5 Key Factors Behind of leaving corporate life by the professional bloggers

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Recently I have conducted a research on bloggers and web page writers which covers the career,education and private life too.Due to the mission of discovery of bloggers mind is not a very simple task which has taught me a lots. 

To day i am trying give a summery of the bloggers minds expressions as most bloggers and web page writers are really highly educated and most of those previously working in high profile jobs in corporate world.Here the question has raised that why they have left the high profile job ? on the other hand they enter a job where 100 per cent uncertinity lives.There are a lots of possibilities to fail as a professional blogger.Even though they have entered the world of professional blogging career!Some of major factors are short listed here as 5 Key Factors Behind of leaving corporate life by the professional bloggers:-
1.Professional bloggers are over ambitious:-
Highly positioned corporate personals have migrated to blogging due to become their own boss or having ambition to become like their previous boss.Some time they are busted and insulted very poorly from their seniors.What they need to acknowledge is that there will be light at the end of the tunnel,it may be a long tunnel,but there will be light.So they come to the filed of professional blogging world.
2.Professional bloggers ego factor:-
Often there are a lots of managers or 2nd Line managers or VP's who have observed it closely and seen their potential and performance over time but they are being busted for miss the target or poor feedback from customers or seniors.
3.Death in sedentary in corporate jobs:-
Stress is as much a part of our corporate careers as death is a fact of life.Still,it is best to keep the two(career and death)separate. The reason for death in sedentary jobs is the insidious condition called deep vein thrombosis .This condition develops because of extended hours spent sitting,when a blood clot forms in the lower limbs.The clot then travels to the vital organs in the upper body,where it wreaks havoc including death.
4.Over materialistic culture in corporate world:-
In the corporate world,when considering career progression,there is an element where merit and performance alone will only get you so far.Such melancholy long hours are best left to workaholics,they keep working because they cannot help it.It is not so much a career aspiration,but a force of habit coupled with a fear of social life.
5.Work-life unable balance:-
Undermining work-life balance are a few factors.One is the materialistic culture we live in.It is hard to fight that trend.Second is a misguided notion that it can make first, then sit back and enjoy life.That point in time when it is free from worldly worries rarely materializes.Thirdly,it may have a career-oriented partner.Even when it is ready to take a balanced approach,partner may not be,thereby diminishing the value of putting it in practice .To strike a work-life balance in today’s dog eat dog world,it may have to sacrifice a few upper rungs of the proverbial corporate ladder. Raging against the corporate machine with no regard to the consequences ultimately boils down to one simple realization,that making a living amounts to nothing if the life is lost in the process.
Professional bloggers are normally become super brain due to their life struggle either in corporate world or in the virtual world of internet.So they have earned the all experiences of life which bears happiness and sorrows.They try to express own notions ideas and creativity.It is also seen that some professional bloggers invented great things too.

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