21 most popular Ways to make money online via website or blog


It is growing the number of professional bloggers and webmasters day by day but a few become originally professional bloggers or webmasters.Professional bloggers and webmasters are originally bag their bread and butters from their blogs and websites.It is also seen that every internet users either internet savvy or common users are seeking or searching ways to make money online with a website or blog.21 most popular Ways to make money online via website or blog

That is why I decided to create an article about make money online via website or blog.It is noticed that ways to make money with a website or blog is so hard which manage the survival feeds.Here is included the 21 most popular Ways to make money online via website or blog.
A.Pay Per Click Networks:-
Pay Per Click is the most popular option to make money,but there are also others.Normally you need to sign up with the network and paste some code snippets on your website.List of popular PPC advertising networks:-
Google Adsense
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)
B.CPM Networks:-
Cost Per Mille(Million)advertising networks behave pretty much as PPC networks,except that you get paid according to the number of impressions (page views)that the ads displayed on your site will generate.List of popular CPM advertising networks:-
Casale Media
Burst Media
Value Click
Tribal Fusion
Right Media
C.Direct Advertising:-
Selling your own advertising space is one of the most lucrative monetization methods.The downside of direct banner advertising is that you need to have a big audience to get qualified advertisers,and you will need to spend time managing the sales process,the banners and the payments.
D.Text Link Ads:-
After Google declared that sites selling text links without the nofollow tag would be penalized,this monetization method became less popular.The advantage of this method is that it is not intrusive.Text link marketplaces and networks:-
DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
E.Affiliate Marketing:-
Affiliate marketing is a very popular practice on the Internet.Under this system you have a merchant that is willing to let other people (the affiliates)sell directly or indirectly its products and services,in exchange for a commission.List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:-
Commission Junction
Azoogle Ads
Link Share
F.Monetization Widgets:-
The latest trend on the web are widgets that let you monetize your website.List of companies that provide monetization widgets:-
G.Sponsored Reviews:-
PayPerPost pioneered this model,with much controversy on the beginning(related to the fact that they did not require disclosure on paid posts).Soon other companies followed,most notably Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe, refining the process and expanding the paid blogging model.List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks:
Sponsored Reviews
H.RSS Feed Ads:-
With the quick adoption of the RSS technology by millions of Internet users,website owners are starting to find ways to monetize this new content distribution channel.Feedburber already has its own publisher network,and you can sign-up to start displaying CPM based advertising on your feed footer.Some of Related service providers links:-
I.Sponsors for Single Events:-
If you website has specific columns or events (e.g.a weekly podcast,an interview series, a monthly survey,a special project)you could find companies to sponsor them individually.
J.Premium Content:-
Some websites and blogs give away part of their content for free,and charge for access to the premium content and exclusive tools.
K.Private Forums:-
While the Internet is populated with free forums,there is also the possibility to create a private one where members need to pay a single or recurring fee to join.List of popular forum software:-
Simple Machines Forum
L.Job Boards:-
All the popular blogs are trying to leverage job boards to make some extra income.Guy Kawasaki,ReadWriteWeb,Problogger and many more.
List of popular job board software:
Web Scribe Job Board
SimplyHired Job-o-matic
Sitepoint is the online marketplace by excellence.Some websites and blogs,however, are trying to replicate that model on a smaller scale.You can see an example of a marketplaces being used on EasyWordpress and on Mashable.
N.Paid Surveys and Polls:-
There are services that will pay you money to run a small survey or poll on your website. The most popular one is called Vizu Answers.
O.Rent or sell Internal Pages:-
Million Dollar Wiki made this concept popular, but it was being used on the web for a long time around such as Pagerank10.co.uk.
Placing a Donate link or button on a website can be an efficient way to earn money, especially if your blog is on a niche where readers learn and gain value from your content.
Personal development and productivity blogs, for instance,tend to perform well with donation based systems.
Q.In-text Adverting:-
In-text adverting networks like Kontera,Vibrant Media and Infolinks will place sponsored links inside your text.These links come with a double underline to differentiate them from normal links,and once the user rolls the mouse over the link the advertising will pop.Should the user click on it the site owner will make some money.
R.Pop-ups and Pop-unders:-
Pop-ups are a common yet annoying form of advertising on the Internet.If you are just trying to make a much money as possible from your website,you could experiment with them.Ad networks that use pop-ups:-
Tribal Fusion
S.Audio Ads:-
Also called PPP(Pay Per Play),this advertising method was introduce by Net Audio Ads.The concept is pretty simple:play a small audio advertising (usually 5 seconds)every time a visitor enters into your website.
T.Selling the Website:-
Selling your website could be your last resource,but it has the potential to generate a big sum of money in a short period of time.Market places on online forums like DigitalPoint and Sitepoint are always active with website buyers and sellers.Keep in mind that they most used parameter to determine the value of a website is the monthly revenue that it generates,multiplied by a certain number. Some people also make money trading and flipping websites.They either create them from scratch or buy existing ones,and after some revamping they sell them for a profit.

These 21 ways are not the ending of make money online via blogs or websites but there are a lots of other options too such as Theme or Template Sales,Plug-in Sales,Email News letters,Ebook Sales,Membership Site and many more.Just choose any a few methods to earn online.

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