relevant comment to it.

5. Know new followers:-
It is needed to find out minimum 5 people who follow and directly do n't engaged with yet, read their bio and/or website,and mention them with a comment or compliment.

6. Awesome starting:-
It is helpful to use the'OH'tag to tweet something interesting you heard someone else say IRL.

7. Integrated share tool:-
Don’t resort to quotes all the time as highlighting a great phrase and Tweet it out using the integrated share tool.

8. Asking question:-
Asking a question to the followers is a great tricks to grab attention of the followers.It could be something industry specific,or as minimal.

9. Focus the fact:-
Just as the big project is starting on ? Can any one leak out a little tidbit of it as a teaser ? People love to be on the inside,behind the scenes.
10.Series tweets:-
A series of Tweets that are related to business or any subject matters will help the followers to identify the users motive and aim with objectives.Such it has seen that twitter users normally follow the same interest based people.
Twitter has become one of the great marketing tools for the bloggers,webmasters and professionals.Normally it describe the whole motives of any one with 140 characters which brings real time basis.Twitter also helps to establish a brand with out time wasting.

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Top Ten Characters Of A Successful Blog Are Effectively Needed

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It is known to all that anyone can start a blog any time with any subject matter but it very hard to make a blog successful.Only a few bloggers know that how to make a blog successful.Traffics or visitors or readers is the main factor to become a successful blog.

Top Ten Characters Of A Successful Blog

Top Ten Characters Of A Successful Blog Are Effectively Needed

Today I am trying to find out the key characteristics of a successful blog.My finding says that a successful blog is one that is fun and enjoyable for its visitors and readers.Here are the Top Ten Characters Of A Successful Blog Are Effectively Needed.
1.Informative & enjoyable Content:-
It is known to all bloggers that awesome content are the backbones of all blogs.When a blogger is able to show the readers with unique and high quality content they become loyal number one fan.The most important thing about content is that it must be real time and informative.So good content may be become evergreen to readers and it is beneficial to the readers.

2. Easy to understand:-
Blog articles must follow the easy and simple expressing methods as common users to internet savvy can understand very easily.Too much is as bad as not enough.If the reader ca n’t understand what it is blog post is trying to say then they would n’t revisit the blog.So simple,easy,normalcy are another character of a successful blog. 

3. Connect with readers:-
It must have the easy way to reach the author with any hassle and puzzle.This can be done through a contact form,just remember to have it feed to an email that check regularly.Timely response is very important factor for successful blog.

4. Author Profile:-
Author or writer profile page is one of the very important factor of a successful blog. Profile or about us page provides clear information about the author and the blog.It will help the readers to understand the author and his/her mentality. 

5. Simple Design:-
Design of a blog allows the users to think a lots when they visit the blog.The default color of a blog may not be suitable with the blog niche so make a difference with perfect niche.

6. Easy navigation:-
Easy navigation makes a blog more perfect as visitors never feel boring. All the menu buttons should not only link to important pages but they must work.

7. Never Over Smart Advice:-
Normally the readers are expecting a few recommend from the blog author as those are useful information and other sites.Author recommendation never be over smart or bad one which can counteract all the hard work and destroy the blogging success.

8. Free or promo product offer:-
It is a better way to attract readers by offering them some kind of free product or promo product(s).Such as offering is e-books, free advertising space,or a free subscription etc.

9. Social media Brand:-
Almost all the social media allow the blog or website or company to create their social media brands.It will help to create a loyal readers communities in those social media.So allow the readers to easy share button to the social media as other can easily find the informative articles. 

10. Less Advertising:-
It is seen that a few bloggers use a lots of advertising in their blog and some time the advertising can causes for readers boring.I am not going to say no monetization is needed.Just remember to do this in a way that would n’t turn readers off or boring condition.
Some other characters are track the blog,real link juice,high PR backlinks,guest author and many more.If those characters are available in any blog then there is no doubt that it will be a successful blog with in very short time.As practical experiences says that there are a lots of such blogs those get success with in 6 moths to 12 months.

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Article Writing Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Via Share Websites


Google Adsense is one of the easy & reliable Source of make money online.It is known to all that every professional writer,blogger, webmaster wants to earn handsome income online even if does n’t have own website or blog. Google Adsense is one of the hottest product from Google incorporation via which any one can easily earn on daily basis.

 Best Way To Make Money Online

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Article Writing Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Via Share Websites Article Writing Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Via Share Websites[/caption]

Today I am going to give the key factors of Article Writing Which Is One Of The Best Way To Make Money Online With Google Adsense Via Share Websites.
1. Writing in Blogger.com:-
Google Incorporation provided platform blogspot.com is one of popular and easy way to continue writing as fully free of cost. Blogger.com is a one of the easier & very smart way to create our blog as well as promoting Google Adsense ads.Just create a blog having unique content & must genuine where various topics like health,technology,religion, automobiles,movies & many more. 

2. Writing in share site:-
Google Adsense team has approved a lots of share websites which are furnished Google's term policies of sandbox.There are a lots of websites such like hubpages,Indiastudychanel, expertcolumn,Infobarrel,Techmaish and many more.Any one can join those sites and start to make money online with Google Adsense.

3. Promote business in articles:-
Article Writing Program is one of the easiest ways & technique to promote your business & to increase traffic towards your content without spending lots of your money on advertising.
There is no need to be a master in article writing. 

4. Connect Google Adsense:-
When it is written a few articles on those websites they offer the option to connect Google Adsense account to monetize the self written contents.Just allow the host site to place your own Ad codes.

5. Free Traffic generation:-
One of the best plus point of adsense revenue share sites is that you have not tension to generate traffic & to make your post popular. This thing will be done by the host site and they will do every thing like SEO,SEM,SMO, design etc.If publish unique & useful content you can achieve lots of comments on that this is another way to increase your traffic.

6. Distinct market research:-
Submit an article to publications like newspaper,article submitting sites,always give attention on how your product(s)or service(s) will beneficial for your specific market. Research the market real time basis before you submit an article and make best way to turn their attention.

7. News deserving post:-
It is very important to keep in mind that share website normally accept articles like news deserving mood such as you are creating article make it as a story not like an ad.Must indicate author bio if the host site allows.
8.Be Patient:-
It is one of another important point to the writes that never be dishearted,keep patient even if you can’t make money with share websites.Keep on submitting,updating,modifying after all success will come to you.


Maximum Google Adsense revenue share website allow 100 per cent revenue to the author guest blogger which generates his/her contents.There a few offer 50%,70%,80% and 90%.All revenue will be added to your Adsense account in real time basis.So there is no reason to worry about that.Share websites have increased the number of bloggers and their writing skills too.

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