5 Key reasons behind using female models by the corporate world and Bloggers to publicize

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Today I am willing to discuss an off time topic but it is related to business either online or offline or print publishing media.Why the big bosses of the corporate world use female model to promote their product(s)? 

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The bloggers and webmasters are not back footed as they also do the same to promote their product(s),service(s)and particular blog post designing.Whenever any one wants to build a business either online or offline publicize is a major factor.The perfect solution of publicize is advertising.Here is the main question why female model are used in any form of advertising ? Normally the field of advertising is made up a system of interacting organizations and institutions.It focuses on analysis,planning,control and decision making. These all are depend on society.Normally what are the things those a society wants that can easily deliver by a female model with in few poses.Here the 5 Key reasons behind using female models by the corporate world and Bloggers to publicize.
1.Effective value of life style:-

Now this days,woman is no longer a subject in the media.She has become an object that is bought or that sells certain merchandise .The media are transmitting prejudices about womanhood,manhood and physical satisfaction.Women are becoming degraded and invisible in such a world,hungry for new sensations and ever-newer stimulations .Although the female gender has a right to adequate representation and presentation in public,it is evident that classical stereotypes regarding the way in which women are presented in the media,as a form of advertising,are predominant in today’s society.It seems that this phenomenon has gained currency in our own midst in recent years,amidst a general devaluation of all ethical values.Media manipulations are most often done out of economic or political reasons ,in order to suggest to consumers the need to buy certain merchandise or services.

2.Economic effects of society:-

The first type is based on advertising messages in which one girl is jealous,as it is seen the the softness of the towels being used by her friend,or on ads in which a newly matured teenager goes on her first date intoxicated with the smell of the newest fabric softener.The second type has numerous subtypes,which mainly assume an emancipated housewife,one who is pretty and well-kept,but at the same time maximally devoted to her household.

3.Softness beauty of the society:-

Another woman called mother who is perhaps the most varied, encompassing mothers-in-law who have no faith in their daughter-in-law’s all-powerful dish washing detergent,elderly mothers who insist on convincing their daughters that they are always poor and alone,young mothers who forgive their offspring the worst transgressions because they have a bag of detergent that washes away all the stains on their socks.

4.Attention and impression:-

Is the physical information in advertising have an effect? Are advertisements with physical attractive content more visited than others? Are these advertisements more liked? Are they better remembered? These questions are connected to one overall question,which is,does physical relations in advertising help or harm the advertising process?If the answer to these questions is positive,that would mean that ads with physical relations are more convincing and result in more transactions,it would mean that advertisers that engage scantily clad models in advertisements, especially when they do not have an obvious link with the product,are actually throwing their money away.Researchers are generally in agreement that physical relations in advertisements is noticed and,thus,remembered.Still,the attention directed towards physical attraction may produce a counter productive.

5.Informational & normative influence:-

Now this days,the context of advertising,there is convincing proof that physical beauty attracts attention.This attention can be viewed,defined as an orientational reaction,an involuntary devotion of focused attentiion.In some studies,attraction was measured by personal reports or through measurements of physiological reactions .Simple recognition or noticing of advertisements was also taken as a measure of the degree of attention. Research results show that ads with physical attractive content engage,occupy and interest consumers more than those that are normal Global rated contents.


My notion is on this matter that these are true in many cases,in reality the physical information of woman is very often an integral component of the transmitted message.In some cases,the physical beauty outcome as the result of using the brand is the actual message.One of these is to build physical beauty attractive content into the reasons why consumers should consider buying a certain product.It was in the very essence of the reason for buying this brand.In order to demonstrate this competitive advantage,the Thomson advertising agency created provocative images of passionate moments.As a result of this physical beauty of woman strategy, company sales increased already during the first year of the campaign. Physical behavior of woman definitely attracted


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