9 Major Key Points Of Professional bloggers Are Called Super Managers In Corporate World

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Recently I was attended in a seminar with my beloved wife Shazida Khatun in Guwahati named as "Problems Of E-Marketers & Professional Bloggers in North East India-2012".You are thinking that why I have mentioned her name in this article but there is a reason for mentioning her name.She had asked a question to the honorable speakers " Why Professional Bloggers are called super managers in corporate world?".This question had taken hour hours of that particular season. 

9 Major Key Points Of Professional bloggers Are Called Super Managers In Corporate World

It is mention able that I too was a speaker of that seminar.So there were a lots of discussion on the mentioned query.Today I am trying give the summery of our discussion about 9 Major Key Points Of Professional bloggers Are Called Super Managers In Corporate World.
1.Identify & Formulate:-
Professional Blogger identifies and formulates the task of any top rank manger who takes decision in writing.
2.Identify parameter:-
Professional blogger identifies the constants,parameters and variables involved in any business via their writing skills and data collection super method.Defines them blog posts and then introduces symbols to represent each one related to the facts.
3.Variables of influences:-
Professional blogger makes the facts very influential among the readers and visitors such as the writing skills and presentation of the targeted fact.
4.Assumption & predictions:-
Professional blogger finds out the verbal relationships among the variables based upon their known principles via blog posts and distinguish between controllable and non controllable facts.
5.Relationship Model:-
Bloggers constructs the model by combining all relationships in to a system of symbolic relationships via blog posts.
Professional bloggers performs symbolic manipulations such as solving systems of equations via differenting or making statistical analysis.
7.Derive Solution:-
Professional bloggers are more skilled in derive solutions towards any quick forecasting of any fact.
8.Compare real world:-
Professional bloggers always perform the test model by making predictions from it and checking against real world data because the readers normally compare their blog posts with real world data.
9.Revise analytic:-
Most essential and important thing is done by a professional blogger is that he /she revises his/her work with real time basis which make her /him more skilled and experienced with any facts.
Managers are the responsible for the manufacturing and sales of any company or firm as they only have to maintain a company or firm with their own limit but a professional blogger have to maintain world class data collection and delivering methods via his/her blog post.So we can easily say that professional bloggers are super manager in the corporate world.

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